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248 Days Ago   Virtual reality may finally be having a moment, at least for one community. A group of students from Kent Career Technical Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has created a VR experience that aims to help students with autism practice social interaction.

249 Days Ago   Artificial intelligence is getting smarter, and with those smarts comes application. It's now used in some surprising areas, from arcade games to law contracts to therapy to pornography.

249 Days Ago   Intel is all-in on autonomous cars. The company's autonomous vehicle division, Mobileye, has signed a deal to provide self-driving technology to eight million cars for a "European automaker," Reuters reports, citing a company official.

250 Days Ago   Google has announced that it's adding a new feature to Google Wifi that will allow you to measure how well each device on your network is performing.

250 Days Ago   Virtual reality porn should be a phenomenon. It's the steamy videos you're used to writ large: Rather than being a mere window on the action, VR immerses you in it, with the objects of your desire appearing so close it seems like you could touch them.

250 Days Ago   Google has been hyping its new autoplay-blocking feature for months. But it turns out the feature isn't quite ready for primetime. The search giant has quietly disabled Chrome's autoplay-blocking feature for videos using the Web Audio API, which includes many online games.

251 Days Ago   Playgrounds aren't what they used to be. If your kid is getting bored of his school's old, rusty jungle gym, he may want to check out Slime Zone, Nickelodeon's virtual playground.

251 Days Ago   Monday was an exciting day for electric vehicles everywhere. At Melbourne airport Monday morning, a Tesla Model X P100D towed a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner down a taxiway.

252 Days Ago   Nobody wants snoops peeking at their emails. Unfortunately, the newly discovered "Efail" vulnerability could make that a possibility. On Monday morning, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) reported that Efail is able to expose HTML emails encrypted with PGP and S/MIME encryption programs — even those that were sent years ago.

255 Days Ago   Hoping to invest in the next Bitcoin? Keep an eye on Facebook. No, but really. According to a Cheddar report, the company is hard at work on its own cryptocurrency.

255 Days Ago   Once upon a time, Chromebooks were low-budget options for students without many features or high-end specs. But no longer. As Google refines Chrome OS, and manufacturers continue to build and innovate, Chromebooks are becoming great options for users of all ages and occupations.

255 Days Ago   Google plans on launching up to three Pixel-branded smartwatches this fall, according to VentureBeat mobile reporter Evan Blass, who cites a "reliable source." SEE ALSO: Google accidentally confirms Pixel 3 in new Android source code Such a watch would almost certainly be powered by Google's Wear OS (formerly Android Wear).

257 Days Ago   Apple is doubling down on your security. The company has seeded the fourth beta of its upcoming iOS 11.4 update to developers, and it contains an intriguing new feature called "USB Restricted Mode." SEE ALSO: Tim Cook: People don't want iOS and MacOS merged The feature, spotted by ElcomSoft, will restrict your phone's Lightning port so it can be used only for charging if the device isn't unlocked, or connected to a paired and "trusted" computer.

258 Days Ago   There's a new Google Maps in town, and it may know you better than you know yourself. At Google's annual I/O developer conference, Google announced a new version of Google Maps with more interactive and personalized features.

258 Days Ago   Gmail users have had Smart Reply for over a year, but the mail service is getting even smarter. SEE ALSO: How to upgrade to Google's new Gmail right now At the opening keynote of Google's annual I/O developer conference, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced Smart Compose, an upcoming feature that will finish entire sentences for you as you type.

258 Days Ago   Facebook is working on customizable cartoon user avatars, a totally original concept that is not similar to Snapchat's Bitmoji in any way. Twitter user Jane Manchun Wong spotted the feature in the code of Facebook's Android app, first reported by TechCrunch.

258 Days Ago   As we advance into the future, more and more of our devices need charging: phones, tablets, headphones, watches, laptops, peripherals, speakers, and more. Sure, you can charge things one or two at a time, but to be honest, ain't nobody got time for that.

259 Days Ago   Facebook is trying to make VR diverse, and that's admirable. But it's missing an easy way to be even more inclusive, and possibly empowering, with many of its users.

259 Days Ago   Free browsers sound nice, but at the end of the day, something's got to pay the bills. Mozilla announced last week that its Firefox browser would begin featuring ads, in what Pocket founder and CEO Nate Weiner referred to in a blog post as "a privacy-conscious approach to sponsored content." Today, those ads have begun rolling out in the browser's beta and nightly builds, The Register reports.

259 Days Ago   Microsoft is about to kick off Build, its annual developer conference. In addition to routine updates to Windows 10, the company is expected to announce new AI features and integrations, new tools for business applications using its Azure cloud-computing platform, and progress reports on last year's announcements, including its Fluent Design interface.

262 Days Ago   TicHome Mini $99.99 View Product The Good Easy setup • Decent sound • Splashproof • Easy Bluetooth connectivity • Light and easy to carry The Bad No battery or on/off indicator • Hard-to-press buttons • Lacks some Google Assistant features • Sometimes unresponsive The Bottom Line The TicHome beats the Google Home Mini in some ways, but not enough to warrant paying double.

263 Days Ago   Lego and Alexa. Name a more iconic duo. The toy company has announced an Amazon Alexa skill that will tell kids exactly how to build and play with their Legos.

263 Days Ago   Google's annual I/O developer conference is almost upon us, and the company is already dropping announcements left and right. Today, we've learned that Google Assistant, the virtual friend who powers your Google Home, is now compatible with over 5,000 smart devices.

264 Days Ago   At its annual F8 developer conference on Tuesday, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook is creating a dating service. What this means is that you'll soon be able to create a "dating" profile separate from your Facebook profile.

264 Days Ago   Tesla might be in trouble. Nikola, a hybrid-truck startup, has filed a $2 billion lawsuit against Tesla. Nikola alleges Tesla's semi-truck design infringes upon multiple patents it holds.

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