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14 Hours Ago   Cryptocurrency has been around for a while now, but after the crypto crash this time last year, interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain increased. If you’re an experienced crypto trader or a developer looking to create the next hit currency, a rudimentary knowledge of blockchain is necessary.

3 Days Ago   Students across Canada can now learn coding and computational skills, while also developing their knowledge of the Ojibwe language through a new version of MicroWorlds JR.

3 Days Ago   If you received a shiny new MacBook over the holidays, you’re probably well adjusted to its apps and features by now. However, the stock MacBook experience can be quite bland.

5 Days Ago   Your cellular data cap can hit when you least expect it. Thankfully, free public Wi-Fi exists almost everywhere. There’s a catch, though. Accessing these networks without proper protection exposes your private data to hackers and identity thieves.

7 Days Ago   At the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Toronto wearable startup Muse unveiled its first soft headband designed especially for meditation as users fall asleep, TechCrunch reports.

7 Days Ago   Countless network-reliant businesses launch every year, and this number will only increase as more companies go digital. As such, there will always be a need for IT professionals to keep our networks running smoothly.

10 Days Ago   The next time you open a website or app on your phone, take the time to appreciate how intuitive and attractive it looks. You too can create attractive apps and websites, but you’ll need to hone your graphic design skills first; the Complete UI & UX Design Master Class Bundle can show you how for $51.87 CAD [$39 USD].

12 Days Ago   Microsoft Excel is installed in office and school computers all around the world, but what appears to be a simple spreadsheet program actually has a wide range of functionality.

13 Days Ago   Whether it’s a low-budget indie film or a major blockbuster like the latest Marvel hit, every successful movie follows a screenplay, or the script that dictates how a scene should flow.

17 Days Ago   This personal finance tool simplifies everything and makes it easy to manage your finances on the go. It uses a coin-themed interface and lets you manage your expenses, set spending limits, create monthly budgets, set reminders for recurring payments, and generate detailed reports to see where your money goes.

19 Days Ago   This award-winning suite combines two elite cybersecurity products – Vigilance Home and Foresight Home – to give you the most comprehensive anti-virus and threat prevention suite on the market.

21 Days Ago   This award-winning writing enhancement software checks your work for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and style errors so you’ll never write a flawed sentence again. It gives you lifetime access to all current and future product features and works on mobile and desktop platforms.

24 Days Ago   It gives you great new features like tab grouping, window previews, and in-dock reminders. It also lets you see app activity, app badges, app flashes, app progress, and app status in one simple, centralized interface.

26 Days Ago   Our favorite websites wouldn't exist without Web developers creating and maintaining them. If you’re interested in learning how to create your own website, you can buy the Complete JavaScript & JQuery Programming Bundle for $34.75 CAD ($26 USD), or 98% off.

28 Days Ago   With dozens of high-profile data leaks occurring in the last 2 years alone, cybersecurity has proven to be more important as ever. Ironically, the fear of private data being leaked has proved beneficial for “ethical hackers,” or cybersecurity professionals who pinpoint areas of weakness within a company’s network.

31 Days Ago   Everyone has a smartphone nowadays, and as smartphones land into the hands of more users, new apps are launched every day. If you want to learn how to build your first mobile app just in time for the new year, you can buy the Ultimate Mobile App Development Certification Bundle for $54.78 CAD ($41 USD).

32 Days Ago   Toronto-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinsquare has announced it has launched across 25 countries simultaneously in the European Union. European customers now have access to Coinsquare’s full suite of cryptocurrencies and services.

32 Days Ago   Four Toronto teenagers were recognized as winners of the 2019 Young Innovators to Watch awards, part of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Since its inception in 2014, the program has awarded over 50 scholarships to middle school, high school, and college students for original technology projects, inventions, or discoveries.

33 Days Ago   If you’ve used a computer in a college campus or in a modern office, you’ve likely come across Microsoft Office. On the surface, it looks rather bland, but each program packs a wide range of functionality, and mastering these tools can make you a major asset in any workplace.

35 Days Ago   Cute, attractive animations are an effective form of marketing products and ideas, which is why you'll find everywhere from YouTube to your favorite websites. As such, freelance animators are in high demand, and you can take advantage of this by learning how to create animations with this $33.45 CAD ($24.99 USD) bundle.

38 Days Ago   You’ll start with basic features like how to create effective spreadsheets and manage large sets of data. You’ll then move on to advanced features like Macros and PivotTables.

38 Days Ago   Toys and games Toys and games are classic Christmas gifts, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get a modern twist. We’ve compiled a list of some great toys for adults and kids alike.

39 Days Ago   Smart home If you want to get a gift that lasts, you can’t go wrong with smart home accessories. From lights to plugs to smart speakers, there are several amazing gifts out there.

40 Days Ago   This award-winning program (4/5 stars, Macworld and iMore) lets you manage your cloud services (including Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, and Microsoft OneDrive) with Finder as if they were local hard drives.

40 Days Ago   Computer accessories Computers are near-ubiquitous these days, and as such getting the perfect accessory for someone to use with their Windows PC or Mac makes for great gift giving.

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