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14 Hours Ago   Apple customers are forced to buy adapters to connect their USB devices, which Apple charges a hefty premium for. If you’re in need of a sleek, affordable USB adapter that will compliment your power adapter, look no further than the $42.91 CAD M2 Cube.

5 Days Ago   This 5-course bundle covers everything a budding photographer needs to know. You’ll start with the basics of photography, then learn how to take studio-quality portraits with stellar lighting.

8 Days Ago   VPN Unlimited (PC Mag’s Top VPN for 2017) lets you bank, stream video from services like Netflix, BBC, and Hulu, use social media, and torrent files worldwide without any restrictions.

10 Days Ago   Imagine this. You just got your hands on the new iPhone XS and you’re dying to use it. However, your enthusiasm may fade when you realize that you have to migrate your old files to your phone.

12 Days Ago   Reading is an effective tool for communicating ideas, and those who read well are likely to be successful in school and work. However, reading can feel like a drag, especially if you have thousands of pages to trudge through.

14 Days Ago   Successful online businesses and eCommerce stores generate a staggering amount of traffic, but their success isn’t based on luck alone. These sites need to follow SEO best practices to generate traffic, and these best practices are ever evolving.

21 Days Ago   It can be difficult to manage our schedules, especially when we have dozens of apps pulling attention away from our responsibilities. However, the very same technology can be used to streamline our efficiency.

24 Days Ago   If you’re in the creative field, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Adobe Creative Cloud, which provides full access Adobe’s most popular apps such as Photoshop and Premiere Pro for a monthly subscription.

26 Days Ago   When people think of meditation, their minds may conjure images of hermits and ascetic monks. However, meditation isn’t limited to cloistered individuals. It can offer anyone a wide range of physical and mental benefits, and if you’re new to meditation, a Breethe subscription can help you introduce mindful meditation into your schedule for $99.99.

27 Days Ago   Starting the process of turning where you live into a smart home can be intimidating. It can be difficult to know which products you’ll need to get started, and the prices can feel daunting.

28 Days Ago   Imagine this: you experience a moment of clarity, allowing you to receive a stroke of genius. Now it’s time to turn that bright idea into a cohesive business!

31 Days Ago   When buying a new Mac, one of the things you’ll need to consider is what apps you need to buy to give you a well-rounded experience.

33 Days Ago   Despite your meticulously-written to-do lists, regular progress report e-mails, and daily stand-ups with your team, there might still be a few bits and pieces of crucial details that might get lost in the tracks.

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33 Days Ago   Public networks are one of the greatest conveniences of modern technology. You can use public Wi-Fi to send urgent emails, conduct video calls, or even play online games.

35 Days Ago   There’s nothing more annoying than listening to a curated YouTube playlist that’s interrupted by a pesky video ad about something you don’t care about. There are dozens of free ad block extensions for Chrome and Firefox, but ads still somehow find their way onto your screen with them installed.

36 Days Ago   For companies, managing paperwork well is one of the most essential parts of a strong foundation. Transferring a workflow from paper to digital is not only responsible, it can be a revenue game changer.

38 Days Ago   Aspiring IT professionals need to earn a certification before they can dive into the field. The Ultimate IT Certification Training Bundle features 11 courses which will help you prepare for several of the most useful IT certifications available for $50.85 CAD.

40 Days Ago   There are hundreds of VPN services on the market, but what good are they if they throttle your speeds? If you’re looking for a secure VPN that doesn’t throttle your speeds, you can subscribe to Buffered VPN for $78.20 CAD.

42 Days Ago   Your iPhone likely endures a ton of abuse throughout its life. Unboxing a new iPhone feels like you’re starting fresh. However, your excitement disappears once you have to transfer years of files to your new device.

45 Days Ago   Companies big and small are investing millions into video campaigns to showcase their products, so you’ll need to launch a good campaign to compete. Outsourcing videographers and editors to produce your videos can be pricey, especially if your company is small, but for $52.11 CAD, Fleeq Premium will let you make polished product videos with little production experience.

45 Days Ago   In a perpetually stimulating world full of smartphones, computer screens, and now VR, people are turning to caffeinated beverages, nootropics, and meditation sessions to recharge their energy reserves.

47 Days Ago   To successfully run a website or online business, it needs to be search engine optimized to attract and retain visitors. One way to optimize your website is by hiring an SEO professional, but hiring another warm body can be costly.

49 Days Ago   Viruses are just a single class of malware, and your typical antivirus program won’t protect you from the rest of the threats the internet has to offer.

52 Days Ago   If you work in an office environment, chances are you use Microsoft Office programs often. While simple on the surface, the tools in office can be quite powerful once mastered.

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