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1 Hour Ago   Exoplanets — that is, planets we know exist outside of our own Solar System — come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. Some are super frigid, while others are boiling hot, and a few fall somewhere in between.

4 Hours Ago   Medical advancements are happening all the time, and medical ethics seems to be having a hard time keeping up. The latest (and perhaps most unsettling) example of this is Italian surgeon Sergio Canavero's unceasing desire to perform the first human head transplant.

6 Hours Ago   We've had quite a few huge storms here on Earth in recent months, and they've done some serious damage, but they're nothing compared to what's brewing on Jupiter.

10 Hours Ago   Okay, enough is enough. Boston Dynamics has been showing off its robots for years and years now, and they've always been pretty cool, but they're also awkward, clumsy mechanical beasts...

Yesterday   Space is weird. It's full of weird rocks, weird balls of gas, weird stars, and weird things that we can't even properly categorize. It's also full of weird sounds, and if you spent a moment to sample NASA's Halloween playlist of spooky space noises you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Yesterday   As the Earth continues to heat up thanks in large part to the effects of scientifically-proven human factors, our little blue sphere's collection of ice is gradually melting into the oceans.

Yesterday   Black Friday is fast approaching, and if you're a gamer you've no doubt been looking forward to some nice price drops on all kinds of games and gear.

Yesterday   Humans, generally speaking, are incredibly interested in the potential existence of intelligent alien life. The idea that an alien civilization exists somewhere in the cosmos has always fascinated us, but we'v yet to find any evidence that our dreams are more than fantasy.

Yesterday   If you happen to live in the western United States, and were hanging around outside early Tuesday night, there's a really good chance you saw something very odd in the sky.

2 Days Ago   When it comes to creepy robots, it's impossible to compete with Boston Dynamics. The company, which was famously bought then sold by Google, has always had a knack for making bots with unsettlingly realistic movements, and it just teased its latest creation which most certainly continues the trend.

2 Days Ago   For such a tiny little world, Pluto sure has gotten a lot of attention in recent years. After being demoted from "planet" to "dwarf planet," Pluto still remains the subject of many scientific endeavors and studies, and new research has perhaps finally solved one of the planet's most puzzling mysteries.

2 Days Ago   NASA and the European Space Agency already have countless proposed and tentative plans to further explore Mars and potentially even land humans on the planet within a couple of decades, but they're not the only ones eyeing up the red planet as a location for a possible settlement.

2 Days Ago   Mars is one of the most studied and scrutinized of all the planets in our Solar System, and space agencies have sent probes, orbiters, and rovers to investigate it in unprecedented detail in recent years.

2 Days Ago   You've been hearing a lot of news about exoplanets recently thanks to increasingly powerful skywatching hardware capable of detecting worlds at an incredible distance from Earth.

2 Days Ago   Modern medicine can completely change someone's life for the better, but only if they're actually taking their prescriptions like they're supposed to. Ensuring that a patient is actually taking their meds has, up to now, relied on the word of the patient, but the honor system is about to go the way of the dodo thanks to a new "digital pill" technology that can actually track whether or not you're sticking to the doctor's orders.

3 Days Ago   Dogs tend to be extremely upbeat creatures — that is, unless you raise them to be hostile, in which the dog is just a reflection on how bad of a human being you are — but one particular pooch in Scotland might be the happiest of them all.

3 Days Ago   That terrible Hollywood disaster movie Geostorm fell flat on its face at the box office and got so many things wrong when it comes to science that it's really not even worth remembering, but it did manage to predict something vaguely accurately: manipulation of the climate is bad news.

3 Days Ago   The human brain is truly a wonder, and nature has honed it to be an incredibly efficient tool for processing information and hanging on to things we might need at a later date...

3 Days Ago   Being shipwrecked on a tropical island might sound like an interesting (or even fun) adventure, but archaeologists are discovering that the reality was much different for hundreds of passengers who met their doom on a small island some 400 years ago.

6 Days Ago   An incredibly powerful type of fungal parasite that is known to turn ants into actual zombies is actually even more devious than was first thought. The fungus, called Ophiocordyceps unilteralis, causes its hosts to behave in peculiar ways, including clamping down on vegetation and hanging precariously from the edges of leaves and twigs.

7 Days Ago   Crab and arthropods in general are often pretty creepy all on their own, but when you see one ruthlessly murdering (and eating!) a creature you would never expect, they get even more frightening.

7 Days Ago   Cruises can be a fun, relaxing experience and make a great vacation idea if you don't feel like doing the traditional type of globetrotting, but they can also be somewhat unpredictable.

7 Days Ago   When the dinosaur-killing asteroid struck the Earth many millions of years ago it spelled doom for countless species, while allowing many others (like mammals) the chance to come out of hiding and gain dominance.

7 Days Ago   When news began circulating some 48 hours ago that a self-driving bus in Las Vegas got into an accident mere hours after its maiden voyage, it was clear from the start that the accident was incredibly minor.

7 Days Ago   Not many people have been swallowed up by lava and survived — in fact, the number has to be somewhere around zero, if I had to guess — and the same is likely true for consumer electronics.

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