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8 Days Ago   Listening to someone boast about their accomplishments can be a seriously draining experience. But while nobody likes a bragger, a brand new study suggests that humblebragging is even more universally despised than feigning modesty about your own achievements.

8 Days Ago   The Moon is our closest neighbor and we've learned a lot about it over the past century or so. We've studied it, mapped it, and even visited it on more than one occasion, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have a few surprises in store for us.

8 Days Ago   Generally speaking, it's pretty easy to tell when something is going on with a volcano. When a large volcano is about to blow its top it typically shows signs of unrest many days, months, or even years ahead of time.

8 Days Ago   We've all felt the pressure that builds up in our stomach after a can of carbonated cola or a particularly filling meal, and no matter how polite of a person you are, you no doubt let a nice healthy burp fly every now and then.

9 Days Ago   Taking a trip to a beach in Southern California is supposed to be a relaxing, leisurely experience. For some beachgoers earlier this week it was anything but, as a venomous sea snake was discovered on the sand, soaking up the sun like a tourist who had outstayed his welcome.

9 Days Ago   You might not know where they actually grow, or even the fact that they landed on the endangered species list a little over a decade ago, but you'll recognize them as soon as you see them.

9 Days Ago   Nearly ever zombie movie that has graced the silver screen has at least one scene where the bold heroes are faced with a team member who may or may not be infected.

9 Days Ago   There's plenty of interesting things to find here on Earth. Archaeologists and paleontologists are constantly discovering relics of the past that nobody ever knew was there, but rarely do scientists realize they've stumbled upon something that doesn't belong on Earth, or even in our own Solar System.

10 Days Ago   If you have science fiction nightmares of a robot apocalypse you should probably just stop reading right now. For those of you still here, I have good(?) news!

10 Days Ago   Generally speaking there are lots and lots of people who find bats to be pretty creepy little creatures. It makes sense, of course, because bats are kind of freaky-looking animals, but modern day bats might actually be downright adorable compared to those that lurked underground millions of years ago.

10 Days Ago   We're still in the first half of January which means there's still lots and lots of people holding true to their New Year's resolutions to lose a few pounds in time for summer.

10 Days Ago   In nature, bright colors are useful in a variety of ways. Some insects sport eye-catching colors that warn would-be predators that they're poisonous, and many plants produce colorful flowers that attract insects which aid in pollination.

11 Days Ago   Netflix is everywhere these days. It's built into TVs, set-top boxes, game consoles, and it probably won't be long before there's a toaster that comes with the streaming service pre-installed.

11 Days Ago   Farts are a natural, healthy byproduct of your digestive system, and everyone has them from time to time, but as funny as flatulence is, how, when and why gas forms in you can reveal a lot about your body's inner workings.

11 Days Ago   There are several different factors that help to determine how tall each of us stands. Genetics obviously plays a big role, but the gravitational pull of the Earth also has a say in the matter, and Japanese astronaut Norishige Kanai just discovered that the planet has been making him several inches shorter.

11 Days Ago   We live in a three-dimensional reality. Because of that, it's pretty hard to imagine what a four-dimensional reality might be like, but that isn't stopping physicists from trying to figure it out.

12 Days Ago   Hollywood has had a love affair with pirates for a long, long time, but no matter how many swashbuckling tales you've seen on the silver screen, you've probably never bothered to wonder what pirates read in their down time.

12 Days Ago   As the Earth's largest chunks of ice continue to get smaller and smaller, sea levels have risen. All that melting ice has to go somewhere, so as it seeps into the oceans, beaches and shorelines are feeling the pinch.

12 Days Ago   NASA's Juno spacecraft has been hanging around Jupiter for a while now, sending back some of the most jaw-dropping photos that mankind has ever captured, but its latest snapshot might be its most impressive yet.

12 Days Ago   If you're one of the many casual science observers hoping that mankind will one day discover evidence that life once thrived on Mars, 2017 was a very, very exciting year for you.

13 Days Ago   Perhaps more than any other piece of consumer technology, TVs seem to be on a relentless march forward. Even as smartphones have begun to reach their limits of acceptable size and see diminishing returns as display resolutions push higher, TVs just keep getting bigger, sharper, and thinner.

14 Days Ago   If you live and/or work in the Las Vegas area you're probably accustomed to seeing plenty of strange things. When CES rolls around, that means a city packed with tech nerds and executives set against a backdrop of over-the-top branding.

15 Days Ago   Prosthetics have improved my leaps and bounds over the past century and we've reached a point where someone with an artificial limb is often just as capable (and in some cases even more capable) than a person with their natural arms and legs.

15 Days Ago   It wasn't until the late 1980s that the world finally came to terms with the fact that manmade chemicals were destroying the Earth's ozone layer. By that point the hole had grown at a rapid pace due to the use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), and after decades of trying to get the general public to believe that humans were at fault it seemed like the world was finally willing to listen.

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