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11 Hours Ago   What do you do when you have beaten all challengers at one of the world's oldest and most strategic board games? You retire as the undisputed champion, letting all who come after you live with the constant, nagging question of whether or not they could have possibly beaten you.

14 Hours Ago   Tiger Woods was arrested earlier today on suspicion of DUI in Jupiter, Florida. The 41-year-old, once stellar golf superstar has been sidelined for some time following a string of back injuries and operations.

16 Hours Ago   Apple regularly boasts about how many of its new iPhone customers were previously Android users, and CEO Tim Cook has brought up the statistics during earnings calls on numerous occasions.

20 Hours Ago   It's been nearly two full years since Square Enix blew everyone's minds at the PlayStation press conference at E3 2015 with the reveal that finally, after over a decade of begging, the beloved action RPG Final Fantasy VII is getting a complete remake for modern consoles.

22 Hours Ago   Deciding between a laptop, a tablet, or a somewhere-in-between has becoming an increasingly difficult choice in recent years. Microsoft's touchscreen-friendly versions of Windows have helped spawn a whole separate category of portable computers, and Asus just announced its finest effort yet.

3 Days Ago   BMW has been showing off its vision for the future of mobility for a while now, revealing numerous concept vehicles that are both extremely futuristic and somewhat insane.

3 Days Ago   Most of the times you hear about AI it's in context related to virtual assistants, or maybe even the virtual driver piloting a self-driving car, but training an artificial mind to fetch the weather report or do a lap around the block is a bit different than teaching it to teach itself.

3 Days Ago   I really don't need to explain to you the appeal of the classic "claw game," and even if I tried it would probably just sound silly.

3 Days Ago   When the FBI obtains data on US citizens, oftentimes from the NSA, the agency is obligated to abide by some pretty strict protections when it comes to who gets to see that intelligence.

3 Days Ago   Lately, NASA's Cassini orbiter has been delivering some stunning photos from its trips around Saturn, but that's not the only fancy camera floating around a nearby planet.

4 Days Ago   As the world keeps an eye trained on loose canons like North Korea, researchers from Princeton University say the threat from nuclear fallout from within our own borders is something that needs our attention.

4 Days Ago   NASA's Cassini orbiter was the first to deliver a really clear look at  the eye-catching, hexagonal storm swirling on Saturn's north pole, so it's only fitting that the craft has now delivered a photo of the peculiar phenomenon that adds a new layer of awe.

4 Days Ago   Have you ever wished you had Jedi powers? You might think you'll never reach the level of wisdom, power, and grace as those noble warriors from a galaxy far, far away, but a new study suggests that we all have at least one Jedi trait built right into our brains.

4 Days Ago   You're forgiven if you've never heard of Beam, the Twitch competitor bought up by Microsoft last year. Compared to its primary foe, it's a tiny fraction of the size in terms of channels and viewership, and it's largely flown under the radar since the acquisition.

4 Days Ago   With big names like SpaceX and Blue Origin stealing headlines left and right, smaller space travel startups tend to cruise under the radar. Rocket Lab is one of those companies, and it just stole the show with the first-ever launch of its Electron launch vehicle.

5 Days Ago   Landmines are extremely hazardous anywhere they're deployed, and oftentimes the dangerous weapons remain buried long after military conflicts are resolved or the front lines are pushed in a different direction. Minesweeping is, as you might expect, an deadly task as well, but researchers from Arizona State University think they might have a solution: turtle robots.

5 Days Ago   The original Apple iPad was the tablet that made tablets cool, launching us into an age where huge touchscreens are the norm and long flights are a bit more bearable because of it.

5 Days Ago   It seems like every wearable on the market has some kind of a calorie burn tracker these days, and while we're made to believe the numbers they give us are a good representation of how active we are, it turns out they're not particularly good at it.

5 Days Ago   There's so many cool things to see out in space — from gorgeous views of Jupiter to stunning glimpses of Saturn, and a star that might have aliens hanging out nearby — that it's easy to forget that it's actually a pretty hostile place.

5 Days Ago   Uber hasn't had a particularly good string of luck so far in 2017. Between its CEO's very public gaffes to widespread allegations of favoritism and sexism in its ranks, the company could use a break sooner rather than later.

6 Days Ago   For the vast majority of air travelers, a jet is just a big metal tube that delivers you to your eventual destination, but for wealthy among us, a flight needs to be just as luxurious as every other aspect of their lives.

6 Days Ago   Being a drone owner requires a few things. You need decent amount of cash if you want the high-end hardware, along with the patience and willingness to learn how to actually fly the thing.

6 Days Ago   Traveling to, landing on, and exploring the moon is still one of mankind's greatest accomplishments, so the historical significance of any object that joined the Apollo astronauts on their journey simply cannot be overstated.

6 Days Ago   With mankind slowly marching towards a future where human space colonies are a reality — and with our brightest minds telling us we need to find a way off of Earth as soon as possible — the subject of human and animal reproduction in space has evolved from a curiosity to a question that seriously needs answering.

6 Days Ago   Samsung's Galaxy S8 is a fantastic Android phone by just about any measure, but if there's one area where the new flagship could use some serious work it's in the biometric department.

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