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Yesterday   The long-term effects of concussions and other brain trauma has been a big focus in recent years thanks in large part to the NFL and many of its former players.

Yesterday   It's been a little while since skywatching enthusiasts had something to get excited about. Considering how jam-packed with celestial eye candy 2017 was, it's been a bit of a slow period as of late.

Yesterday   Earlier this week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a warning asking the public to avoid eating chopped romaine lettuce from the Yuma, Arizona, growing region.

Yesterday   Have you ever wondered why land animals are so small today? Fossils have shown us that many dinosaurs were absolutely massive beasts, evolving over millions and millions of years to become huge, intimidating creature that could crush small animals under their mighty feet, and modern day mammals, by contrast, are tiny.

Yesterday   Ants are awesome little creatures and we already know that they have advanced survival tactics in battle, but the "exploding ants" that are found in Southeast Asia take the "colony first" mentality to a whole other level.

2 Days Ago   In 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first human to set foot on the Moon. It was an incredible technological and scientific achievement for the human race, and the 11 other men who followed in his dusty footsteps are still the only humans to ever set foot somewhere other than Earth.

2 Days Ago   A slow-growing E. coli outbreak linked to chopped romaine lettuce is continuing to grow, with a new update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealing that an additional 18 individuals are thought to have been hit with the bacteria.

2 Days Ago   If the ocean's coral reefs have one arch enemy, it's definitely humans. We've altered the Earth's climate enough that ocean warming is killing off huge sections of reef and impacting the ocean ecosystem as a result, and on top of that we can't manage to keep our plastic trash from suffocating what's left.

2 Days Ago   Mankind has managed to learn a lot about our Solar System and the planets that reside in it simply by gazing into the night sky, but finding evidence of planets that no longer exist is obviously a much more difficult challenge.

3 Days Ago   Monday was supposed to be the day that NASA's exoplanet-hunting TESS satellite rode into space aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9, but the launch was scrubbed at the last minute due to some unforeseen (and pretty vague) technical hiccups.

3 Days Ago   A four-year-old boy named Jonah is at the center of a heated debate over the ethics of homeopathic treatment after receiving a diluted rabies solution administered by a "naturopathic physician" in Canada.

3 Days Ago   It's only been a week since White Castle announced the widespread rollout of its Impossible Slider — a meat-free 100% vegan burger that looks, tastes, and bleeds like real meat — and now a petition asking McDonald's to follow suit is gaining a good bit of momentum.

3 Days Ago   We sometimes think of the Sun as a pretty special star, but only because of the fact that Earth happens to be in the perfect place to be warmed by it without being incinerated in the process.

4 Days Ago   SpaceX's launch of NASA's exoplanet-hunting TESS satellite may have been delayed, but that's not stopping scientists from using the hardware they already have to make new, otherworldly discoveries.

4 Days Ago   Can animals predict natural disasters? Lots of anecdotal evidence exists to suggest they can, with plenty of people claiming that their dogs or cats behaved erratically just prior to an earthquake.

4 Days Ago   We carry devices with us every day that have built-in rechargeable batteries, and whether it's smartphone, tablet, or even an electronic cigarette, the lithium-ion batteries inside of them can be volatile if and when they fail.

4 Days Ago   NASA's powerful, planet-hunting satellite TESS was supposed to launch into orbit aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 on Monday, but plans were nixed at the last moment due to unspecified complications.

5 Days Ago   Suicide is an incredibly sensitive subject for a number of pretty obvious reasons. You can't have a conversation about the idea of someone taking their own life without also addressing mental health and if you're of the mindset that suicide is the answer to a problem, you're not likely to find many who support that point of view.

5 Days Ago   Old-school lie-detection technology has served its purpose in many, many criminal cases over the years, but it's still not terribly reliable. Polygraph tests measure many different things, including blood pressure, pulse, and perspiration, all of which tend to change when a person is telling a lie, but it's also possible to completely fool the machine.

5 Days Ago   Eggs are a staple many countries and the United States is no exception, so when a food recall hits a major egg supplier you can count on it being widespread.

8 Days Ago   NASA already has some pretty powerful tools for detecting far-off worlds, but the latest and greatest is set to launch into space this coming Monday, April 16th.

8 Days Ago   A baby born was born in December of last year in China, but his biological parents passed away several years before he was even conceived. As the BBC reports, the boy's birth is the culmination of a years-long legal battle fought by his grandparents to use frozen embryos that were put into storage by the couple.

8 Days Ago   If you're a high school student, having a substitute teacher for the day typically means you'll be watching a boring video for the length of the class or doing some other kind of meaningless busywork, but students of substitute math teacher named Ryan Fish were treated to something entirely different.

8 Days Ago   With SpaceX delivering satellites into orbit and launching resupply missions for the International Space Station on a regular basis — not to mention sending a car into an orbit around the Sun just for fun — it's easy to forget that the company is still in startup mode.

9 Days Ago   Being a morning person isn't necessarily something people go out of their way to become. Early risers might get a head start on the day, but night owls don't often consider themselves at a disadvantage in day-to-day life.

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