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2 Days Ago   Mars is known as the "Red Planet," but it's even more crimson as of late. The massive dust storm that has fully enveloped the planet is obscuring the Sun and bathing the landscape in a deep shade of blood red.

2 Days Ago   What is it with these private spaceflight companies always jumping the gun? SpaceX has become notorious for delaying and pushing back previously-stated target dates — most recently it said it would delay manned flights until the end of 2018 at the very earliest — and Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin has repeatedly been forced to manage expectations and hint at increasingly vague launch targets.

2 Days Ago   Coffee is one of the most popular beverages the world over but, like so many things that humans love, there's always been a question over whether or not it's actually good for us.

2 Days Ago   Space is a chilly place, but scientists aboard the International Space Station are about to make it just a little bit colder — temporarily, at least.

3 Days Ago   Determining the health of any given plant can often be accomplished simply by examining it, but gauging the overall wellbeing of plants over a large area is a much more challenging task.

3 Days Ago   The mighty Tyrannosaurus rex would have been an truly intimidating sight if you happened to be roaming around on Earth 70 million years ago or thereabouts.

3 Days Ago   The colossal dust storm on Mars that has already enveloped the Curiosity rover is now a planet-wide event. In a new bulletin, NASA explains that the dust storm has finally managed to make it around the entire planet, producing a haze in the atmosphere that obscures sunlight and offers scientists a great opportunity to study how weather on Mars works.

3 Days Ago   Ah yes, it's sunburn and BBQ season, which means it's time yet again for the PC gaming overlords at Valve to open the floodgates of low prices, and boy oh boy are there plenty of publishers who have jumped on board.

3 Days Ago   Thanks to the steady stream of new asteroid discoveries that rolls out of NASA and other skywatching groups around the world you might think that any object that threatens Earth will be spotted well in advance.

3 Days Ago   Memes currently make up about 96% of the entire internet. Okay, that was a mild exaggeration, but it's pretty obvious how much meme culture has grown in recent years.

4 Days Ago   Ever walk down the street on a particularly windy day and feel yourself being pushed along? The planet Venus knows all about that. Researchers studying the nearby planet have discovered this truly bizarre phenomenon, calculating that the planet's thick atmosphere and intense wind actually causes the planet's rotation to speed up by a measurable amount.

4 Days Ago   Humans are definitely ( probably) going to visit Mars some day. When that day finally comes, whatever hardware we decide to bring to the Red Planet to help us get around will be driven with the utmost care by responsible explorers.

4 Days Ago   In many ways, the Earth was a much different place 580 million years ago. The landscape wasn't exactly bustling. Life had existed on the planet for a few billion years already, but you wouldn't have recognized most of it, and the first complex animals were just starting to travel down the various evolutionary paths that eventually led us to where we are today.

5 Days Ago   The long, sunny days of summer are coming — in some areas they're already here — but anyone who comes across the Giant Hogweed plant is going to want to stay away from the sun at all costs.

5 Days Ago   An incredibly bizarre feature on Mars which conspiracy theorists believe is clear evidence of alien life is actually just a really, really weird rock formation, according to a new study published in the Journal of Geophysical Research.

5 Days Ago   Video games are an incredibly popular pastime for millions of people of all ages, races, and genders. When I was a kid in the late 80s and early 90s, parents and teachers blamed "too much gaming" for poor report cards or the lack of a sun tan.

5 Days Ago   It's widely known that the next frontier for manned space flight is Mars. It's our closest planetary neighbor that actually makes sense to visit, and we know more about the makeup of Mars than we do about any other planet.

6 Days Ago   Well, it took three years but it looks like the repercussions of Volkswagen's diesel emissions cheating is finally reaching the very top of the company's ladders.

6 Days Ago   In an incredibly bizarre case that serves as a reminder not to believe everything you hear, a man from England has died after testing what he thought was a "stab-proof" vest by stabbing himself.

6 Days Ago   An earthquake struck the island nation of Japan early Monday morning, toppling buildings and causing all manner of distress for residents of the bustling port city of Osaka.

6 Days Ago   Mars isn't a great place to be right now. Well, it's really never a great place to be, at least not for the past billion years or so, but the past few weeks have been especially rough as a massive dust storm is rapidly swallowing up the planet.

8 Days Ago   I've written about Chinese tech startup Chuwi a number of times in the past, mainly because they've been making some pretty solid Windows machines at very, very low prices.

9 Days Ago   Stephen Hawking dedicated the majority of his life to the pursuit of knowledge, focusing on physics and math in a quest to explain how the universe works.

9 Days Ago   Well, nice job humans, now you've gone and done it. Mankind has a serious problem keeping its waste to itself, and we've seen so many examples of that fact that I really shouldn't even have to say it at this point.

9 Days Ago   By now you've surely heard about the massive dust storm currently raging on Mars. Our planetary neighbor is experiencing a pretty serious bout of cloudy skies thanks to raging winds which have kicked up the orange soil and tossed it aloft.

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