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24 Days Ago   If you're looking for the best compact cameras of 2018 then you've come to the right place. Here we'll guide you through the hottest cameras to save you

26 Days Ago   With more phones ditching the 3.5mm headphone socket, there's never been a better time to cut the cord than now. Sure, you can use Lightning headphones

33 Days Ago   You know the phrase "seeing is believing"? On a trip to Dolby Laboratories we got to sample first hand exactly what that means in terms of theatrical installs,

39 Days Ago   As mobile phones continue to advance, the demand for more screen and less bezel is dominating design. Manufacturers proudly present greater screen-to-body

40 Days Ago   The Panasonic Lumix LX100 Mark II is a tale of two halves: it's a soft update to what is ultimately a belting high-end compact camera. By which we

41 Days Ago   You don't need to do a double take: although the gallery above may look like it contains two different phones, it's actually just the front and rear of

41 Days Ago   In the ongoing battle against the bezel, smartphone manufacturers have been investing in various design ideas to increase screen-to-body ratio. With the

41 Days Ago   It's deep into 2018, a year that's seen the notch normalised for many smartphone designs. But manufacturers aren't sitting tight on such design compromise:

42 Days Ago   In its 15-inch form the Lenovo Yoga 730 offers a good typing experience, ultra-crisp visuals from its 4K display and plenty of power to churn through

48 Days Ago   A remodel that's been long overdue, the new Air brings a shrunken footprint, higher-res display, less bezel, Touch ID login, fewer ports, a divisive

48 Days Ago   For £200 there are few phones as rounded and long-lasting as Motorola's affordable push back into the market. That said, its near competition offers

52 Days Ago   What a bumper year it's been for slider phones – designed to physically hide the front camera behind a screen-sliding mechanism – in the march against

56 Days Ago   Cyber Monday is here! So whether you're looking to get yourself a new DSLR, mirrorless or compact camera for Christmas, or if you're more interested in

61 Days Ago   The Mate 10 Pro was a defining handset for Huawei when it launched in 2017. Every bit as capable as its Samsung, LG and Apple competition, it marked

61 Days Ago   Huawei has arguably produced the best phone of 2018 in the P20 Pro. It looks great, lasts an age per charge, the camera is a top-ranking effort, and

68 Days Ago   A niche proposition has some excellent features – including fast refresh rate screen and illuminating rear logo – but a design that can't hold its

81 Days Ago   We've been following Honor's progress for years. Despite the good value proposition that its phones typically offer, however, there's always been a lingering

82 Days Ago   Honor has a history of delivering affordable phones, largely thanks to its supply line from parent company Huawei. In the Magic 2, however, Honor is peacocking;

89 Days Ago   In what's become the year of the notch, Xiaomi is offering a different take: the Mi Mix 3 hides the front-facing cameras, revealed by using the phone's

90 Days Ago   By combining the highest quality design, arguably the best cameras in any smartphone, and future-facing features such as an in-screen fingerprint

92 Days Ago   The sixth-gen Pro is the best to date thanks largely to improved battery life. However, the familiar form factor, bezels that are larger than

97 Days Ago   The top-end Huawei Mate series in back for 2018 - and in more forms than ever before. Joining the already-released Mate 20 Lite will be the Mate 20 and

97 Days Ago   The standard Mate delivers a strong innings, but the Pro model outshines it in every department. When it comes to future-facing features the Pro is

98 Days Ago   The large lens and wide aperture have the potential to deliver delightful images, but the noisy and poor autofocus often makes it a struggle to get

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