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21 Hours Ago   Mobile devices like tablets and smartphones are great for enjoying games and movies on the sofa or browsing emails on the train on the way to work, but

Yesterday   In the smartphone world almost every manufacturer has gone notch crazy. From big notches like the Apple iPhone XS, to smaller dewdrop-like ones on the

Yesterday   Like an Amazon Echo Plus on steroids, wearing a striking Scandinavian coat: the Libratone Zipp 2 sticks to its successful roots, marrying great design

4 Days Ago   This phone is different; it's interesting, powerful and offers a distinctive, nearly bezel-free design with great screen quality. You get a lot of

6 Days Ago   With CES 2019 out of the way and Sony lacking many new core products, the Japanese company has followed up just days after that show's closure with a dedicated

10 Days Ago   With most 2018 flagship phones bearing the notch - that black-out dip to the top of the display, where the camera is housed - what's the next step for

11 Days Ago   Audio-Technica is an increasingly well-known Japanese audio brand. And for good reason: it makes some great turntables and headphones, including the brand

11 Days Ago   Knowing that not all gamers wield controllers, Razer is about to unleash its keyboard and mouse combo for the Xbox. Yep, a console that you can play with

12 Days Ago   As OLED TVs become more and more popular, the market has become more competitive. At CES 2019, Sony laid out its Master Series, topped by the AG9 (and

13 Days Ago   In 2016 Technics brought the SL-1200 back from the dead with its special edition GAE model. It obviously paid off, as three years on, at CES 2019, Panasonic

13 Days Ago   Say hello to the top-end Panasonic OLED TV for 2019, the GZ2000. This set brings a number of firsts: it's the first to decode both HDR10+ and Dolby Vision

13 Days Ago   With the tablet market dwindling somewhat, Lenovo has an interesting idea: why not have a tablet that, when it's not being used as one, can be docked to

13 Days Ago   The smart home is getting smarter and more complete as increasing numbers of devices become available. In 2018 we saw the Google Home Hub make for a great

13 Days Ago   It's been a bumper few years for laptops, what with shrinking bezel and greater screen-to-body ratios, alongside fanless processors and improved battery

13 Days Ago   The Technics 1210 is back for 2019, the new SL-1210MK7 being the first DJ turntable from Panasonic-owned Technics in around a decade (it will be the SL-1200

14 Days Ago   Following on from 2018's superb FZ800 OLED TV, Panasonic's top-end telly for 2019 will be the GZ2000. It's an OLED panel with a number of firsts – the

14 Days Ago   Not content with a swathe of its Blu-ray players already on the market – including the top-end and rather excellent UB9000 – Panasonic has announced

14 Days Ago   In addition to re-investing in its turntable line-up, Technics has also used CES 2019 as a platform to show commitment to new headphones. The EAH-F70N

14 Days Ago   It's long been rumoured that Panasonic would launch a so-called 'full-frame GH5', which, as it turns out, isn't too far wrong: in March 2019 the company

14 Days Ago   Just when we thought TV screen technologies had plateaued, 2018 saw a new technology introduced: Micro LED. It's not a completely brand new technology,

18 Days Ago   The e-tron isn't the first all-electric SUV to market, but as Audi's first dip into this market it's a solid start: quiet, comfortable, with a long

21 Days Ago   If you've just bought a shiny new Huawei Mate 20 Pro then it might seem a little different to other Android phones. That's because it runs EMUI 9.0 –

23 Days Ago   If you've just bought a shiny new Huawei P20 Pro (hopefully in unicorn dust-like Twilight finish) or P20 then well done you for picking up one of 2018's

24 Days Ago   You want to buy a DSLR camera but don't know what to go for? Then you've come to the right place, as this is where we round-up the best DSLR cameras of

24 Days Ago   You're looking to buy a mirrorless camera - sometimes called a compact system camera (CSC) - but don't know what to go for? That's not necessarily a surprise,

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