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4 Days Ago   Without a hefty tax credit enticing new customers, it's possible Tesla may run into sales issues in the near future. Federal tax benefits for Tesla purchases are being phased out at the end of the year.

124 Days Ago   Partly due to a slow shift into ecommerce, toy retail giant Toys R Us is considering selling or closing all locations within the United States unless a buyer is found in the coming months.

125 Days Ago   Leaving a lasting legacy within the scientific community for decades to come, renowned author and physicist Stephen Hawking passed away in Cambridge, England early Wednesday morning.

183 Days Ago   Definitely a scary situation for everyone involved, the Hawaii Emergency Management agency erroneously issued an alert that a missile attack on U.S. soil was incoming and that residents should seek shelter.

197 Days Ago   Ideal for anyone that likes to save time when visiting the grocery store, more Kroger customers will soon be able to scan items with their smartphone and skip long checkout lines via mobile checkout.

197 Days Ago   Expanding the media player capabilities of the Xbox One even further, an early version of Kodi has launched on the Xbox One store, just without all the bells and whistles of the PC version.

228 Days Ago   Ideal for anyone that prefers voice commands over using a remote control, Amazon has added additional Alexa support on the Fire TV allowing users to start, stop, fast-forward and rewind video in apps like Hulu.

300 Days Ago   Potentially saving Amazon customers the time spent re-packing items that need to be returned, brick-and-mortar retailer Kohl's will start accepting returns and shipping those items back to Amazon for free.

337 Days Ago   Continuing the ongoing saga related to the HBO data breach, hackers are attempting to extort a ransom from HBO by releasing private emails of an unnamed executive as well as marketing materials for Game of Thrones.

348 Days Ago   Definitely a cautionary tale about maliciously inciting the social media mob, a wedding photographer was vindicated recently after a jury awarded her a seven-figure judgment over a defamation claim.

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