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4 Days Ago   In January of this year, Lin-Manuel Miranda returned to Puerto Rico, where his parents grew up, and brought the entire stage production of Hamilton with him.

9 Days Ago   After an unsuccessful but hard-fought, grassroots-driven longshot bid to unseat Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, Beto O’Rourke is running for president in 2020. In a video posted to his Twitter feed, the 46-year-old father of three young children and former Texas Democratic congressman from El Paso announced that he is not going to vie for John Cornyn’s Senate seat, but is instead gunning for the White House, entering a crowded field of Democratic contenders that include Kamala Harris, Cory

9 Days Ago   If your piggy bank is as empty as the office candy dish, you’re better acquainted with Ira Glass than an actual IRA, and you spend as much money as you make every month, you should know that you’re not alone.

9 Days Ago   It’s 2019 and racism and racial discrimination are alive and well in the world. If this list of viral racists, or Dolce & Gabbana’s or Prada’s ideas of fashion, or the fact that black robots are discriminated against doesn’t convince you, maybe this will: 19 workers at a United Parcel Service distribution center in Maumee, Ohio, are suing their employer, claiming management at the facility “enabled, tolerated, and purposefully promoted and encouraged a culture of racism and racially discriminato

9 Days Ago   To celebrate Pi Day this year, Amadeus Code has composed a brand new song called “We Started Singing.” While that sounds like a weird way to celebrate Pi Day (although, who doesn’t start singing at the very thought of pie?), there’s a reason this is an appropriate homage.

9 Days Ago   Listen up, gumshoes: Carmen Sandiego is on the loose again and it’s up to you to catch her. This time, she’s not on your Apple IIe, Commodore 64, TV, or Netflix.

10 Days Ago   The clocks have just done their spring-forward thing, it’s staying light longer, and spring break is on the horizon, but no one seems to have told the weather that winter is over.

10 Days Ago   James Bond is embracing the realities of climate change and adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle in his next film. This doesn’t mean that Daniel Craig’s 007 is going to start bringing his own grocery bag on missions, trade in his suits for more sustainable garments, or order his shaken-not-stirred martinis from traceable and transparent sources, but rather that he is swapping out his beloved Aston Martin for an electric vehicle.

11 Days Ago   So long, mystery meat. Hello, spinach wraps. Starting this fall, New York City public school lunches are going meat-free one day a week, the mayor’s office announced.

11 Days Ago   Thirty years ago, computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented what we now know as the World Wide Web. Sure, there were earlier networks: ARPANET, or the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, was funded by the U.S.

11 Days Ago   England took a break from Brexit negotiations to announce it will ban all Boeing 737 Max 8 flights from using its airspace. The precautionary measure comes after an Ethiopian Airlines flight crashed on Sunday, killing all 157 people on board.

11 Days Ago   Google just made it easier to book a hotel room, just in case you’re planning some travel for spring break. (Is it possible to write those words and not hear it in the voice of James Franco’s character in Spring Breakers?) The company has been dabbling in the hotel booking space for a while now, including a spotlight feature that highlighted hotel deals that was unveiled in advance of the holiday travel season last year.

12 Days Ago   Some frequent fliers love the ease that comes with letting Clear and Delta and American Airlines use their biometric data to speed them through the airport security and boarding process.

12 Days Ago   Trader Joe’s is taking the fight against plastic to its 500 or so stores. The grocery chain announced that it is cutting back on plastic waste in the hopes of eliminating one million pounds of plastic from its stores as soon as possible.

12 Days Ago   Details are still emerging about what caused the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines flight that killed 149 passengers and eight crew members, but one thing is known: The plane was a Boeing 737 Max 8.

14 Days Ago   Last year, Bravo released the television series Dirty John, starring Connie Britton and Eric Bana as a dangerous con man. When Dirty John launched, it was Bravo’s most-watched scripted series ever, according to The Hollywood Reporter–with 2.09 million viewers.

14 Days Ago   The U.S. women’s national soccer team is the reigning world champion heading into the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup. They are fierce, driven, ambitious, and used to winning.

14 Days Ago   Google is going all in on International Women’s Day. In addition to its excellent Google Doodle, which paired inspirational quotes by 13 (female) trailblazers with illustrations by 13 female artists, the search giant is making it easier to support women-owned businesses—on International Women’s Day or any other day of the year.

15 Days Ago   Daylight Saving Time is coming to the United States this weekend when clocks spring forward one hour at 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 10. But if some thousands of people have their way, this will be the last time.

15 Days Ago   In the wake of the horrifying, gag-inducing allegations made against Michael Jackson in HBO’s Leaving Neverland documentary, the one-time King of Pop’s voice is slowly slithering away from the cultural landscape.

15 Days Ago   If you’ve ever been bored enough on a road trip to try and convince a truck driver to blow their rig’s horn, there’s a 92% chance that the person behind the wheel was a man.

15 Days Ago   YouTube is rolling out a new service that could help slow the spread of fake news delivered via video. When people turn to YouTube for news stories and type in certain terms or topics that are “prone to misinformation,” so-called information panels will pop up to debunk rumors or point out fake or misused videos, BuzzFeed News first reported.

16 Days Ago   The next time you book a flight, you may want to get to the airport a few hours early. Not just stereotypical dad early, but even earlier so you can chill out, get a manicure, a massage, or even take a fitness class.

16 Days Ago   A Kentucky state Senate committee just approved a bill to make “doxxing” anyone under the age of 18 a crime. If the bill becomes law, anyone who published a minor’s personal information (for instance, an address or school) with the intent to harass, abuse, or frighten them could be slapped with a misdemeanor charge.

17 Days Ago   It only took an entire year for Mario Batali to have his #MeToo reckoning. Eater first detailed the chef’s verbal and sexual harassment and assaults against women back in December 2017, but only now has the onetime celebrity chef been bought out of the restaurant group he founded.

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