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6 Days Ago   It’s hardly a novel concept for parents to spy on their kids, but a new device is troubling for just how big, ugly, and shitty it is: an ankle monitoring service that tracks troublesome teens.

6 Days Ago   On Monday, Tumblr announced plans to ban sexually explicit content starting December 17, and it’s already (badly) flagging offending posts. The new policy is a sucker punch to creators and users, particularly those who had come to appreciate that platform’s uniquely inclusive environment, including its linchpin of… Read more...

8 Days Ago   On Monday, Tumblr CEO Jeff D’Onofrio announced a policy change with the intention of making the platform a “better, more positive” place. On December 17th, Tumblr, which is owned by Verizon under its Oath Inc subsidiary, will begin enforcing a ban of all adult content.

13 Days Ago   Urban Massage, a wellness app that connects users with professional massage therapists, reportedly left a database open to public access, potentially exposing sensitive user and employee data—including complaints alleging sexual misconduct by “dangerous” users alongside their names and other personal information.

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