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Yesterday   A pair of bills that limit speech online were signed into law by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, promising harsh penalties for those who criticize the nation and its officials or post fake news.

2 Days Ago   The growing reality for social networks is that they will perpetually be exploited in new and terrorizing ways and there may not be a sweeping solution for bad actors.

4 Days Ago   I wasn’t particularly interested in Bird Box. And then there were memes. There were so many memes, my god. So I became interested insofar as I wanted a little more context to understand what people were laughing about.

6 Days Ago   Technologists like to put machine learning on a pedestal, exalting its ability to complement and even exceed human labor, but these systems are far from perfect.

8 Days Ago   “Don’t read the comments” has become a common maxim among anyone who has spent any meaningful time online—it means that, if you go sifting through online comments, you’re going to see some shit.

12 Days Ago   On Thursday, I clicked on a link that promised to show me a snail “playing” with a baby carrot. The video was nice, but I wanted to know more.

13 Days Ago   A pair of bills that prohibit spreading fake news and insulting authorities just made it one step closer to becoming law in Russia. Read more...

15 Days Ago   In 2017, a report from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel revealed that TripAdvisor was deleting reviews that included details of sexual assault and rape. The company admitted it was removing reviews of this nature, and subsequently launched a system that labeled some hotels with these types of reports.

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