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7 Days Ago   On Friday, The Times of London teamed up with a tech company and a creative agency to digitally recreate “the speech JFK would have made in Dallas had he not been assassinated.” The Dallas Trade Mart speech never happened—Kennedy was killed the day he was supposed to deliver it—but thanks to artificial intelligence,… Read more...

7 Days Ago   Women who sued Uber on the assertion that the company’s policies failed to protect them and others from sexual misconduct want to have their case heard by a jury.

8 Days Ago   Apple would really like you to know that its products are the gateway to a happy family. On Thursday, the company launched a new page on its website dedicated to families.

9 Days Ago   Augmented reality experiences are oftentimes a dud, and the really mind-melting ones require hardware that costs a shit-ton of money. But Abhishek Singh seems to have figured out a way to make AR both accessible and really fucking cool.

9 Days Ago   On Tuesday, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced that the company had a new strategy to deal with conspiracy theories on the platform: dropping a handy Wikipedia link beneath videos on highly contested topics.

9 Days Ago   WhatsApp just agreed not to share the personal information of its users in the European Union with Facebook until it can comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will be enforced in May.

11 Days Ago   Until bus service arrived in 2013, Arlington, Texas was the largest city in the nation without public transportation. Residents have repeatedly voted against measures that would bring mass transit to the area and now the city is killing its bus service in favor of a ridesharing startup.

11 Days Ago   A new cryptocurrency and porn platform is banking on you wanting to spank it in return for internet money. Read more...

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