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18 Hours Ago   In her “60 Minutes” interview of Trump on Sunday, Lesley Stahl asked very few follow-up questions and allowed a number of blatant lies to go unchallenged.

4 Days Ago   Trump's outgoing U.N. ambassador is getting applause from the media for being so moderate. But Haley has been a champion for right-wing causes. The post Don’t Call Nikki Haley a Moderate.

10 Days Ago   After their charade over Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination, Collins and Flake should never again be referred to as moderate Republicans. The post Sens. Susan Collins and Jeff Flake Are Frauds, Plain and Simple.

14 Days Ago   The U.S. cannot credibly criticize Russian interference in U.S. elections without conceding that the United States doesn't exactly have clean hands. The post Video: A Short History of U.S.

16 Days Ago   There is a perfectly legal and viable solution to all this: Pack the Supreme Court. Pack it as soon as possible. The post Pack the Supreme Court appeared first on The Intercept.

24 Days Ago   Três pesquisas mostram que atitudes racistas e machistas estiveram intimamente associadas ao voto em Trump nas eleições de 2016. The post Tensões raciais, e não econômicas, deram a vitória a Trump appeared first on The Intercept.

28 Days Ago   Three previous studies found a link between cultural anxiety and Trump voters. Now a fourth, from the Voter Study Group, finds the same connections. The post Time to Kill the Zombie Argument: Another Study Shows Trump Won Because of Racial Anxieties — Not Economic Distress appeared first on The Intercept.

39 Days Ago   Denuncie Trump por intolerância, falsidade, incapacidade mental e emocional para o cargo no congresso ou num tribunal. Caso contrário: Vá. Se. Ferrar. The post Caro funcionário anônimo de Trump, não há redenção em seu covarde artigo de opinião appeared first on The Intercept.

39 Days Ago   Your New York Times op-ed is shameful. You and your fellow “steady state” officials are enablers of Trump. You are his protectors. The post Dear Anonymous Trump Official, There Is No Redemption in Your Cowardly Op-Ed appeared first on The Intercept.

49 Days Ago   By choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate and tolerating slurs against Barack Obama, John McCain helped set loose the racism of the Republican Party. The post Hold the Plaudits, John McCain’s 2008 Campaign Paved the Way for Donald Trump appeared first on The Intercept.

53 Days Ago   Benjamin Netanyahu often accuses his political opponents of anti-Semitism, but has no qualms surrounding himself with actual card-carrying anti-Semites. The post Benjamin Netanyahu Is Fine With Anti-Semites — as Long as They Support Israel’s Occupation appeared first on The Intercept.

55 Days Ago   Defense Secretary Jim Mattis was considered the “adult in the room” at the White House — but now he’s not even in the room anymore. The post Dear James Mattis: Why Haven’t You Quit Yet?

60 Days Ago   A campanha chinesa contra a população uigur é uma campanha de limpeza étnica justificada pelo discurso da “guerra ao terror”. The post A China aprisionou um milhão de muçulmanos da etnia uigur.

63 Days Ago   China’s campaign against its minority Uighur population is a campaign of ethnic cleansing justified by “war on terror” rhetoric. The post One Million Muslim Uighurs Have Been Detained by China, the U.N.

69 Days Ago   Saudi Arabia's brash crown prince is doing more damage to its reputation than its enemies could ever imagine. The post The Blowup With Canada Is the Latest Saudi Overreach.

72 Days Ago   Will Abdul El-Sayed pull off a shock primary victory and provide further evidence that the Democratic Party is shifting more and more to the left? The post Video: Mehdi Hasan Interviews Abdul El-Sayed, Progressive Candidate in Michigan’s Democratic Primary appeared first on The Intercept.

96 Days Ago   The U.K. vote to leave the EU, and the election of Donald Trump in the U.S., were acts of political, social, and economic destruction. The post Trump and Brexit Have Chaos in Common — A Symptom of Political Self-Harm appeared first on The Intercept.

101 Days Ago   Socialism is not as foreign to American politics as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi might have you believe. The post Why Is Nancy Pelosi So Afraid of Socialism?

110 Days Ago   Donald Trump has not just moved the Overton window — he has smashed it to pieces. The post With “Muslim Ban” Ruling, Trump’s White Supremacy Has Moved From the Campaign Trail to the Supreme Court appeared first on The Intercept.

119 Days Ago   The State Department's Policy Planning Staff, shorn of expertise and stocked with ideologues, is now producing material unlike anything it has before. The post Leaked State Department Memo Advised Trump Administration to Push for “Islamic Reformation” appeared first on The Intercept.

146 Days Ago   Trump told Bahrain's ruler there wouldn't be any strains between them. Soon after, human rights abuses escalated in the Persian Gulf nation. The post Donald Trump’s Words Are a Green Light to Dictators and Torturers Around the World appeared first on The Intercept.

151 Days Ago   Petição assinada por 300 personalidades francesas, incluindo um ex-presidente e um ex-primeiro-ministro, exige a supressão de versículos do Alcorão. The post A islamofobia levanta uma nova bandeira: editar o Alcorão appeared first on The Intercept.

152 Days Ago   A petition signed by 300 public figures in France, including a former president and prime minister, demands the deletion of verses in the Quran. The post Anti-Islam Movement Has New Rallying Cry — Let’s Delete Verses of the Quran appeared first on The Intercept.

158 Days Ago   Até os militaristas linha dura que abominam o Irã acham que é loucura abandonar o acordo. Isso não aumentará a segurança dos EUA, nem a de Israel.

160 Days Ago   Even card-carrying hardliners who hate Iran think Trump is mad to pull out of the deal. This won't improve U.S. security -- or Israel's. The post Trump Violates the Iran Nuclear Deal — Ignoring U.S.

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