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2 Days Ago   The departing White House chief of staff was Trump’s nasty and brutish mini-me. He was never the “adult in the room.” The post John Kelly Was a Bully, Bigot, and Liar for Trump.

7 Days Ago   Obituários elogiosos ao ex-presidente americano ignoram facetas obscuras: guerra às drogas racista, caso Willie Horton e milhares de civis mortos no Iraque. The post O legado sinistro de George H.

10 Days Ago   Hagiographies neglect to mention that Bush's presidency included a racist drug war, the Willie Horton ad, and massive civilian deaths in Iraq. The post The Ignored Legacy of George H.W.

21 Days Ago   The Constitution says the president must be at least 35 years old. But age doesn't guarantee wisdom or ability. The post Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Can’t Run for President in 2020.

24 Days Ago   The same Republican senators who defend Trump now were obsessed with defending the special counsel in the late 1990s — when Bill Clinton was president. The post What Republican Senators Said About Impeaching Bill Clinton vs. Donald Trump appeared first on The Intercept.

25 Days Ago   Schumer has sided with the GOP on Wall Street, Israel, Iraq, Iran, and Facebook. Almost any other Democrat should be Senate minority leader instead. The post Chuck Schumer Caved to Facebook and Donald Trump.

28 Days Ago   The correct response to a white nationalist president is to relentlessly resist and call out his behavior as dangerously abnormal. The post Nancy Pelosi Wants to Find “Common Ground” With Donald Trump.

36 Days Ago   The OSCE issued a series of recommendations after the 2016 presidential election. None of the group’s suggestions have been enacted. The post U.S. Elections Are Neither Free Nor Fair.

40 Days Ago   Simpatizantes de Trump agrediram, balearam, atropelaram e jogaram bombas em inocentes. O presidente está radicalizando uma geração de homens raivosos. The post Uma lista de agressores de extrema-direita inspirados por Trump appeared first on The Intercept.

42 Days Ago   What responsibility should Trump take for the current toxic climate? And what does the evidence say: Is the president an anti-Semite? The post Is Donald Trump an Anti-Semite?

45 Days Ago   Trump sympathizers have beaten, shot, stabbed, run over, or bombed innocent people. The president is radicalizing a generation of angry men. The post Here Is a List of Far-Right Attackers Trump Inspired.

46 Days Ago   There should be accountability for Jamal Khashoggi’s murder, and also for the 2003 U.S. bombing raid that killed Al Jazeera’s Tareq Ayoub in Iraq. The post Killing Journalists Is Wrong When the Saudis Do It — and When the United States Does It, Too appeared first on The Intercept.

56 Days Ago   As Trump denies having financial interests in Saudi Arabia, Mehdi Hasan examines the president's history of business deals with the Saudi royal family. The post Does Saudi Arabia Own Donald Trump?

57 Days Ago   In her “60 Minutes” interview of Trump on Sunday, Lesley Stahl asked very few follow-up questions and allowed a number of blatant lies to go unchallenged.

61 Days Ago   Trump's outgoing U.N. ambassador is getting applause from the media for being so moderate. But Haley has been a champion for right-wing causes. The post Don’t Call Nikki Haley a Moderate.

67 Days Ago   After their charade over Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination, Collins and Flake should never again be referred to as moderate Republicans. The post Sens. Susan Collins and Jeff Flake Are Frauds, Plain and Simple.

71 Days Ago   The U.S. cannot credibly criticize Russian interference in U.S. elections without conceding that the United States doesn't exactly have clean hands. The post Video: A Short History of U.S.

72 Days Ago   There is a perfectly legal and viable solution to all this: Pack the Supreme Court. Pack it as soon as possible. The post Pack the Supreme Court appeared first on The Intercept.

81 Days Ago   Três pesquisas mostram que atitudes racistas e machistas estiveram intimamente associadas ao voto em Trump nas eleições de 2016. The post Tensões raciais, e não econômicas, deram a vitória a Trump appeared first on The Intercept.

84 Days Ago   Three previous studies found a link between cultural anxiety and Trump voters. Now a fourth, from the Voter Study Group, finds the same connections. The post Time to Kill the Zombie Argument: Another Study Shows Trump Won Because of Racial Anxieties — Not Economic Distress appeared first on The Intercept.

96 Days Ago   Denuncie Trump por intolerância, falsidade, incapacidade mental e emocional para o cargo no congresso ou num tribunal. Caso contrário: Vá. Se. Ferrar. The post Caro funcionário anônimo de Trump, não há redenção em seu covarde artigo de opinião appeared first on The Intercept.

96 Days Ago   Your New York Times op-ed is shameful. You and your fellow “steady state” officials are enablers of Trump. You are his protectors. The post Dear Anonymous Trump Official, There Is No Redemption in Your Cowardly Op-Ed appeared first on The Intercept.

106 Days Ago   By choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate and tolerating slurs against Barack Obama, John McCain helped set loose the racism of the Republican Party. The post Hold the Plaudits, John McCain’s 2008 Campaign Paved the Way for Donald Trump appeared first on The Intercept.

110 Days Ago   Benjamin Netanyahu often accuses his political opponents of anti-Semitism, but has no qualms surrounding himself with actual card-carrying anti-Semites. The post Benjamin Netanyahu Is Fine With Anti-Semites — as Long as They Support Israel’s Occupation appeared first on The Intercept.

112 Days Ago   Defense Secretary Jim Mattis was considered the “adult in the room” at the White House — but now he’s not even in the room anymore. The post Dear James Mattis: Why Haven’t You Quit Yet?

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