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3 Days Ago   Facebook today unveiled pricing changes for its Workplace enterprise social network, adding a new tier aimed at larger organizations as well as “add-on” options to encourage deployments to frontline workers.

4 Days Ago   Frontline workers tend to be overlooked when it comes to technology. But the growing awareness that they, too, need access to the latest digital tools is pushing companies to change how they do business.

7 Days Ago   Microsoft’s Teams collaboration app is now used by 13 million individuals on a daily basis, according to data released by the company Thursday, surpassing rival Slack for the first time.

8 Days Ago   Zoom released a patch this week to fix a security flaw in the Mac version of its desktop video chat app that could allow hackers to take control of a user’s webcam.

16 Days Ago   As the likes of Amazon Alexa and Apple’s Siri have gained popularity in our personal lives, the healthcare industry has been at the forefront in adopting voice-driven AI assistants in the workplace.

24 Days Ago   Google is looking to make it easier to build chatbots for Hangouts Chat, thanks to an integration with its Dialogflow conversational AI platform. Google launched Hangouts Chat early last year, a chat-based collaboration tool that replaces the Hangouts app for G Suite customers, of which there are are now more than 5 million, according to Google’s latest stats.

28 Days Ago   Slack’s public listing on the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday marks the latest chapter in the company’s remarkable rise since its launch five years ago.

29 Days Ago   Slack and Microsoft may be battling for dominance in the booming team collaboration market, but most organizations rely on both applications – and some companies use even more.

31 Days Ago   Commercial real estate firm JLL has partnered with Google to create a conversational AI assistant that helps employees locate and book spare desks, set up meetings with colleagues and more.

31 Days Ago   Aircraft manufacturer Airbus has deployed Microsoft’s mixed reality (MR) Hololens devices in a bid to speed production and improve training for new staff. Airbus is also teaming up with Microsoft to sell MR apps to other businesses in the airline industry.

36 Days Ago   Once the stuff of science fiction, augmented reality (AR) is increasingly finding a place in the workplace as a driver of collaboration and productivity. Some companies use it as a tool for employee training, others use it to offer remote assistance to field service technicians.

37 Days Ago   Dropbox has given its file-sharing software a major overhaul in an effort to reposition itself as a hub for workplace collaboration and productivity. The company's aim is to combine various fragmented digital workplace tools into one place.

43 Days Ago   Slack's launch in 2014 helped ignite demand for chat-based collaboration tools in the workplace, and, in turn, paved the way for a range of team messaging offerings that now provide a simple and effective alternative to email.

59 Days Ago   Google this week updated its workplace-focused Glass augmented reality (AR) headset, offering a more powerful processor and improved camera – a “significant improvement” over its predecessor, according Anshel Sag, an analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy.

60 Days Ago   As demand for team messaging apps continues to blossom, it may seem like email's days as the main business messaging tool are numbered. Google, however, sees the future of its team messaging tool, Hangouts Chat, as closely entwined with email.

65 Days Ago   Lenovo is the latest manufacturer to develop an augmented reality (AR) device aimed at enhancing productivity for enterprise workers, along with a software platform for app creation.

72 Days Ago   Microsoft and Google laid out their respective visions for the next generation of virtual assistants this week, with enhancements to Cortana and Assistant, respectively, designed to support workplace productivity.

77 Days Ago   Along with an update to its core consumer offering at its F8 developer conference this week, Facebook announced a redesigned interface for its Workplace enterprise social network.

84 Days Ago   SAN FRANCISCO – Slack has partnered with cloud video communications vendor Zoom in a move designed to bolster video capabilities for Slack users. The tie-up was unveiled at this week’s Slack Frontiers event.

84 Days Ago   SAN FRANCISCO – Slack users will soon be able to communicate with colleagues that use only email with the launch of a new “email bridge” feature for the company’s popular collaboration software.

88 Days Ago   With G Suite, Google faces an uphill battle against Microsoft’s widely used Office 365 productivity tools. At its Cloud Next conference in San Francisco earlier this month, Google unveiled a number of updates to G Suite, outlining its vision for a collaborative, AI-infused set of apps under the marketing banner “Make it fast.

99 Days Ago   Atlassian has given Confluence its biggest revamp in years, offering more powerful analytics, improved search and new ways to interact with the content collaboration platform. Alongside the 15 new Confluence features unveiled at the Atlassian Summit in Las Vegas this week, the Australian software vendor also announced the acquisitions of Good Software – the startup responsible for the Analytics for Confluence add-on.

100 Days Ago   Following its acquisition of software vendor AgileCraft for around $166 million last month, Atlassian today launched Jira Align to help companies manage agile software development projects at scale.

101 Days Ago   Slack has added new ways to interact with Microsoft’s Office 365 app directly from its own collaboration platform. This includes an Outlook calendar app, Office file previews and the ability to export emails into Slack channels and direct messages.

106 Days Ago   Two years after it first appeared, Microsoft’s mobile messaging app Kaizala is now available to all Office 365 users globally. Microsoft will integrate the app with its Teams collaboration platform in the next 12 to 18 months, the company said in a blog post on Thursday, as part of its larger plans to appeal to “first-line” workers such as retail, healthcare and service staffers.

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