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5 Days Ago   Facebook wants to bring its Portal video display hardware to the office with the introduction of a dedicated Workplace app - one of a handful of updates to the company’s enterprise social network announced at the Flow user conference in San Francisco this week.

6 Days Ago   Email, video and messaging apps such as Slack and Microsoft Teams make it possible to easily collaborate with co-workers, no matter what time zone (or country) they happen to be in. And access to mobile versions of the same apps means that colleagues can quickly respond to a DM, follow a group conversation or make a quick edit to file at virtually any time.

16 Days Ago   Dropbox this week launched a collaboration hub designed to let users work together around a variety of documents, another step in the company’s evolution beyond cloud file-sharing into something more focused on productivity.

18 Days Ago   LONDON – The benefits of getting digital tools into the hands of frontline workers are becoming clear to more companies – and they’re spending more money to help those workers be successful.

26 Days Ago   Oracle has added AI voice commands to its Digital Assistant, offering users an alternative way to interact with its various business apps. The company on Tuesday also announced that the bot will integrate with Microsoft’s work stream collaboration platform, Teams.

31 Days Ago   LONDON – Artificial intelligence (AI) will be widely adopted in office environments in a variety of ways over the next few years as businesses invest in digital workplace initiatives, Gartner analysts said today.

32 Days Ago   Zoho has added a range of new tools to its Zoho One suite as it seeks to attract new mid-size and enterprise customers. The changes include a new phone bridge system, a workflow management app, single sign-on service and a blockchain time-stamping feature for Zoho Sign.

38 Days Ago   Atlassian today added new pricing tiers for its cloud products, including free and premium options for Jira Software and Confluence. The Australian company hopes the free editions, in particular, can entice new customers onto its cloud services.

48 Days Ago   Google has pushed back the migration deadline for its Hangouts collaboration app, offering G Suite customers more time to make the switch to its Hangouts Chat and Meet tools Google unveiled Hangouts Chat and Meet in 2017, effectively separating the classic Hangouts app with individual chat and video functions.

60 Days Ago   Slack admins can now designate any channel to be used for announcements only, a move aimed at minimizing distractions and ensuring that important information is communicated to workers.

67 Days Ago   Cisco plans to bring voice transcription to its Webex meeting tools with the acquisition of Voicea, part of a wider initiative to add AI capabilities to its collaboration software.

68 Days Ago   Slack today unveiled new security capabilities for Enterprise Grid customers, including tighter controls for admins who oversee mobile device access. Enterprise Grid was launched in 2017 for Slack’s biggest customers, with additional features to support large-scale deployments.

73 Days Ago   Asana has added a tool to help managers monitor their team members’ workloads at a glance. The new feature will grant better visibility into work assignments and help to prevent employee burnout by enabling project leaders to rebalance workloads when necessary, said Alex Hood, head of product at Asana.

75 Days Ago   The team collaboration market may be dominated by Slack, Microsoft and other large cloud vendors, but some believe that open-source messaging tools will also find a place among large organizations.

83 Days Ago   Slack has overhauled its desktop software, adding offline access and tweaking the software for faster load times. Recent efforts to improve the desktop app were highlighted at Slack Frontiers last year and the coming update – which the company says will launch 33% faster than before – will be available to users “over the next few weeks.” [ Related: AR and VR bring a new twist to collaboration ] Calls made to team mates via the app should be a speedier too, up to 10 times quicker, Slack said.

89 Days Ago   Facebook today unveiled pricing changes for its Workplace enterprise social network, adding a new tier aimed at larger organizations as well as “add-on” options to encourage deployments to frontline workers.

90 Days Ago   Frontline workers tend to be overlooked when it comes to technology. But the growing awareness that they, too, need access to the latest digital tools is pushing companies to change how they do business.

94 Days Ago   Microsoft’s Teams collaboration app is now used by 13 million individuals on a daily basis, according to data released by the company Thursday, surpassing rival Slack for the first time.

94 Days Ago   Zoom released a patch this week to fix a security flaw in the Mac version of its desktop video chat app that could allow hackers to take control of a user’s webcam.

103 Days Ago   As the likes of Amazon Alexa and Apple’s Siri have gained popularity in our personal lives, the healthcare industry has been at the forefront in adopting voice-driven AI assistants in the workplace.

111 Days Ago   Google is looking to make it easier to build chatbots for Hangouts Chat, thanks to an integration with its Dialogflow conversational AI platform. Google launched Hangouts Chat early last year, a chat-based collaboration tool that replaces the Hangouts app for G Suite customers, of which there are are now more than 5 million, according to Google’s latest stats.

115 Days Ago   Slack’s public listing on the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday marks the latest chapter in the company’s remarkable rise since its launch five years ago.

115 Days Ago   Slack and Microsoft may be battling for dominance in the booming team collaboration market, but most organizations rely on both applications – and some companies use even more.

117 Days Ago   Commercial real estate firm JLL has partnered with Google to create a conversational AI assistant that helps employees locate and book spare desks, set up meetings with colleagues and more.

117 Days Ago   Aircraft manufacturer Airbus has deployed Microsoft’s mixed reality (MR) Hololens devices in a bid to speed production and improve training for new staff. Airbus is also teaming up with Microsoft to sell MR apps to other businesses in the airline industry.

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