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276 Days Ago   One of the things that's unique to the Play Store compared to other mobile app stores is the ability to try out an app without having to download and install it.

340 Days Ago   Corbin reviewed the Nebula Capsule back in April, saying that no other Android-powered powered projector came close to its build quality and software experience for the same price, and that it was "almost certainly the best portable projector you can buy." Anker does manufacture the larger and more powerful Nebule Mars, but the Capsule's bigger brother does have some downsides, like the ancient version Android it uses (KitKat 4.4.4), the lack of Play Store support, and the higher price tag.

340 Days Ago   When Pokémon GO first launched almost two years ago, people downloaded the game in droves. It was arguably the first game whose gameplay relied heavily on interacting with the real world, enabling players to explore new places and capturing Pokémon through an AR lens.

344 Days Ago   eBay is no stranger to running regular sales and discounts, often slashing 10% to 20% off everything sold on its site. Right now, eBay is selling products in the electronics category with a 'buy one, get one 20% off' promotion, and there are a few decent deals to take advantage of.

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