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5 Hours Ago   If you're a Firefox user, now is the time to update your browser. A zero-day vulnerability has been discovered which is being actively exploited in targeted attacks.

Yesterday   There has been much talk about SMS successor RCS (Rich Communication Service) over the last year or so, but there has been little in the way of action.

Yesterday   Security firm BitDefender has teamed up with the FBI, Europol and other agencies and created decryption software that enables ransomware victims to get their data back for free.

Yesterday   A number of Linux and FreeBSD servers and systems are vulnerable to a denial of service vulnerability dubbed SACK Panic, as well as other forms of attack.

2 Days Ago   Microsoft has issued a warning to Azure customers using Linux Exim email servers running Exim version 4.87 to 4.91. The company explains that these versions of Exim are vulnerable to a critical Remote Code Execution (RCE) security flaw and need to be updated to prevent the spread of a worm.

2 Days Ago   Ask Google what the lyrics to a particular song are and the chances are that the search results will display them in an info pane as well as links to lyrics sites.

3 Days Ago   For more than a year, macOS users have been without an official desktop Twitter client -- more on that shortly. But now, thanks to Project Catalyst for macOS 10.15 Catalina, a Twitter app is making its way back to Mac.

4 Days Ago   Not so long ago, the idea of Microsoft releasing an internet browser for Linux would seem to be out of the question. But in recent years, Microsoft's love of Linux has grown exponentially.

5 Days Ago   If you have come to rely on Google Drive to automatically backup the images you have in Google Photos, you may have to find another option very soon.

5 Days Ago   Firefox users are reporting that their saved passwords have been lost, with the problem seemingly caused by antivirus software rather than being an issue with Firefox itself.

5 Days Ago   Security firm Symantec was attacked by a hacker back in February, but the company did not reveal details of the incident. The attack has been brought to light by Guardian Australia which has seen some of the data extracted by hackers.

5 Days Ago   Google is busy working away on Chrome 76, and the beta version of the browser includes a change that will please anyone looking to bypass paywalls and view articles for free.

6 Days Ago   CERN -- the European Organization for Nuclear Research best known for its particle smashing Large Hadron Collider -- has decided to eschew Microsoft in favor of open source software.

7 Days Ago   Security researchers have revealed an exploit that can be used by hackers to steal data from DRAM, even if ECC protection is in place. RAMBleed is a Rowhammer-based attack that can also be used to alter data and increase privilege levels.

7 Days Ago   That Facebook gathers personal information from its users should come as no surprise -- it could be argued that it is the social network's raison d' être.

8 Days Ago   Firefox has revealed its redesigned branding, including a new icon for its web browser, as well an introducing the logo for the new Firefox parent brand, some 18 months in the pipeline.

8 Days Ago   Version 3.0.7 of VLC has been released, and while it may seem like a minor x.x.x update, it includes more security fixes than any other previous release -- including two high security issues.

8 Days Ago   Hackers have stolen the photographs of travellers entering and leaving the US, as well as photos of their license plates, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has said.

9 Days Ago   At E3, Microsoft has revealed details of its next-generation Xbox, dubbed Project Scarlett, which is scheduled for release in late 2020. It's not yet known what the follow-up to the Xbox One will be called, but among the launch titles is Halo Infinite.

12 Days Ago   Microsoft has deleted a database containing around 10 million photographs that was being used to train facial recognition systems. Known as MS-Celeb-1M, the database was created in 2016, and originally contained photos of celebrities.

12 Days Ago   At WWDC this week, Apple not only unveiled the new Mac Pro and an insanely expensive monitor stand, but also confirmed that iTunes is going away -- for Mac users, at least.

12 Days Ago   Google's much-anticipated cloud gaming service, Stadia, is due to launch in November. The company has revealed the launch date, as well as details of pricing and the games you can expect to play -- including Baldur's Gate III.

13 Days Ago   YouTube's on-going battle against hate speech on its platform continues, and the site has just announced new policies that it hopes will help to further curb the problem.

13 Days Ago   It's around three weeks since Microsoft first urged Windows users to patch their systems against the BlueKeep (CVE-2019-0708) vulnerability. Concerned that not enough people were taking notice, the company then issued a further warning stressing the importance of installing a patch.

14 Days Ago   BlueStacks, the company whose software makes it possible to run Android games on Windows and macOS, has great news for gamers. It has announced a new BlueStacks Inside SDK which will make it easy for developers to bring their mobile games to Windows and deliver them through Steam.

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