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4 Days Ago   I've been using these heavy duty shop towels for years. Apart from being blue, they look like standard kitchen paper towels, but are much stronger. They're great for wiping off grease, and are the family favorite for cleaning up cat puke.

4 Days Ago   I got a sneak peek at the first episode of a new Great Big Story series called "Cracking the Code of Cicada 3301." It doesn't answer the question of who is behind the puzzle world of Cicada 3301 or why it was created, but that's because no one knows.

4 Days Ago   In this excellent Mashable article about Yahoo's disastrous $1.1 billion purchase of Tumblr and its subsequent mishandling is this bit: Top Yahoo executives clashed with Tumblr, or just flat out confused employees.

4 Days Ago   A teenage girl lost her phone privileges so she used her 3DS to go online. Her mother found out and confiscated it. The girl resumed tweeting on her Wii U.

5 Days Ago   This 15-minute explainer video might be the only video you'll need to learn as much about switches as you'll ever care to find out. Image: YouTube/Technology Connections [via Dooby Brain] Read the rest

5 Days Ago   Computational biologist Mike Inouye posted this video to Twitter, saying, "This zombie snail. A parasitic worm Leucochloridium has taken over its motor functions and eye stalks, making them into caterpillar mimics so birds will eat them.

5 Days Ago   This Wera slotted 0.5 mm x 3.0 mm x 80 mm screwdriver is on sale for just including shipping. Read the rest

5 Days Ago   Ken Landauer is an artist and woodworker who designs nice-slooking piece of furniture with two constraints. First, a piece or set can only use one standard 4 x 8 foot sheet of plywood, and second, it must use at least 94% of the sheet.

5 Days Ago   Luke Curtis, the IT manager for Quartz, recently bought an iTunes gift card from a "popular discount website" and loaded into into his iTunes account. A few days later he received a message from Apple that read "You cannot login because your account has been locked." He called Apple's customer service and was told that the card he'd used had been stolen but that they understood that Luke was the victim, not the perpetrator, and that his account would be reactivated in 24 hours.

5 Days Ago   Julia Burnham tweeted, "I woke up in a cold sweat last night to create this content. I present: the Email Sign-off Alignment." It's excellent! I woke up in a cold sweat last night to create this content.

6 Days Ago   I've written about Tom Gauld's wry and wistful books and comics a lot on Boing Boing over the years. One of his latest books is this cleverly bound collection of heavy stock postcards called The Snooty Bookshop.

6 Days Ago   Michael Gardi posted instructions for making a replica of the GENIAC ("GENIus Almost-automatic Computer") that was sold in kit form in the 1950s and 1960s for $20.

6 Days Ago   In 2015 my friend, the fabulous artist Mitch O'Connell, created this excellent illustration of Donald Trump as one of the evil aliens from John Carpenter's 1988 science fiction film, They Live.

6 Days Ago   This USB chargeable electric lighter is excellent. I use it to start barbecues and light the burners on our ancient gas range. I've used it multiple times a day since getting it in May and have not had to recharge it yet.

6 Days Ago   Salmon cannons are used to quickly move salmon from one place to another. I don't know if they salmon enjoy it, but it looks like something a lot of people would like to try.

6 Days Ago   One night in September 2018 the food delivery service Deliveroo went haywire. It sent some customers the same food order several times, and other customers got nothing.

6 Days Ago   Joe Navarro is a body language expert and a former FBI agent. In this Wired video, he explains the body language and facial expressions of mobsters like Bugsy Siegel, Mickey Cohen, and John Dillinger.

9 Days Ago   Gideon Irving's fantastic video, "Woke Up Looking" was made without computer graphics in just one take. The video below shows how he did it. Here's another wonderful one-take video of Gideon's.

9 Days Ago   The groundbreaking Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle is celebrating its 21st anniversary by having a show with a bunch of artists who've shown their work there over the years.

9 Days Ago   King of King Court is "a memoir that is both devastating and restrained in detailing Travis Dandro's childhood growing up in Western Massachusetts with an addicted and unstable father and a mother incapable of keeping him at bay," Julia Pohl-Miranda Drawn and Quarterly says.

9 Days Ago   Here's what artist Ryan Heshka says about his show that opens tomorrow (August 10, 2019) at Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles: "The overall theme that weaves all the work together is the celebration of individuality, and celebrating our individual weirdness, quirks, the things that make us who we are.

9 Days Ago   Amazon has the 24-pack of Sylvania LED light bulbs on sale again for . That's cheaper than an incandescent bulb, which you don't need unless you're A) a climate science denier who wants to trigger the libtards or B) the owner of an Easy Bake Oven, which would make these bulbs of little use to you.

9 Days Ago   In the 1930s photographer Dorothea Lange was hired by the U.S. government’s Farm Security Administration (FSA) to take photos of farm workers affected by the Great Depression.

9 Days Ago   Actor-cum-philosopher/historian Jon Voight believes the "black community" and the "angered left" needn't worry about "words of racism," because this "has been solved long ago by our forefathers, for peace and love.

9 Days Ago   My friend, That Farmer Guy, send me the following news about soy sauce: Based on nothing but my empirical observation, the garden variety Kikkoman seems to dominate the international soya sauce market, but this other Kikkoman product (Shiboritate) is the nama-shoyu version (raw, fresh-pressed) and is packaged with an interesting hack that prevents oxidation and tastes different (fresher?

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