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8 Days Ago   I've been using a Wen variable speed rotary tool since early 2017. It works as well as a Dremel tool costing several times as much, and the accessories are interchangeable.

8 Days Ago   I don't know French, but that didn't prevent me from being able to play this web-based game. The goal is to get the ball from one pillar to the next by holding down your finger (or mouse cursor) for the right amount of time.

8 Days Ago   As a kid I set my friend's kitchen on fire melting potassium nitrate and sugar on the stove, so be careful when making these cool colored smoke bombs, which use oil pastels as pigment.

9 Days Ago   Tacklife makes good low-cost power tools. I've bought a lot of different tools from Tacklife and use them all the time. If you use code B797VDYT you can get this Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Cordless Screwdriver with 32-piece screw bits and USB charging cable for about half the already low price.

9 Days Ago   In this very long 2014 essay for London Review of Books , Andrew O'Hagan wrote his experiences as a ghostwriter for Julian Assange. I am sure this is what happens in many of his scrapes: he runs on a high-octane belief in his own rectitude and wisdom, only to find later that other people had their own views – of what is sound journalism or agreeable sex – and the idea that he might be complicit in his own mess baffles him.

9 Days Ago   Ketamine has been used as a horse tranquilizer, infant anesthetic, recreational drug, and most recently, a surprisingly effective treatment for depression (which the US Food and Drug Administration approved last month).

9 Days Ago   The 1960s is the culprit behind the neverending barrage of clerical sex abuse incidents plaguing the Catholic Church, writes retired Pope Benedict XVI. Apparently, the 1960s is a Manson-like monster that brainwashed innocent Catholic clergy to commit unspeakable acts under its command.

9 Days Ago   Portsmouth, Virginia police officer Eric Rodgers' blood alcohol concentration was twice the legal limit when he crashed his car into Mashia Williams, leaving her severely injured.

10 Days Ago   When my father upgraded to the latest Apple Watch, he gave me his old Series 3 model. I wasn't sure if I'd use it, but after a few months, I've decided it is a net plus in my life.

10 Days Ago   It's not clear why this fellow put a chainsaw in his pants. Was he succumbing to an unspeakable urge? Was he providing ill-advised self-treatment for pruritis of the groin?

10 Days Ago   Facebook is notorious for absolving itself of responsibility for bad behavior by offering up an algorithm as a scapegoat (examples here, here, here, here). This time Brian Fishman, Facebook’s policy director for counterterrorism, told Congress at a closed-door briefing that the New Zealand shooter video that Facebook streamed was not gruesome enough for its naughty, misbehaving algorithm to flag so please don't get mad at Facebook.

10 Days Ago   Patrick Henry Grzelak was pulled over by police while driving his car in Surrey, British Columbia in 2018. He was wearing earbuds. The police gave him a ticket for using a cellphone while driving.

10 Days Ago   Sasaki Fumio has been an extreme minimalist for about 5 years. He wrote a book called Goodbye, Things. He owns approximately 150 things, including his soy sauce and vinegar bottle.

11 Days Ago   Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey (42) walks 5 miles to work every day, eats only one meal a day, fasts all weekend, and tries to meditate two hours a day.

12 Days Ago   In this remarkable 7-minute video shot in 2016, Stewart Brand recalls his experiences as a Merry Prankster in the San Francisco 1960s, the back-to-the-land movement, hippies, and the low-dose acid trip he took that made him wonder how humanity would be affected if people saw a photo of the entire earth taken from space.

12 Days Ago   This kit comes with plenty of components to get you started learning how to use the Arduino electronics prototyping platform. It's at one of the lowest prices I've seen.

12 Days Ago   The New York Post reports: "An NYPD cop went on a wild dirt-bike ride in Harlem on Sunday afternoon — and injured himself when he tumbled off the bike and slammed into the road, video of the crash shows.

12 Days Ago   Here's a guy demonstrating how to exploit a loophole in McDonald's menu. He used one of the video kiosks to order 10 burgers, priced at one dollar each.

12 Days Ago   Jails around the country are replacing in-person visits with "video visitations," which means kids, parents, and spouses of inmates won't be able to see each other in real life, only through a small video monitor.

15 Days Ago   The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) is fighting inmate Calvin Weaver's 10-year request for a blanket that doesn't cause "itching, open sores, and sleep deprivation resulting in hypertension and anxiety" according to a lawsuit Weaver has filed against the TDCJ.

15 Days Ago   Comedian Alyssa Limperis did a great job impersonating AOC. Check out her Twitter feed for other funny videos. a clip of @AOC meeting @tanfrance & the @QueerEye boys — Alyssa Limperis (@alyssalimp) April 4, 2019 Read the rest

15 Days Ago   Dave Rupert put together a gallery of voice chat app screenshots, to show how the mute indicators are inconsistent across applications. For example, the mute indicators for the iPhone and Slack are almost opposite from each other.

15 Days Ago   Hornbach, a German home-improvement chain made a TV commercial that shows a Japanese woman buying a bag of dirty clothes worn by white men from a vending machine, then becoming aroused when she sniffs the clothing.

15 Days Ago   Dune is arguably the best-selling science fiction novel of all time. A first edition copy of Frank Herbert's 1965 epic novel of adventure, betrayal, and palace intrigue on the planet Arrakis is worth $10,000.

16 Days Ago   Before Andy Kaufman played Latka Gravis on Taxi, he appeared in character on The Dating Game. Do you think he won the date? Via r/ObscureMedia Read the rest

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