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4 Hours Ago   The Pot Brothers at Law are California attorneys who specialize in defending people arrested on cannabis charges. They have a YouTube channel where they offer short video tips, usually a variation of the cardinal rules of interacting with cops: shut the fuck up, never consent, and don't interfere.

5 Hours Ago   Taco Bell issued a press release announcing that it was recalling 2.3 million pounds of seasoned beef from its restaurants and distribution centers. The recall was prompted when a customer said they found a metal shaving in their food.

6 Hours Ago   I bought this wall-mounted magnetic strip in 2015 to have easy access to tools I need for simple household tasks: opening packages, hanging pictures, assembling furniture, tightening loose nuts, installing door locks, measuring things, simple plumbing repairs, etc.

7 Hours Ago   The US government has enlisted the aid of high tech companies to find and hound people it allegedly overpaid decades ago for food stamps and other assistance benefits.

11 Hours Ago   "Right now, most Americans are in a perpetual police lineup because they got a driver's license," says Clare Garvie, a Washington DC privacy expert. In this New York Times video, Garvie says that driver license photos are scanned and translated into a "face print" that face recognition software can use to compare photos and find matches.

11 Hours Ago   The city of San Antonio agreed to pay a woman $205,000 to settle a lawsuit alleging that a police detective pulled down her shorts in public and conducted a drug search in her vagina in front of other male officers.

Yesterday   I bought this USB rechargeable lighter in May and will never go back to using matches or a butane lighter. I've used it to light many charcoal barbecues, candles, and stove burners and have not had to recharge it yet (the manufacturer says it works 1,000 times before it needs recharging).

Yesterday   Descript's Lyrebird is a premium service that "allows you to replace recorded words and phrases with synthesized speech that's tonally blended with the surrounding audio." The interactive samples on the website are amazing -- I can't tell the difference between the original voices and the synthetic voices.

Yesterday   On November 12, Disney Studios is opening its treasure trove of films and videos as a streaming service for $7 a month. But its marketing team made a crucial mistake by not including The Million Dollar Duck, The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, and The Barefoot Executive in its promo video.

Yesterday   Honest Guide is a YouTube channel for people interested in visiting Prague. It's got tips and cautions that are great to know about in advance of going there.

Yesterday   If you don't live in England, it might be hard to tell the difference between a northern and southern English accent. If you don't live in the United States you might not know how to distinguish between a northern and southern English accent?

3 Days Ago   Naama Issachar is a dual citizen of the United States and Israel. She was taking a connecting flight in Moscow when a drug-sniffing dog discovered she was carrying less than one-third of an ounce of pot (9 grams).

3 Days Ago   Esmée Kramer is student in network and systems engineering. Check out this amazing raptor costume. I hope she skins it! Image: YouTube Read the rest

3 Days Ago   Kevin Kelly and I were the hosts and the guests on the latest episode of the Cool Tools podcast. We shared some of the tools we've been using and liking lately.

4 Days Ago   This morning I posted that Facebook and Twitter have taken the position that they will accept political ads that contain lies because they don't feel it's in their best interest to fact check claims made in the ads.

4 Days Ago   Gum Soft-Picks do a better job than toothpicks or floss for cleaning food and plaque from between my teeth. The rubbery green brush pushes out all the gunk without hurting.

4 Days Ago   Trump has been buying ads with false content that run on Facebook and Twitter, and the two social media platforms both say they will continue to accept paid ads that contain lies.

4 Days Ago   Vox made a clear and succinct video about the damning phone call Trump had with Ukraine's President Zelenskyy in July. Vox also made a video that describes the impeachment process: Read the rest

4 Days Ago   A white Arizona sheriff's deputy is under investigation and has been placed on administrative leave for pulling over a black driver because he had an air freshener hanging from his rearview mirror.

4 Days Ago   I'm old enough to have watched Schoolhouse Rock educational cartoons when they premiered on television. This new video, with a song by Jonathan Coulton is a guide to the impeachment process.

5 Days Ago   Our friends at Futility Closet wrote this post about the Speech-to-Song Illusion: In 1995 UCSD psychologist Diana Deutsch was fine-tuning the spoken commentary on a CD when she noticed something odd.

5 Days Ago   Chanel Miller wrote a book called Know My Name, about her life before and after being sexually assaulted by Brock Turner, the sex criminal who was portrayed by the trial judge as a victim.

5 Days Ago   Last month a Japanese entertainer named Ena Matsuoka was attacked in front of her home in Tokyo. Her alleged attacker, an obsessed fan, was able to figure out where she lived by zooming in on a high resolution photo and identifying a bus stop reflected in her pupils.

5 Days Ago   What's more fun than playing The Legend of Zelda? Not making Perler bead art of the characters and icons in the game, that's for sure. But Perler beading is enjoyable, in a non-creative way (unless you are using it to make art without a pattern, which makes it enjoyable and creative) .

5 Days Ago   Here’s the trailer to The Life Cycle, a new podcast starting next week. Featuring renowned thinkers like Bryan Johnson of Kernel, Neural Signals’ Dr. Philip Kennedy, and many more, it’s an offbeat series about tech, transhumanism, future politics, brain uploads, and life as we do not yet know it.

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