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8 Hours Ago   People living in Puerto Rico are not viewing online porn as much as they were before the island was devastated by Hurricane Maria last year. From an xHamster press release: A year after Hurricane Maria made landfall, the island of Puerto Rico still lags far behind in power and internet access, according to data from xHamster.

9 Hours Ago   I've had an Amazon Fire 7 Tablet for over a year and I use it all the time to watch streaming videos, read Kindle books, listen to podcasts and audiobooks, do email, and browse the Web.

9 Hours Ago   It beggars belief that this packaging wasn't designed to trick people into thinking there are three pens in the box instead of just one. (more…)

9 Hours Ago   Cristina Miranda King was a schoolmate of Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who says Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh locked her in a room and tried to rip her clothes off at a high school party.

10 Hours Ago   Bitcoin’s core developers discovered a vulnerability in its software that would have allowed a miner to insert a “poisoned block” in its blockchain, which would have crashed the nodes running the Bitcoin software around the world, reports Vice’s Motherboard.

11 Hours Ago   Zipstitch is a patch that closes wounds without stitches. It's available over the counter, but I suggest if you get a cut big enough to require this nifty gadget, you should probably go to the doctor as soon as you can.

12 Hours Ago   The Journal of Behavioral Addictions found that when people can't play Fortnite they will masturbate. In April 2018, the servers of the popular video game “Fortnite” crashed for 24 hr. During this period, Pornhub (a popular pornographic website) analyzed trends in pornography access, finding that: (a) the percentage of gamers accessing Pornhub increased by 10% and (b) the searches of pornographic videos using the key term “Fortnite” increased by 60%.

13 Hours Ago   Artist Benjamin Grosser created a browser plugin called Safebook, which removes the content from Facebook. Useful! Given the harms that Facebook has wrought on mental health, privacy, and democracy, what would it take to make Facebook “safe?” Is it possible to defuse Facebook’s amplification of anxiety, division, and disinformation while still allowing users to post a status, leave a comment, or confirm a friend?

13 Hours Ago   From Wired: "Dialect coach Erik Singer once again analyzes the accents of some of Hollywood's biggest names. How accurate were their accents, really?" He looks at Margot Robbie's Pacific Northwest accent in I, Tonya ("fantastic"), Giancarlo Esposito's Chilean/Mexican accent in Better Call Saul ("entirely appropriate"), Jennifer Lawrence's Russian accent in Red Sparrow ("doesn't fully cohere"), and 25 other actors' attempts at accents.

13 Hours Ago   Future Punk says: "I created retro-style animated intros for today's modern Internet companies inspired by the great work of Sullivan & Marks, Robert Abel and Associates, Computer Image Corporation and various other early CG/Scanimate companies." Here are demo reels of the production companies mentioned above by Future Punk: Computer Image Corporation (1975): Sullivan & Marks (1978): Robert Abel and Associates (1984):

14 Hours Ago   (Funny, as soon as I started typing these words I got a phone call from a telemarketer.) According to a new study, half of the 50 billion mobile phone calls that will be made in 2019 will come from scammers.

Yesterday   Dallas police officer Amber Guyger, who shot and killed Botham Shem Jean when she entered his apartment, using the excuse that she thought it was her apartment, is getting all the privileges that cops give fellow cops accused of committing crimes.

Yesterday   The gadgets of the past had gears, levers, clicky buttons, motors, and other noise-making components. Most of today's electronics have very few moving parts. The sounds they make are edited-in aural skeuomorphs.

Yesterday   I'm a big fan of BioLite products, because they're well-designed and the company develops low-cost lighting and cooking tools for low-income markets in regions that don't have access to clean affordable household energy.

2 Days Ago I've watched this video twice because it is fascinating, both for the subject and for the aesthetics. This young man is being interviewed about why he was admitted to a mental hospital.

2 Days Ago   A very good dog directs its human companion to give treats to its friends.

2 Days Ago   Canada has legalized pot for recreational use. But the United States still considers it a deadly drug, on par with heroin. If a Canadian pot smoker entering the US through Washington state (where pot is legal under state laws) tells a US Border agent that they have smoked pot even once in their life, they will be turned away.

2 Days Ago   Fill a plastic soda bottle with ground meat, attach a plastic plumbing elbow, and start squeezing your way to kebab heaven. this life hack rules— an actual dog🌹 (@devtesla) September 16, 2018

2 Days Ago "I never considered that the wild turkey was a playful bird, but in fact they are playful," says Joe Hutto, who raised 16 wild turkeys from egghood to adulthood.

4 Days Ago   WTF is wrong with this idiot? Welcome to NJ TRANSIT!!!— Pete Bentivegna (@pbenti007) September 13, 2018

5 Days Ago   When Magic Erasers were introduced years ago, they cost a couple of dollars each, which was unfortunate because they don't last long. But they were worth it because they do a great job of removing scuffs and marks from walls, stovetops, tile grout, car bodies, vinyl upholstery, label residue from glass jars, and lots more.

5 Days Ago   Photographer Michelle Gerard created a fantastic series of photographs that recreate the favorite meals of famous artists and writers as if they were in their actual workspace.

5 Days Ago   Right now I'm listening to a mix of coffee shop chatter and tweeting birds. I'm using a website called A Soft Murmur, which lets you create an ambient mix of rain, thunder, waves, wind, fire, birds, crickets, coffee shop, singing bowl, and white noise.

5 Days Ago   Over 41 years ago The Sex Pistols held a boat concert on the Thames in London to publicize their second single, "God Save the Queen." They got a few numbers in before the bobbies spoiled the fun.

5 Days Ago   Nathan Matthias, 35, may have been inebriated when he fired a shotgun inside his apartment to defend himself against imaginary clowns who had illegally entered his residence.

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