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16 Hours Ago   I have three or four of these Lighted Hand Held Magnifiers. And at just $2.16 including shipping on Amazon, why not. It works with 3 x AAA batteries (not included) to power the two bright white LEDs, and even comes with a fake leather case with a snap button.

21 Hours Ago   I met science illustrator Paul Mirocha through a personal Discord server I set up and when Paul started posting his illustrations in the "Show your creations" channel, I was blown away.

21 Hours Ago   This is a fun video introduction to feeding yourself in Japan, even if you don't know Japanese. Really, it's pretty easy to get food in Japan if you're a foreigner, but this video shows you different options, from konbini (convenience stores, which are much better than the ones in the US), to chain restaurants (again, usually tastier than US chains), to shopping mall food courts (beautiful and mind bending), and actual non-chain eateries.

Yesterday   RT @BoingBoing: The world is depressing, so we’re relaunching our @BoingBoing email zine. Wonderful, fun, & weird stuff in your inbox, a fe…

Yesterday   Use code QAXI6QOK at check out and get this power outlet tester for $5 on Amazon. It'll indicate if an outlet is wired correctly and, if not, what the problem is.

Yesterday   When Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited Washington DC last year, he brought along his gang of goons who beat protesters so brutally that nine were hospitalized.

Yesterday   Writing for Bloomberg Businessweek, Paul Ford says Facebook's "not-a-breach" of personal information on 50 millions of its users is just the latest example of why it's time for a digital protection agency.

Yesterday   Last night I learned that one of my favorite things about Los Angeles -- Meltdown Comics on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood -- is closing its doors after 25 years.

Yesterday   Tinkercad is a web-based 3D design application. It's free and easy to use. I've been using it for years to design models for 3D printing. What I didn't know until recently is that Tinkercad also has a circuit design and simulation app, including an Arduino simulator.

2 Days Ago   The Illinois Republican Party was unable to draft a candidate against Holocaust denier Arthur Jones, and now he's won the Republican primary in Illinois' Third Congressional District.

2 Days Ago   I like my lightbulbs to be very warm. Early LED bulbs had a harsh whitish blue color that made every room look like a 7-Eleven at 3am.

2 Days Ago   ABC News reports that sources have told it that the special counsel investigating Russia-Trump collusion in the 2016 election has turned its attention to Trump campaign ties to Cambridge Analytica.

2 Days Ago   Actor Lindsay Lohan has a new job! She's a spokesperson for It's a truly brilliant move on both their parts. Here's the details from's "About Lindsay" page: Lindsay Lohan is's exclusive spokesperson during the 12 month engagement and will also act as our marketing and brand advisor.

2 Days Ago   Two Sacramento police officers were placed on administrative leave after shooting an unarmed black man to death in his backyard on March 18, 2018. The officers were responding to a call about car windows being broken nearby.

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