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11 Hours Ago   So, pretty much everyone realizes at this point that Prime Day 2018 isn't really a day. Of course, "Prime Day 2018" has a much better ring to it than "Prime 36 Hours 2018," so we can't blame Amazon for sticking with its original name.

12 Hours Ago   We obviously know it's Prime Day right now, but this is one of those sales that's so crazy it seems like it must be a mistake.

13 Hours Ago   Most people immediately think of electronics and gadgets when they think of Prime Day, but we all know Amazon offers killer deals across all categories. One of the rooms in your home that can benefit the most from Prime Day sales is your kitchen, and we're going to show you five deals from Prime Day 2018 day 1 that you're going to absolutely love.

13 Hours Ago   When it comes to multi-use cookers, there's the Instant Pot DUO60 6 Qt 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker and then there's everything else. We all know this, of course, but not everyone wants to spend $100 on a kitchen gadget.

13 Hours Ago   Everyone knows that Philips Hue makes the best smart lighting products on the planet, but the problem is they can be soooooo expensive. That's the beauty of Prime Day, though!

14 Hours Ago   Drum roll please! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Prime Day 2018 has officially begun! Some call it Black Friday in July, and others call it Amazon Day.

15 Hours Ago   Having a kitchen without a KitchenAid Stand Mixer is basically like having a kitchen without an oven. You can technically pull it off if you need to, but your life would be so much better if you had one.

15 Hours Ago   Today marks the start of Prime Day 2018, which can only mean one thing: you're about to buy a whole bunch of awesome new gadgets. Of course, several of them are likely to have expandable storage, especially if you take advantage of Amazon's insanely low pricing on hot items like the Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle, and Fire HD 8 Tablet.

16 Hours Ago   If you're looking for a robot vacuum cleaner that offers high-end features and performance at a low-end price, the ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a fantastic option on a normal day.

16 Hours Ago   Having wireless charging on your new iPhone or Android phone is fantastic. Not having manufacturers include wireless chargers with their phones is far less fantastic. Don’t worry though, because we’ve got you covered.

17 Hours Ago   You don't need to drive a $100,000 luxury car to enjoy the same headlight technology that gives luxury car drivers much better visibility than the rest of us.

17 Hours Ago   Amazon's big Prime Day 2018 sales event starts this afternoon... at least officially. In reality, Prime Day kicked off early this morning with a ton of killer deals that hit the site before we all woke up on Monday.

18 Hours Ago   Look, Prime Day 2018 hasn't even officially started yet so it's obviously impossible to say which deals will end up being the best bargains of Amazon's big event.

19 Hours Ago   There are a handful of device that our readers absolutely love, so we try to cover them each and every time they go on sale. Up near the very top of the list is the Depstech WiFi Borescope Inspection Camera.

19 Hours Ago   It probably won't surprise anyone out there to find out that Amazon started Prime Day 2018 ahead of schedule. The huge 36-hour Amazon sales event apparently can't be contained in just 36 hours, so Amazon has decided to make it a 48 hour affair.

20 Hours Ago   Amazon’s massive Prime Day 2018 sale doesn’t officially begin until 3:00 PM ET / 12:00 PM PT on Monday, but we all had a pretty good feeling that killer deals would start hitting the site long before that.

20 Hours Ago   Prime Day 2018 doesn't officially begin until 3:00 PM Eastern time today, but Amazon just surprised us all by kicking things off early. While the bulk of Amazon's big Prime Day deals won't be available until this afternoon, Prime Day sales on seven different Echo devices just hit Amazon's site.

21 Hours Ago   At this point you've been reading for years that graphene is a miracle material that is going to revolutionize every industry from batteries and cars to building materials.

Yesterday   Want to improve your quality of life in an instant? Get better bed pillows. Trust us. With a pillow like the Beckham Hotel Collection Luxury Plush Gel Pillow, you’ll get deeper sleep and wake up well rested.

Yesterday   This is it, bargain hunters — we're in the home stretch! Prime Day 2018 officially begins tomorrow at noon Pacific, and tens of thousands of deals will be available for Prime subscribers right from the get-go.

2 Days Ago   Rarely do you come across products that bridge the gap between iOS and Android. After all, Apple uses proprietary software and Google uses all sorts of open source standards.

2 Days Ago   UPDATE: Saturday's deals are all done now, but you can check out Amazon's Prime Deals of the Day for Sunday right here. EARLIER: This has been a heck of a week for deals leading up to Amazon's big Prime Day 2018 blitz, which takes place from 3PM ET on Monday, July 16, straight through the end of the day on Tuesday, July 17.

3 Days Ago   If you’re looking for the cheapest possible solution to add streaming support and some smarts to a TV in a guest bedroom or any other spare room, we’ve got just the thing.

3 Days Ago   Philips Hue lighting products are terrific, but they’re also very expensive. If you don’t already have Hue bulbs around your house but you’re looking at different connected lighting solutions, there are definitely plenty of options out there that are just as good but cost much less cash.

3 Days Ago   If you’re in the market for an affordable TV with great picture quality and fantastic smart features, there’s probably only one TV you should even bother considering right now.

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