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2 Days Ago   Google One subscribers can enjoy an extra Android backup panel coming to their cloud storage's management app starting this week. On top of built-in Android backup, handling texts, contacts, and app data, they will also be able to automatically upload multimedia messages (MMS) and original-quality photos and videos — though the latter has been available long before the "Google One" branding saw the light of day.

2 Days Ago   Update 1: 2019/09/14 2:06am PDT Level indicator Not a single day has passed this week without a Pixel 4 leak, and today is no different. This time we don't have more information on the phone itself for you.

2 Days Ago   While ARCore's user-facing Android app has been renamed to Play Services for AR, the underlying SDK still carries its old name and is alive and well – unlike Google's VR efforts.

2 Days Ago   Google offers a system-wide, easily accessible dark theme in Android 10 and more and more apps are receiving updates to support it. However, there is no native schedule option to switch between light and dark mode automatically.

3 Days Ago   If you're using Google Maps to find hired professionals, you might notice that they have fewer ratings than the restaurants or businesses you usually visit. This makes sense – handymen come to you, and you might not even know or care where exactly their business is based.

3 Days Ago   YouTube TV is yet another service that helps you cut cords without forgoing live programming altogether. With the latest update to the app on platforms like Android TV, Apple TV, and Roku, Google makes it feel even more like regular TV by autoplaying recommended content when you open it, along with giving it a revamped, neater guide.

3 Days Ago   Update 1: 2019/09/12 7:31am PDT We've got some additional Nvidia Shield screenshots for you, showing off the interface on Android TV. Disney+ is launching on November 12 in the US, but in a surprise move, the company is allowing residents of The Netherlands to sign up for a limited pilot phase starting today.

4 Days Ago   ASUS announced the ROG Phone II earlier this year, and it is truly a beast of a smartphone, featuring up to 1TB of storage, a Snapdragon 855 Plus, 12GB of RAM, and a 120Hz display.

4 Days Ago   Pixel 4 leaks just won't stop. Over the last couple of days, we've seen a multitude of photos and videos showing the phone in the wild, giving us a good idea of what it looks like and which hardware is built in. Another leak courtesy of YouTuber Brandon Lee offers us a glimpse at some hands-free gestures coming to the Pixel 4 thanks to radar-based Soli technology.

4 Days Ago   Update 1: 2019/08/09 12:44am PDT A recent update to Chrome Canary has indeed introduced the two flags mentioned above. The description confirms that clipboard sharing is intended to work across all major computing platforms but Update 2: 2019/09/11 1:39am PDT The latest update to Chrome Canary introduces functional clipboard sharing across multiple computers and phones.

5 Days Ago   As we edge ever closer to the official announcement of the Pixel 4, more and more leaks are emerging to show us what the phone will look like, including an unexpected but beautiful 'Coral' version.

5 Days Ago   Motorola has only unveiled the Moto One Zoom last week during IFA 2019 in Berlin. We were pretty impressed when we first held it in our hands – unlike many other mid-range phones from the company, this one offers quite some high-end features for $450.

5 Days Ago   Update 1: 2019/09/10 5:14am PDT While the feature first surfaced in March, it's showing up in stable Chrome 76 for more and more people without requiring a flag.

5 Days Ago   The OnePlus 7 Pro is one of a few Android phones to support a display refresh rate of 90Hz. While this makes for a buttery smooth scrolling experience, using the 90Hz mode also drains the battery much faster than the regular 60Hz rate that most phones have.

5 Days Ago   Update 1: 2019/08/15 5:48am PDT XDA Developers obtained a timeline from My Drivers detailing when which devices will receive EMUI 10.0. The Mate 20, 20 Pro, 20 X, and 20 RS Porsche Design Update 2: 2019/09/10 12:16am PDT Huawei shared a more detailed timeline during IFA 2019 in Berlin.

6 Days Ago   Vivaldi has a reputation for being an extremely customizable Chromium-based browser, all while working very fast. It was created by the same developers that brought us Opera, and shares many of those same genes.

6 Days Ago   During IFA 2019 in Berlin, Huawei didn't only launch brand new products and devices such as the Kirin 990 5G chipset; it also introduced a new take on its successful zoom camera phone, the P30 Pro.

6 Days Ago   IFA is all about consumer electronics, so of course, the trade show also features the release of new Wear OS hardware. In particular, Fossil sub-brands Puma, Michael Kors, Armani, and Diesel will be offering new wearables in the coming weeks.

8 Days Ago   Motorola doesn't cater to the high-end market as much as it used to. Today it focuses on affordable smartphones instead, providing a huge range of wallet-friendly options.

9 Days Ago   Update 1: 2019/09/06 12:20pm PDT As we pick though the last of this year's big IFA announcements, Google's busy updating its list of AR-supporting hardware, adding some of Samsung's latest: Galaxy Tab S6 Galaxy A50s Galaxy A90 5G Google is always hard at work on adding ARCore support to new devices.

9 Days Ago   Outside of the TV market, TCL isn't a very well-recognized company. Many find themselves surprised to learn that it develops and produces a significant number of smartphones under names like Blackberry, Alcatel, and Thomson.

10 Days Ago   Google Assistant has had Ambient Mode for quite some time now. The current implementation of it only works on devices like smart displays or alarm clocks.

11 Days Ago   Update 1: 2019/09/04 8:35am PDT A settlement has been reached, according to which Google and YouTube will pay $170 million to make these allegations go away.

11 Days Ago   ASUS only recently announced the ROG Phone II, but now as we get started with IFA 2019 the manufacturer is already delivering a fresh variant of its gaming handset, revealing the new Ultimate Edition.

12 Days Ago   There's one area where Apple has always led the way when it comes to the never-ending conflict between its and Google's mobile operating systems: accessibility. While the Cupertino company already has been supporting direct Bluetooth streaming to hearing devices from many different manufacturers for a long time, Google is only now introducing a similar feature with Android 10.

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