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9 Days Ago   Apple wants to kill Tile, the popular tracker that attaches to items in order to track their physical location over Bluetooth or via crowdsourcing.With

9 Days Ago   Adidas is launching a pair of sports headphones in collaboration with Zound.Specifically, they're releasing a new wireless headphone range, called Adidas

10 Days Ago   Apple is days away from announcing this year's new iPhone series, but a new report currently has us thinking about next year's iPhone.According to Bloomberg,

10 Days Ago   Apple has launched a dedicated website for Apple Music. It is available now to all Apple Music users, though it's still in beta. The site looks similar

10 Days Ago   Facebook has officially launched a free dating service. It's called Facebook Dating, and it's now live in the US. Here's how it works. What is Facebook's

10 Days Ago   Samsung is moving ahead with its Galaxy Fold launch, despite a lengthy delay. But it's still canceling pre-orders for US customers who had purchased the

11 Days Ago   Anker has partnered with Amazon to launch a new Fire TV soundbar, but with Anker’s Nebula branding.That means this device is called “The Nebula Soundbar

11 Days Ago   There is, finally, a second item available made with Google's Project Jacquard technology. But it isn't exactly cheap.The company’s touch-sensitive fabric

11 Days Ago   Apple might introduce a new Apple TV alongside its new iPhone series next week. Why did Apple just release the iOS 13.1 beta before iOS 13? Reporter

11 Days Ago   Amazon is reportedly testing a type of scanner that can identify human hands as a way to charge a person in-store.The company hopes to roll out this so-called

11 Days Ago   If you're sick of iPhones costing $1,000 or more, then you'll be glad to know Apple might launch a low-cost iPhone for potential buyers like yourself.Apple is

11 Days Ago   Acer is announcing four new Chromebook laptops: Chromebook 311, Chromebook Spin 311, Chromebook 314, and Chromebook 315.The new 315 and 314 feature anti-glare

12 Days Ago   Sony might soon debut a new Xperia Compact smartphone. If so, it'll be over a year and a half since the last one released. Sony Xperia 2 images and details

12 Days Ago   Google has updated Android to Android 10 and is now rolling out the update. Perhaps the biggest change it brings is an all-new naming convention.Major

12 Days Ago   Google just pulled the trigger on Android 10. This is a major software update for Android devices. Every year, Google revamps its mobile operating system

12 Days Ago   Android can get confusing. There were there "sweet treat" names - KitKat, Oreo, Pie, etc - but there were also version numbers. The latest version is

13 Days Ago   Apple's Siri Shortcuts are designed to speed up actions you take in apps and let you add those actions to Siri. There's also a dedicated Shortcuts app,

16 Days Ago   There are huge numbers of tech-related tips and tricks out there that can totally simplify your daily routine and make your life much easier in general.For

17 Days Ago   Who doesn't love a long weekend - especially when huge sales are happening at nearly every retailer?In the US, Monday, 2 September, is known as Labor Day.

17 Days Ago   A new Pokemon game has arrived for iPhone and Android phones.Made by the same team behind the popular smartphone versions of Super Mario, Animal Crossing,

17 Days Ago   Apple has just invited the press, including Pocket-lint, to an event at Apple Park in September.The company usually announces a new iPhone range on the

17 Days Ago   Garmin has updated its high-end GPS sportswatch line, announcing three new Fenix 6 devices in the US and UK.The Fenix line of sportswatches is for those

18 Days Ago   Spotify is apparently exploring new ways to grow its podcasts platform, evident by a button it is testing that allows users to create podcasts.This new

18 Days Ago   Huawei's current situation is confusing, to say the least. And its troubles don't look to be lessening any time soon.Its next flagship smartphone, the

18 Days Ago   Interested in getting a new phone, but want to score a great deal?You're in luck. We've rounded up the best deals happening this month for the latest and

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