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3 Hours Ago   Garmin has updated a five-year-old wearable known as the Garmin Swim. The new version, called Garmin Swim 2, naturally, aims to offer heart rate tracking

3 Hours Ago   Amazon is constantly coming up with new - sometimes odd, sometimes innovative - ways to get you to buy stuff on its site.Remember the Echo Look?

3 Hours Ago   Sony's new 360 Reality Audio technology will launch this autumn with a starter pack of songs and support for at least one Echo device.Considered a new

4 Hours Ago   The Harry Potter Wizarding World app, which launched in August, has a new subscription service offering.The new service, called Wizarding World Gold, is

9 Hours Ago   Google's annual 'Made by Google' hardware event is done and dusted.The entire show was live-streamed on YouTube so that you could watch the action unfold

10 Hours Ago   Google offers its Home family of devices as part of its connected home offering. The devices are an alternative to Amazon's Echo range of devices and

16 Hours Ago   There's been an explosion in smart home devices over the past few years. What was once referred to as "home automation" and still referred to as "Internet

Yesterday   Picking out a new iPhone wallpaper can be challenging. It has to be crisp, beautiful, breath-taking, inspiring, bold, rich, and preferably all of the

Yesterday   Apple is ready take on the Netflix and Amazon Primes of this world with its own streaming service: Apple TV+.For years, the Cupertino giant has been tinkering

4 Days Ago   Amazon recently announced a multilingual mode for its Alexa devices in the US, Canada, and India. Now, that feature is rolling out.Thanks to the new multilingual

4 Days Ago   It looks like Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency will be dead on arrival.Visa, Mastercard, eBay, Stripe, and Mercado Pago have all announced they plan to

4 Days Ago   Facebook has been around for a while, but chances are, you have no idea about the several hidden features buried within the social network.It's easy to

4 Days Ago   Did you know you can use Amazon's Alexa to call and message others?Amazon's Alexa calling and messaging feature enables you to make and receive calls,

4 Days Ago   Microsoft offers six different devices within its Surface portfolio: the Surface Pro, Surface Pro X,  Surface Laptop, Surface Book, Surface Studio, and

5 Days Ago   It's always funny when companies with millions or billions in revenue take to crowdfunding to launch their next product.The latest example is Canon, which

5 Days Ago   Amazon has launched a new app for the Apple TV, bringing its music-streaming service to Cupertino's set-top box.Amazon Music, which runs separate to Prime

5 Days Ago   If you've been wanting to try Tidal for years, now would finally be a good time to check it out. But first, determine whether you're a hero, because if

5 Days Ago   OnePlus recently launched its new TV and the OnePlus 7T, and now it's introducing the OnePlus 7T Pro alongside a McLaren Edition. OnePlus officially announces

5 Days Ago   Google introduced Google Wifi way back in 2016, and was arguably the company that brought more attention to the whole mesh network market. This wasn't

5 Days Ago   Google is making good on its promise to offer us new Google Assistant celebrity voices, also known as "cameo voices".Last year, while at the Google I/O

5 Days Ago   First, there was Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay. Then, there was Fitbit Pay. Now, we have Garmin Pay. All these mobile payment systems work with

6 Days Ago   Email. Ugh.Just seeing that word can bring a wave of stress upon us like nothing else.It wastes time, clutters both professional and personal lives, and

6 Days Ago   Google has likely made a 5G version of the Pixel 4, and it could debut next week, according to a new report.Nikkei has claimed that standard LTE versions

6 Days Ago   Facebook recently announced more than a billion people are using Messenger every month, so Pocket-lint is rounding up some of the most interesting things

6 Days Ago   Most people love a great vehicle.We collect vehicles. We put vehicles in shows. We even make alternative vehicles and various transportation devices because

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