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2 Days Ago   Nintendo recently updated the original Nintendo Switch with improvements like a better battery, which adds an extra two hours of use.But the new model

3 Days Ago   Project Athena is Intel's new specification for thin-and-light laptops and - thanks to the label shown above - should provide a guarantee of great mobile

3 Days Ago   Last year we had a brand new entry-level iPad as well as a new entry-level Microsoft Surface, too. So how does the iPad 9.7 compare to the entry-level

3 Days Ago   Sony is launching new colour variations for its controllers for the PlayStation 4 console. These will be available to buy from this autumn.To be clear,

3 Days Ago   Apple may have mistakenly revealed the unveiling date and the release date for its next iPhone, aka the iPhone 11.The company released iOS 13 beta 7 to

3 Days Ago   Xiaomi is working on a foldable device, as evident by a new patent application that's popped up in the European Union Intellectual Property Office.It shows

3 Days Ago   VR was all the rage a few years ago, and while the fuss around it has died down, some companies are still testing out enterprise uses cases.The latest

3 Days Ago   Virtual reality and augmented reality. VR and AR.Oye. What does it all mean?There is absolutely no denying that virtual reality and augmented reality have

4 Days Ago   Fossil Group's Misfit has launched a WearOS smartwatch that available in five colours with interchangeable straps and a customisable watch face.Called

4 Days Ago   Motorola is preparing to launch yet another smartphone. Two, in fact.Reporter Roland Quandt, who has a decent record with phone leaks, has shared information

4 Days Ago   OnePlus recently launched its first 5G device this year, but Pete Lau, OnePlus’ CEO, said the company's already planning a second 5G handset.He told

4 Days Ago   Ever get a call from a random number, answer it, and then hear an automated message on the other end offering you a new car?This is a robocall, and it's

5 Days Ago   Similar to Microsoft, Facebook has been caught hiring third-party contractors to listen in on audio clips of its users.According to Bloomberg, Facebook

5 Days Ago   College students in the US can't survive without their student ID cards.They need them to access their dorms, classrooms, and buildings like the library

5 Days Ago   Nintendo recently updated the original Switch, and it isn't making it easy to figure out whether you're buying the old model or the new one.The new one,

5 Days Ago   Nintendo appears to be prepping new (or should we say old?) controllers for the Nintendo Switch console.According to a FCC filing, which was first spotted

6 Days Ago   Google Home has matured a lot since it first launch and continues to, so if you don't mind waiting for it to reach its full potential, then it's the

6 Days Ago   It seems like everything comes with a subscription service option. The latest example? Nike trainers.Whether it's for video streaming, mobile apps, or

6 Days Ago   In 2017, Verizon acquired Tumblr. Now, it's selling the property.Verizon has agreed to sell Tumblr to WordPress' owner, Automattic Inc, for an undisclosed

6 Days Ago   LG still makes phones, believe it or not, and it has a new one ready to be rolled out in the next month or so, as evident by a fresh leak.The company's

6 Days Ago   Remember GLAS? It's a not-so-new-anymore smart thermostat from Johnson Controls that's finally giving up on Cortana.Microsoft actually partnered with Johnson

9 Days Ago   This smart clock doesn't have any speakers, cameras, or microphones. Because it's so pared down, it's probably the 'dumbest' smart home gadget we own.

10 Days Ago   Sonos is holding an event later this month, likely to debut new hardware.The audio and speaker company has invited the media to a press briefing to be

10 Days Ago   Xiaomi's next phone could pack the most intense camera sensor we've ever seen on a smartphone.Let's be honest: Phone updates have become boring in recent

10 Days Ago   Microsoft contractors have been reviewing voice recordings from Skype’s auto-translation feature and the Cortana voice assistant.Audio files shared with

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