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10 Days Ago   It’s almost certainly not aliens, but once again, Tabby’s Star is acting hella weird. The star that first became our planetary obsession back in the fall of 2015—when astronomer Jason Wright suggested its weird flickering behavior might be the result of an alien megastructure—is, once again, flickering.

10 Days Ago   The Arctic is the fastest-warming place on our overheated planet, but so far, its polar opposite has managed to stay pretty cool. Why is Antarctica warming so slowly compared with the Arctic?

11 Days Ago   Ever since astronomers announced the discovery of an Earth-sized exoplanet less than five light years down the cosmic street, the question on every good space cadet’s mind has been whether or not we can colonize it.

12 Days Ago   In the 1993 cult classic Jurassic Park, a T. rex manages to scare the living shit out of kid heroes Lex and Tim Murphy by casually ripping apart their Ford Explorer like it’s a scrap of meat.

14 Days Ago   An arresting image of a “mummified” dinosaur went viral this weekend after National Geographic broke the story of the 110-million-year-old armored plant-eater, a newfound species of nodosaur whose exquisite remains are now on display in the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Alberta, Canada.

17 Days Ago   Remember the halcyon days of 2016, when we were bidding adieu to El Niño and recovering from the death of Harambe? Well, the beloved gorilla may have departed this world for good, but El Niño will return.

19 Days Ago   When astronomers announced the discovery of seven Earth-sized planets orbiting the ultracool dwarf star TRAPPIST-1, Earthlings immediately celebrated the possibility that one of those planetary neighbors could host life.

20 Days Ago   Dragon skin ice sounds like something you’d encounter beyond The Wall in the Game of Thrones fantasy realm. But good news nerds, you can find this magical-sounding stuff right here on Earth—though you’ve gotta be lucky, and willing to travel to some of the most hostile environments on the planet.

24 Days Ago   It feels like we’re constantly searching for a friend out there in the cosmos, only to be repeatedly disappointed. But what if, in our quest to discover life beyond Earth, we’ve overlooking a more important question?

27 Days Ago   Bret Stephens unleashed a Category 6 hurricane on Twitter last week, when he penned a column for the New York Times espousing opinions on climate change that can best be described as...

31 Days Ago   It’s a scenario many women in the room are all too familiar with: You’re sitting in the park, enjoying some R&R, when you spy a leery Y-chromosome carrier lumbering your direction, clearly looking to test the pickup line he found on Imgur last night.

32 Days Ago   We’re not doing such a great job solving the whole climate change problem, which is why some experts think it’s time to study more radical tactics.

33 Days Ago   The ocean is dark and full of terrors—including hungry orcas, and horny men looking to bang your mom, if you’re a baby humpback whale. And so, you keep your voice to a whisper to avoid these predatory eavesdroppers.

35 Days Ago   If you’re skeptical about human-caused climate change or the safety of vaccines, would being berated in front of a live studio audience by a bombastic old man make you change your mind?

38 Days Ago   WASHINGTON, D.C.—The first time Philip Stoddard, a professor of biology at Florida International University, ran for mayor of South Miami, he admits had no idea what he was doing.

40 Days Ago   In 1908, Ernest Shackleton’s legendary Nimrod team was making its way toward the South Pole when the men were startled by something unexpected: The sound of liquid water, roaring across the frozen wasteland toward the sea.

45 Days Ago   In the past 137 years, there’s only been one March hotter than March 2017, and it was March 2016. That’s according to the latest iteration of NASA’s global temperature dataset, released today, which points to the dreadfully predictable conclusion that our round Earth is still getting hotter.

48 Days Ago   The Heartland Institute, America’s leading peddler of climate change denialism, is back with a new installment in its ongoing misinformation campaign. According to InsideClimate, the Koch brothers-backed think tank recently mailed a second edition of its report on the “unsettled” science of global warming to thousands… Read more...

52 Days Ago   It’s one of the biggest mysteries in this global experiment we’re conducting by pouring 10 billion tons of carbon into the atmosphere each year: What’ll happen to the plants?

59 Days Ago   Recently, Gizmodo space writer Rae Paoletta called Saturn “the golden retriever of the solar system,” and I’m not here to dispute that characterization. But it was a lot easier to think of Saturn as a golden retriever when the planet’s defining hue was, y’know, gold.

61 Days Ago   Venus, arguably the most Earth-like world we know of, is an enigma. Despite decades of studying Venus from afar, and sending off probes to melt into metallic puddles on its surface, we still don’t understand why our nearest neighbor is a toxic hellscape.

67 Days Ago   The planet is warming and Arctic ice is melting. These facts are hardly news. But it’s not just habitat for polar bears that’s being lost—a piece of Earth’s history is disappearing, too.

69 Days Ago   Humans are rightly terrified by the threat of nuclear war, but there’s also a non-zero chance that a giant rock will come hurling through our atmosphere to ruin every Earthling’s day.

81 Days Ago   It’s a rainy day, so you stick out your tongue to catch a sip of nature’s hydration. As the misty air hits your taste buds, millions of tiny soil bacteria suddenly cry out in terror, and are suddenly silenced.

87 Days Ago   Just about every month, it seems, we get a report on the dismal state of Arctic sea ice. By contrast, the shiny white stuff surrounding the Antarctic continent has been remarkably stable in a warming world.

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