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9 Days Ago   Pluto’s moon Charon is the best sidekick a dwarf planet could hope for: unwavering in its loyalty, content to be a minor character in somebody else’s narrative.

13 Days Ago   There’s no doubt that if we’re going to stop or even slow down climate change, we have to get our collective shit together. But collective action starts with individual choices, and for all the data-driven decision makers out there, the path forward just got a bit more lucid.

15 Days Ago   The Greenland ice sheet is vast, majestic, pristine....and peppered with bacteria that seem equipped to survive in industrial waste, according to a new study. Which really makes you question the whole the pristine bit, now, doesn’t it?

23 Days Ago   The disappearance of Arctic sea ice is a well-documented trend with a well-established cause. But this past summer, Earth scientists were startled to see Antarctic sea ice take a nosedive, too.

28 Days Ago   In news that is sure to vindicate chemtrail truthers, NASA has finally delivered on its longstanding promise to produce a dazzling display of artificial clouds. And dang, was it cool.

28 Days Ago   Like that painful hangnail you’ve been eyeing for days—except billions of times larger, made of ice not keratin, and studied by dozens of scientists worldwide—a Delaware-sized glacier along Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf is hanging by a thread, poised to break off into the ocean any day now.

31 Days Ago   The search for raw materials to feed the all-powerful Sarlacc of capitalism is pushing industries to increasingly remote and alien environments. One of the most exciting frontiers to emerge of late is the deep ocean—rife with valuable metals like copper and zinc, as well as the rare Earth elements that drive our… Read more...

34 Days Ago   Hutchinson, Kansas isn’t the kind of place you’d wind up if you weren’t looking to. The placid prairie town sits a solid hour’s drive south of I-70, the interstate that most travelers use to blow across 425 miles of Kansas cornfield and cattle pasture as quickly as possible.

38 Days Ago   300,000 square miles is nearly twice the area of California. It’s difficult to visualize a space that vast, but go ahead and give it a try.

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