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5 Days Ago   The local town says people should NOT come and that residents will 'step up to protect their property' if they do.

9 Days Ago   A Congressman is asking the Navy to release its UFO files. His letter closely aligns with the findings the former Blink-182 singer has released over the last two years.

23 Days Ago   It hasn't posted any proof yet, but the former Blink 182 singer's group says it is currently studying materials to see if they came from a UFO.

30 Days Ago   The Facebook meme event has become a really good way of selling alien-themed merch.

51 Days Ago   A small group of venture capitalists and technologists believe that humans can capture and reverse-engineer UFOs—and that trying to do so might be a good investment.

79 Days Ago   A new generation of ufologists are being inspired by military sightings and mainstream news stories.

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