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47 Days Ago   Improved housing could soon be coming to Pachacutec, a dusty shantytown on the outskirts of Lima. Peruvian architectural practice TRS Studio has proposed low-cost cargotecture dwellings that not only are sensitive to the local vernacular, but also offer improved comfort and safety as compared to existing housing.

48 Days Ago   The University of California Santa Barbara boasts not only a beautiful campus near the ocean, but also recently completed student housing that’s been certified LEED Platinum.

49 Days Ago   Having outgrown their single-story bungalow, a family approached Ghent-based architectural firm WE-S architecten for an expansion and renovation that would also bolster the home’s energy performance.

50 Days Ago   Looking for a summer getaway that checks the boxes for chic and environmentally friendly style? Meet Lava Homes, a new eco-resort on Azores’ Pico Island that’s a relaxing escape for nature and yoga lovers alike.

53 Days Ago   MAD Architects has unveiled a snowflake-shaped design for Terminal 3 of Harbin Taiping International Airport that draws inspiration from the region’s snowy landscape and boasts greater operational efficiency and energy savings as compared to typical terminal architecture.

53 Days Ago   Move over plastic and aluminum—the headphones of the future may be built from fungus and biosynthetic spider silk. Helsinki-based multidisciplinary design studio Aivan recently unveiled Korvaa, the world’s first headset made exclusively from microbially grown materials.

54 Days Ago   Belo Horizonte-based Tetro Arquitetura e Engenharia has completed the Inclined Slab House, a contemporary residence on a steep slope with full-height windows that blur the boundary between indoors and out.

54 Days Ago   When a young family with two children approached Melbourne-based practice Gardiner Architects for a renovation and extension of their existing worker’s cottage, sustainable design was at the forefront of their minds.

55 Days Ago   Wood warping typically creates unwanted and undesirable effects, yet the creators behind a unique new landmark in Urbach, Germany, have found a way to harness the naturally occurring deformity into an unexpected architectural possibility.

55 Days Ago   Oslo-based architectural firm Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter (RRA) has won first place in Alpinco Gondoltoppen AS’ competition for the design of a new master plan for mixed-use in Hafjell, an alpine village famous for its skiing and impressive mountain vistas.

55 Days Ago   In the Mumbai suburb of Vikhroli, Indian architectural firm Studio Lotus and GPL Design Studio have given a disused industrial complex new life as a modern, mixed-use center.

56 Days Ago   In light of Vancouver’s housing crisis, local architectural firm Haeccity Studio Architecture has transformed a 1950s bungalow in the city’s West End neighborhood into Comox Infill, a contemporary multi-family development with six dedicated rental units.

56 Days Ago   UNStudio has unveiled designs for Karle Town Center (KTC), a new innovative tech campus in Bangalore, dubbed the “Silicon Valley of India.”

57 Days Ago   In Tokyo, a new office tower stands out from the concrete jungle with its embrace of nature. Designed by prolific Japanese design studio nendo in the centrally located Kojimachi neighborhood, the Kojimachi Terrace is an eleven-story high-rise wrapped in a grid-like timber-faced facade that’s complemented with a light-filled interior dressed in a warm palette of wood, raw stone, and bronze-colored stainless steel.

60 Days Ago   Combining art, architecture, and technology, Los Angeles-based architectural firm Montalba Architects recently completed a temporary pop-up pavilion for the annual Bex & Arts sculpture triennial that’s designed to be easily disassembled and reused for future events.

61 Days Ago   Marmalade Lane, the first developer-led cohousing development in Cambridge, has recently been completed in Orchard Park and serves as a promising solution to the critical undersupply of houses in the market.

61 Days Ago   An A-frame house from the 1970s has been converted into the Solarferienhaus S3 (Solar Holiday Home S3), an energy-positive holiday home located in a former holiday village in the hilly Chiemgau landscape of Upper Bavaria.

63 Days Ago   After six years in the making, Qatar has finally inaugurated Al Janoub Stadium, the country’s first purpose-built stadium for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects in collaboration with AECOM, the stadium’s eye-catching pleated shape takes inspiration from the hulls of dhows, the traditional boat of the region.

63 Days Ago   In the state of Paraná in the south of Brazil, architect Bruno Zaitter has created a contemporary and low-impact suite for the charming Hotel Fazenda Cainã in the countryside.

64 Days Ago   On the southern coast of Crete, Greek architectural firm decaARCHITECTURE has turned a commission for a modern residence into an opportunity for landscape preservation. Named the Ring House for its rounded shape, the house was created to follow the existing topography and looks like an extension of its hilltop location.

64 Days Ago   Nestled in a misty pine forest, the Ta Nung Homestay Executive Office offers employees an environmentally sensitive space to work along with breathtaking views of Vietnam’s Central Highland landscape.

67 Days Ago   Jennifer Bonner, architectural designer and director of MALL, has completed Haus Gables, a new ground-up residential project that was built almost entirely out of cross-laminated timber (CLT), an exceptionally strong wood material made from glued layers of solid-sawn lumber.

68 Days Ago   Within a cluster of traditional Dutch homes in The Hague, local firm Global Architects has designed a single-family home that stands out from its neighbors with its contemporary design yet relates to the surroundings with a layout that references the concept of a village.

69 Days Ago   For a break from schoolwork, students at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) have been swapping their laptops for shovels and seedlings at SCAD Back40, the university's new one-acre “farm”.

70 Days Ago   OMA and Milan-based Laboratorio Permanente have won a competition to transform two abandoned railway yards in Milan into public parks that will act as “ecological filters” for the car-centric city.

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