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25 Days Ago   Bird lovers in the Netherlands now have a new way of watching their feathered friends thanks to the recent opening of the Tij, a massive wooden bird observatory created with sustainability in mind.

26 Days Ago   Reconnecting with Mother Nature has been elevated to new heights with Nomadic Resorts latest treehouse initiative—the Seedpod. Shaped like a human nest, these lightweight sleeping pods are designed for minimal landscape impact and can pop up in remote locations in just one day.

27 Days Ago   Shortly after completing the “greenest school” in Hong Kong, Copenhagen-based Henning Larsen has broken ground on yet another sustainability-minded project—the Shaw Auditorium for The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

28 Days Ago   In a bid to save northern Brazil’s rainforests from deforestation and land exploitation, São Paulo-based architecture firm Estudio Flume has recently completed Casa Do Mel, a beekeepers workshop that serves as a self-sustainable business alternative to logging operations.

31 Days Ago   The North Face has teamed up with British designer Christopher Raeburn of RÆBURN to launch a new line of accessories handcrafted from recycled tents. Introduced late last month, the unique collection consists of three distinct items—a tote bag, drawstring bag, and Rae Bag—that all feature RÆBURN’s iconic “REMADE, REDUCED, RECYCLED, RÆBURN” tagline.

32 Days Ago   In the Chilean city of Pucón, Santiago architect Alejandro Soffia has recently completed a prefab home that visually pops against its wooded surroundings. Fittingly named the Yellow House after its bright yellow facade, the modular residence is elevated off the ground for reduced site impact and to create a treehouse-like feel.

33 Days Ago   Could the houses of the future be grown from mushrooms? Italian architectural firm Carlo Ratti Associati (CRA) broaches this question with The Circular Garden, a sustainable pavilion made of mushrooms that—true to its name—was grown out of the soil in six weeks and will return back to the soil at the end of its lifecycle.

33 Days Ago   Just a few months ahead of the fiftieth anniversary for the first Moon landing, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM) released designs for the first full-time human habitat on the lunar surface.

34 Days Ago   Beijing-based architectural studio MAD Architects’ has unveiled an alternative vision for the skyline of New York City with the introduction of East 34th, a nature-inspired high-rise proposed near the Empire State Building.

35 Days Ago   The defunct National Baths of Aix-les-Bains will receive a vibrant and sustainably minded revival in the hands of the Paris-based practice Vincent Callebaut Architectures. Selected as the winner of a competition following the popular vote, the firm’s proposal—dubbed “The Foam of Waves”—will not only restore the ancient thermal baths, but also introduce a sustainable, energy-producing paradigm that follows the carbon-neutral guidelines as recommended by COP 21.

38 Days Ago   Challenged by Milanese design gallerist Rossana Orlandi to “give plastic a second life,” Italian architect Tiziano Vudafieri has created the Wilhelm Lamp, a unique light fixture and tribute to the renowned German industrial designer Wilhelm Wagenfeld.

38 Days Ago   When a family of four outgrew their 1920s cottage in Melbourne and were about to embark on an extensive renovation, they asked Australian design studio Inbetween Architecture for a second opinion on the blueprints.

38 Days Ago   When Snøhetta designed the spectacular concept for UNDER, the world’s largest underwater restaurant located along a rocky Norwegian shoreline, the renowned architecture firm wanted to reference the local landscape in all aspects of design, including the tableware.

39 Days Ago   This spring, tapestry-like shrubbery and geometric flowerbeds won’t be the only highlights at the Het Loo Palace’s Dutch Baroque gardens—the palatial grounds in Apeldoorn, Netherlands recently opened a new climate change-inspired exhibit ‘The Garden of Earthly Worries’ featuring four monumental art installations designed by Polish-American architect Daniel Libeskind.

39 Days Ago   The north end of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood has recently become home to a new, contemporary fire station that’s also a beacon for sustainability. Certified LEED Platinum, Fire Station 22 was designed by local architectural practice Weinstein A+U to harvest solar power as well as rainwater, which is used for all of the station’s non-potable water uses.

40 Days Ago   In Nepal, access to education doesn’t just improve job prospects—schools can save lives, whether it’s rescuing children from malnourishment or delaying the age of marriage to reduce rates of HIV, maternal death and suicide.

41 Days Ago   BIG and a coalition of partners have unveiled Oceanix City, a visionary proposal for the world’s first resilient and sustainable floating community for 10,000 people. Presented at the first UN high-level roundtable on Sustainable Floating Cities, the conceptual design was created as a potential solution to the perceived threat of climate change and rising sea levels.

42 Days Ago   On the edge of Lake Avándaro in the Mexican town of Valle de Bravo is House A, a beautiful contemporary home that’s designed by Mexico City-based architectural firm Metodo in collaboration with Ingeniería Orca to embrace views of the lake.

45 Days Ago   An inspiring new church in Coralville, Iowa is lifting spirits and bringing people closer to nature—and generating all the energy it needs on site. Iowa City-based firm Neumann Monson Architects designed Unitarian Universalist Society, a solar-powered building that embodies the Society’s core principles with its organic architecture emphasizing sustainability, accessibility, and flexibility.

48 Days Ago   In the midst of a centuries-old forest sits the Two Family House, an aptly named project that houses a pair of maisonette apartments for two families at the edge of Zürich, Switzerland.

48 Days Ago   In the South Indian city of Kochi, local architectural practice Meister Varma Architects recently completed Maison Kochi, a contemporary home for a family of four that mitigates the region’s intense tropical heat with energy-efficient and cost-effective techniques.

49 Days Ago   Local architectural firm Yuji Tanabe Architects recently completed twin timber buildings on a historic street in the Japanese city of Kamakura. In deference to the existing street architecture and the city’s Great Buddha landmark, the buildings feature a double roof facade with proportions inspired by traditional Japanese shrines.

49 Days Ago   Walls of glass pull the outdoors in at the Lake Manitouwabing Residence, a new four-season family residence designed by MJMA (MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects) to replace a 1930s abode.

52 Days Ago   Desirous of a “low-tech, country life,” a couple reached out to Brunswick-based architectural firm MRTN Architects for the design of the Trentham Long House, a contemporary home inspired by the traditional farming structures that once inhabited the Australian countryside.

52 Days Ago   When a growing family needed extra living space, they turned to Australian design studio Steffen Welsch Architects to create an eco-friendly extension for their California Bungalow home.

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