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200 Days Ago   Australian ballet student Stephanie Kurlow and her family converted to Islam when she was young, but she never wanted to give up her passion for dance.

201 Days Ago   Greek Cypriot-American model Sophia Hadjipanteli doesn't care about what people think. She wears a unibrow proudly, as part of her heritage and style. We went thrift shopping with the fashionista to talk about her upbringing, her family, her haters, the fashion industry, and what it really means to create your own style.

209 Days Ago   This model started the #unibrowmovement to inspire girls to embrace their natural hair instead of pluck it, and she's getting backlash from every side. People everywhere, not just girls, are embracing their natural hair and proving on Instagram that you don't have to pluck or wax to be beautiful.

213 Days Ago   Meet Daniel Silverstein, the mind and hands behind Zero Waste Daniel, a completely zero-waste line of fashion that is 100% made from fabric scraps from other fashion designers and factories.

221 Days Ago   Spring tornadoes may or may not be your worst enemy. In the midwest, severe weather is expected sooner than you think due to a unusually cold April.

222 Days Ago   Take a spin on this stationary bike desk that makes work fun. Whether you're typing emails or surfing the web, you can do it all while killing calories!

226 Days Ago   Over 50,000 bees were discovered in a basement after living there for 25 years. Luckily, they were relocated to the Cincinnati Zoo, where they'll be monitored and studied.

229 Days Ago   In Virginia, a cop returned to a burning house after a couple was rescued upon hearing there was a dog inside. Fires can be devastating for families, and in this case, no one was harmed or injured, but their cares and home were destroyed.

233 Days Ago   With climate change looming, maybe it's time to think about what you can do to help make a difference. There's a few simple actions you can take — and recycling is a big one.

233 Days Ago   US Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps has collaborated with Colgate to ensure that everyone is learning how to save water. He's even started teaching his children to turn off the faucet when they brush their teeth.

241 Days Ago   Dogs from the Canine Companions for Independence in California spent a day enjoying rides and wearing Mickey Mouse ears, training for the day when they'll be in a high-stimulation situation with their humans.

243 Days Ago   Two beekeepers are developing an app that allows farmers to link up with bee keepers, so that bees can do their work of pollinating crops locally.

248 Days Ago   'Once Upon a Springtime' is the official name for the 2018 annual flower show at Macy's. From the looks of it, spring has won with over a million flowers blooming — and yes, they're real and they're spectacular.

250 Days Ago   This cat-shaped tea infuser mug will make any cat lover purr. It's portable and is great for loose leaf teas, or any hot beverage your heart desires.

251 Days Ago   The iCalm Dog Speaker provides peace for your pet. It's by the creators of the music score 'Through a Dog's Ear'. It is a portable speaker to chill your dog out with classical music on the go'iCalm' can be purchased here.

251 Days Ago   'Ulla' is a small, light-up device that reminds you to stay hydrated. Just stick it onto a reusable bottle. If you're not drinking enough, it will blink to let you know when it's time to sip.

255 Days Ago   We went to this year's New York International Auto Show and took a look at some of the cars of the future. Read more... More about Cars, Mashable Video, New York, New York City, and Real Time

255 Days Ago   The Brooklyn Robot Foundry is an after-school program for children ages 2-12 that teaches them about all things robots. Children learn to build (and take home) their own robot after each class.

268 Days Ago   Ripples has created a new machine that prints anything from selfies to pick-up lines on top of your beer foam (don't worry, it won't impact your beer's taste!) Find a Ripples machine near you with the app.

268 Days Ago   Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work. If you're pizza obsessed, this should be the only thing occupying your kitchen countertops.

269 Days Ago   Founder of The Swan Dreams Project, Aesha Ash, is selling photographs of herself dancing in her hometown of Rochester New York to raise money for the arts for underprivileged children.

271 Days Ago   A pub in Wales is attempting to foster communication and connection through a discount program at their restaurant. On Mondays, people can opt-in to 'Mobile-Free Mondays' by locking their phone in a box for the duration of their meal.

277 Days Ago   MIT and Princeton collaborated to create a pick and place robot with skills to recognize objects by size and weight, pick them up, and then organize them into bins.

277 Days Ago   Artist Yujia Hu has created shoes made out of sushi. He creates high-end shoes, such as Adidas and Nikes, into pieces of edible sushi. He also recreates masterpieces such as Edvard Munch's 'The Scream' with fish and rice.

278 Days Ago   'Bagnet' looks like just a cute keychain, but it's made out of a magnet and serves as a portable hook for luxury bags, gym bags, and everything in between.

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