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Yesterday   The researcher who helped stop the WannaCry ransomware pleaded guilty to two counts of hacking for writing banking malware in 2014.

2 Days Ago   The Mueller report leaves some unanswered questions on Julian Assange and WikiLeaks’s role in the hack and leak against the DNC and John Podesta.

3 Days Ago   The head of Memento Labs, the new company that acquired infamous spyware vendor Hacking Team, admitted there’s a lot to do to recover after the 2015 breach and the damage to its reputation.

3 Days Ago   The company says it was not a “hack,” but Chicago police say that some of the carsharing cars may still be unaccounted for.

5 Days Ago   An FBI agent admitted in a newly unsealed court document that the Department of Justice does not know whether Assange’s offer to help Manning came to fruition.

11 Days Ago   A security firm has discovered a new victim of the infamous hacking group that targeted critical infrastructure with destructive malware.

18 Days Ago   Antivirus company Kaspersky Lab announced that its Android security product will now mark all stalkerware apps as malware, prompting users to delete them.

19 Days Ago   Italian government authorities have launched an inquiry into eSurv, a company that made spyware apps that it concealed as legitimate and innocuous-looking apps on the Google Play Store.

20 Days Ago   The controversial Israeli spyware vendor denied any role in the bizarre saga of Jeff Bezos against The National Enquirer.

23 Days Ago   Security researchers have found a new kind of government malware that was hiding in plain sight within apps on Android’s Play Store. And they appear to have uncovered a case of lawful intercept gone wrong.

25 Days Ago   After Motherboard reported that a consumer spyware vendor left a lot of incredibly sensitive and private data online, the company’s hosting provider took it down.

26 Days Ago   The notorious and controversial Israeli hacking and surveillance tools vendor NSO Group has launched a big marketing campaign with a new website and Google ads.

29 Days Ago   It appears that LockerGoga, the same ransomware that hit aluminum manufacturing giant Norsk Hydro this week, also infected American chemicals companies Hexion and Momentive, leaving employees locked out of their computers.

29 Days Ago   A consumer spyware vendor left a lot of incredibly sensitive and private data, including intimate pictures and private call recordings, for all to see on a server freely accessible over the internet.

30 Days Ago   The social network confirmed a massive mistake that exposed millions of passwords. But, the company said, no passwords were exposed to people outside of Facebook.

32 Days Ago   Norwegian giant Norsk Hydro was forced to shut down its internal network after some of its computers in the United States were hit by ransomware.

45 Days Ago   The NSA release a free and open source reverse engineering app called ‘Ghidra.”

47 Days Ago   Users are angry that Facebook is letting others, including advertisers, look up users via the phone numbers they provided to enable two-factor authentication.

53 Days Ago   Coinbase said it's aware of the Neutrino founders' controversial past, but their technology is the best the major exchange has encountered.

64 Days Ago   Security researchers and activists exposed a brazen attempt to steal Venezuelan usernames and passwords for popular email and social media websites such as Gmail, Facebook, Microsoft Live, and Twitter.

80 Days Ago   Google is taking steps to make it harder for someone to push a malicious update that disables the security features on an Android phone.

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