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4 Hours Ago   A new banking malware for Android phones allows criminals to take over control of PayPal and steal money.

4 Days Ago   Someone took control of a Linux unofficial community website and replaced its regular content with a NSFW meme, a dox of a transgender open source developer, and anti-diversity messages.

14 Days Ago   Kaspersky Lab’s found evidence that a small spyware government contractor sells iOS malware, showing it may not be as rare as some people think.

16 Days Ago   Cyber Monday is here and we’re here to help you.

25 Days Ago   How to check if your Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other accounts have been hacked.

27 Days Ago   While on the run from the feds, Kevin Mitnick stole the source code of the Motorola MicroTAC Ultralite, the most advanced cellphone at the time, with a few phone calls.

27 Days Ago   Antivirus has been around for more than 20 years. Do you still need it to protect yourself today?

28 Days Ago   We’re living in the golden age of spyware and government hacking, with companies rushing to join a blossoming billion dollar market. The weakest among us—activists or journalists—will suffer the consequences if we don’t regulate it appropriately.

29 Days Ago   Leaked court documents show that Italian authorities have no idea who hacked the government spyware maker Hacking Team.

43 Days Ago   Saud Al-Qahtani, a close advisor of crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, was tasked with buying Hacking Team spyware, and apparently moonlighted as a member of online cybercrime website Hack Forums.

48 Days Ago   The Germany-based spyware startup Wolf Intelligence exposed its own data, including surveillance target’s information, passports scans of its founder and family, and recordings of meetings.

49 Days Ago   Cybersecurity firm FireEye points the finger at the Russian government and a government-linked facility for creating a destructive malware.

53 Days Ago   Elena Alekseevna Khusyaynova was part of a wide-ranging project to influence the 2016 and 2018 election on social media.

56 Days Ago   Twitter is sending out strange notifications to users, and no one knows what's going on.

60 Days Ago   The social network elaborated on the recent data breach, explaining exactly what kind of data the hackers accessed, and revealing that the victims were 30 million, and not 50 million users.

61 Days Ago   A California task force caught another big name in the criminal underground world of SIM hijackers.

74 Days Ago   Facebook revealed more details about how hackers exploited three distinct bugs to get the ability to control up to 50 million users’ accounts.

74 Days Ago   Facebook "discovered a security issue" that the company said allowed attackers to "take over people's accounts."

74 Days Ago   Despite their reputation, Mac computers have bugs, vulnerabilities, and even malware targeted at them. With their rising popularity in the workplace, it’s “the perfect” time for a Mac-only security conference.

76 Days Ago   The USDA blamed the issue on a "web form" that was abused to post spam.

78 Days Ago   A new feature on the latest version of the Chrome browser led some security and privacy experts to think Google is now secretly logging users into Chrome to surreptitiously track their browsing habits.

82 Days Ago   A source managed to see Israeli surveillance vendor NSO Group’s powerful iPhone malware up close. Despite a wave of highly controversial customers, the company appears to be popular worldwide.

83 Days Ago   The group responsible for the Ticketmaster and British Airways data breaches hit the PC and electronics giant.

84 Days Ago   A new report by digital human rights researchers reveals that the infamous spyware Pegasus, made by NSO Group, has traces in 45 countries around the world, including the United States.

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