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Yesterday   Security researchers and activists exposed a brazen attempt to steal Venezuelan usernames and passwords for popular email and social media websites such as Gmail, Facebook, Microsoft Live, and Twitter.

16 Days Ago   Google is taking steps to make it harder for someone to push a malicious update that disables the security features on an Android phone.

18 Days Ago   A new bug allows anyone to listen in on your iPhone and, for now, there's no fix.

23 Days Ago   The founder says the charge is ‘baseless,’ but that hasn’t stopped employees at some of the most important infosec companies from posting misogynistic comments in a closed Facebook group.

25 Days Ago   Alphabet’s Jigsaw has a new quiz to test your ability to distinguish phishing emails from regular, benevolent ones.

30 Days Ago   Someone put together a massive list of 773 million unique email addresses and 21 million unique passwords. But there’s really no reason to panic.

31 Days Ago   A security firm found that hackers could have logged into the accounts of any Fortnite player, potentially stealing their credit card information, or listening in on their conversations.

37 Days Ago   Redacted court documents keep getting unredacted because of simple, relatively easy to avoid errors. Here’s how to better redact PDFs.

38 Days Ago   A small group of victims of SIM swapping hacks is trying to raise awareness, teach people about the scam, and put pressure on cell phone providers to step up their efforts against cybercriminals.

40 Days Ago   Companies that buy and sell exploits, or zero-days, are now willing to offer seven figures for hacks that allow spies and cops to steal WhatsApp, iMessage and other chat app messages.

42 Days Ago   A new massive hack and leak in Germany renews the debate over how to cover and share sensitive stolen data.

51 Days Ago   We spoke to EFF's Eva Galperin about government hackers and espionage operations.

57 Days Ago   These are the best stories on hacking and information security that we wish we had reported and written ourselves.

60 Days Ago   CBP and DHS officers allegedly detained a Los Angeles man of Muslim faith before he boarded a plane for four hours, asking him questions and pressuring him to show them the contents of his phone.

63 Days Ago   Signal joins Apple, Google, Microsoft, and other tech giants who have already condemned and protested the bill.

65 Days Ago   A cybersecurity reporter says his own Google-provided email app flagged an email about a Google party because it included content “typically used to steal personal information.”

66 Days Ago   A new banking malware for Android phones allows criminals to take over control of PayPal and steal money.

71 Days Ago   Someone took control of a Linux unofficial community website and replaced its regular content with a NSFW meme, a dox of a transgender open source developer, and anti-diversity messages.

81 Days Ago   Kaspersky Lab’s found evidence that a small spyware government contractor sells iOS malware, showing it may not be as rare as some people think.

83 Days Ago   Cyber Monday is here and we’re here to help you.

92 Days Ago   How to check if your Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other accounts have been hacked.

93 Days Ago   While on the run from the feds, Kevin Mitnick stole the source code of the Motorola MicroTAC Ultralite, the most advanced cellphone at the time, with a few phone calls.

94 Days Ago   Antivirus has been around for more than 20 years. Do you still need it to protect yourself today?

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