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3 Days Ago   The first 3-day weekend of the new year is finally here and you know what that means: MLK Day sales are coming in hot. On top of MLK Day sales, many retailers are in the midst of their big winter blowout sales or their White Sales (January is known for its sales on bedding).

4 Days Ago   Real robots may not rule the earth just yet, but a true AI revolution may not be far off. Their vacuum counterparts are taking over people's homes at an alarming exciting rate.

4 Days Ago   Stop what you're doing, because it's officially a "Deal That Never Happens" Day: The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is $359 at Walmart. This is the first time we've ever seen it on sale and this is the only place it's on sale — peep it at $399 at Amazon, Best Buy, and Dyson's official site.

5 Days Ago   The only thing possibly better than a pair of premium Bluetooth headphones on sale is if you're getting a pair of premium Bluetooth headphones with free earbuds tacked on.

5 Days Ago   2019 really just might be the year that people stop complaining about being single. Weighted blankets, while not new to the world of therapy and disabilities, have mainstream folk practicing self care in a way that probably wasn't expected to be backed by research: cuddling.

6 Days Ago   Is your New Year's resolution to eat better not going as well as you planned? Did late-night French fries completely derail your plans? Meet yourself in the middle with an air fryer: Philips, Black+Decker, and Ninja are three fan-favorite brands with models on sale today.

6 Days Ago   Hey team Xbox, today's your lucky day: Walmart and Amazon have a ton of games, console bundles, and accessories on sale to get your gaming setup all pimped out for 2019.

7 Days Ago   It's 2019 and there's not a damn reason you should be putting up with slow WiFi. We have folding phones, self driving cars, and robots that fold your laundry — and you think having to pause Netflix so it can buffer is normal?

7 Days Ago   DIY home security cameras are just one of those things that you should probably have. I mean, there's almost no way you won't benefit from it — unless feeling too safe is something to complain about.

10 Days Ago   If you're still attempting to work on flat computer monitor, WYD? Whether you're aiming to get that salary raise in 2019 or are just trying to beat that kid from across the ocean on Fortnite, a productivity-upping curved monitor is calling your name — and you can grab Samsung's well-reviewed CF391 model on sale for $90 off at Amazon.

10 Days Ago   Situations where it pays to be a Samsung person: Waiting for new releases to go on sale. While Apple devotees probably won't see a sale on the Apple Watch Series 4 for months, Best Buy has the just-released-in-September Galaxy Watches for $50 off — the first time we've seen them on sale since Black Friday.

11 Days Ago   Any die-hard Nintendo fan knows that having a Switch can get expensiveThe console by itself is already $299, and growing your collection of games at $60 a pop adds up quickly.

11 Days Ago   Tablet shopping on a budget usually goes like this: You shop for five minutes, realize your only options are the Amazon Fire tablets or one that looks like a LeapFrog, and you're out.

12 Days Ago   Here's a secret that travel magazines usually forget to let you in on about multi-country vacation must-haves: A travel adapter is just as necessary as your passport.

12 Days Ago   Slow WiFi and the buffering circle of death are one of the ultimate 21st century problems. Sure, it's annoying when your game of Red Dead lags or your Netflix stream stops, but a bad connection can really be detrimental when working from home — because your boss won't accept "shitty Wifi" as an excuse for missing a video call or a deadline.

12 Days Ago   We love deals of all types, but our favorite ones are the hidden gems that aren't even listed on a retailer's "Deals" tab. The best treasures are the ones you have to dig for, right?

13 Days Ago   CES 2019 is underway, and even if you're not a huge tech nerd, there's one theme that you won't be able to get away from: Smart home.

13 Days Ago   It's the first full work week after the holiday hangover break. Who could use some coffee? With holiday cheer in the rear view mirror and gray skies and slush being the biggest things on the radar for the next few months, getting out of bed is suddenly harder than ever.

14 Days Ago   Coming up with a New Year's resolution can be tough. If you're just not feeling that "New year, new me" mindset, don't force it. The Google Home Hub can help you get your shit together, and it's $50 off at just $99.99 today (the same as its Black Friday price, NBD.) Google took a while (three years, to be exact) to bring a smart home device with a screen to the market to compete with the Echo lineup, but that waiting was worth it.

14 Days Ago   Saying you're going to start eating healthier is one thing — following through is another. If your only-seven-day-old New Year's resolution is about to be pushed off to next year, you should know that there's a device out there that can help: The Ninja Mega Kitchen system consists of a blender, food processor, and to-go cups, and it's under $150 on Amazon today.

14 Days Ago   It's the first Monday of January and things have begun to look bleak. The holiday high has officially passed, most are back to work or school, and resolutions start sounding way harder than originally planned.

17 Days Ago   New Year's resolution-related deals are still coming in hot: Juicers are on sale at nearly every big retailer today including Amazon, Walmart, and Macy's. They really want us to get our shit together health-wise, huh?

17 Days Ago   After a long holiday season of spending money on everyone else, it's officially acceptable to be selfish — and a new Apple Watch would be a top-tier gift to yourself.

17 Days Ago   New year, same shitty sleeping habits? We're here to tell you that finally replacing that old, lumpy mattress is not a ridiculous splurge — and there's no better way to ensure extra energy to conquer 2019 than with Nectar's New Year's sale.

17 Days Ago   ClassPass first burst onto the fitness scene back in 2013, offering a flexible, fun alternative to the played out gym circuit for just $99 per month.

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