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4 Days Ago   Advantages of being Team iPhone: Apple street cred and blue iMessages. What else is there? Disadvantages of being Team iPhone: Well, they tend to shit out after about two years of use (conveniently near the time a new iPhone is about to be released).

6 Days Ago   What's the only thing better than going on shopping spree to Sephora and buying things you definitely don't need? Having a shopping spree delivered right to your house and spending way less than you would in the store for the same amount of stuff.

8 Days Ago   Still haven't gotten in on the smart speaker or security camera action, huh? Just chilling at home hoping the Uber Eats driver isn't actually a character from The Purge?

13 Days Ago   Kids suiting up for the first day of kindergarten and college students with severe senoritis are ready to get this show on the road, and teachers across the country are already starting a countdown to next summer vacation.

14 Days Ago   Kids are device-hungry nuts these days. Seriously, WTF happened to Sesame Street and a book before bedtime? But we digress. Technology has changed a lot since you were small.

19 Days Ago   Hey, got $30 laying around? Good, then you have guaranteed plans for every weekend of the next year — because Verizon is selling the Google Daydream View VR Headset for 70% off at just $29.99 right now.

19 Days Ago   Calling all Stranger Things obsessives, '80s kids, and hipsters who insist on boycotting all things modern: You know those rad vintage arcade games that sucked the life (and quarters) out of everyone back in the day?

21 Days Ago   Tomorrow is August, guys. As in oh shit, it's August, and if you procrastinated on the summer goals you made for yourself in May (raises hand), you're probably feeling that guilt.

22 Days Ago   Happy almost August, y'all. (Okay, it might not be that happy as August usually means vacation season ending, going back to school, and an all-around sense of dread when thinking about those #summervibes slowly dissipating.

25 Days Ago   Is it seriously the last weekend in July? Is summer seriously almost over? Might as well start saying Happy 2019 at the rate this is going.

25 Days Ago   Back to school season is (somehow) here, y'all. This means parents have about a month of kids being excited about entering a new grade until they're, uh, not anymore — and then they're rushing through homework to get back to video games and Spongebob.

28 Days Ago   If you're interested in eharmony, I'm guessing you're 110% over being single or going through numerous breakups with people you thought you were gonna marry. Or you're tired of going on dates and having the person randomly stop texting you back, or tired of the "What are we?" conversation ending in some rendition of "I'm not looking for anything serious right now" from someone who is definitely too old to still be playing games.

28 Days Ago   Getting a quality laptop for college is must. Whether you're saving the group project, watching Netflix during class (bad), or just showing off to your friends, you get through those four years without one.

29 Days Ago   If you missed out on the single, measly Instant Pot sale that Prime Day had to offer (until it sold out, of course) and are still pissed about it, good news: Walmart is coming in clutch with one of the best Instant Pot deals we've ever seen.

29 Days Ago   If you missed out on the single, measly Instant Pot sale that Prime Day had to offer (until it sold out, of course) and are still pissed about it, good news: Walmart is coming in clutch with one of the best Instant Pot deals we've ever seen.

33 Days Ago   RIP, Prime Day 2018. You were so popular that your site quite literally broke for a good portion of the first day, but did that stop all of us from spending way more than the limit we promised ourselves?

35 Days Ago   Rule no. 1 of Prime Day: People will fight you for kitchen appliances. If you see a good kitchen deal, do not wait to pull the trigger.

35 Days Ago   PSA: Instant Pot's most futuristic model, the Instant Pot Ultra, is finally on sale for Prime Day. Up until today, Amazon only had one Instant Pot model (the six-quart DUO) on sale, which was kind of a bummer — but then they dropped the regularly $179.95 Instant Pot Ultra all the way down to $119.95.

35 Days Ago   Target is not messing around for Prime Day, y'all. They knew that Amazon was gonna bust out some wild deals on appliances and vacuums, so what did Target do?

35 Days Ago   You know you're an adult when you genuinely get excited about nice vacuums — and Prime Day 2018's vacuum deals have our boring, vacuum-obsessed selves over the moon.

35 Days Ago   This summer's heat is significantly worse than the past few years. I know I'm not crazy. We can't control the weather, but thanks to the smart Sensibo Sky, we can control our energy bills — and control our AC with a simple app or Alexa command.

35 Days Ago   If you missed out on Black Friday's robot vacuum deals and have been itching for Prime Day for that exact reason, it's your time to shine: The WiFi enabled iRobot Roomba 671 is over $100 off.

35 Days Ago   Dyson is to the vacuum world as Ferrari is to the car world, and that means they're expensive as hell. These are just #facts of the adult world.

35 Days Ago   It's 2018, guys. If you haven't made the switch to smart home yet, WYD? Amazon is apparently wondering the same thing, because Prime Day 2018 is really pushing the whole hands-free voice commands thing.

36 Days Ago   DNA testing kits are one of those things that are on most everyone's bucket list. But regardless of how cool they are, it may be hard to justify paying nearly $200 to swab your cheek when you have bills to pay.

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