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2 Days Ago   Verizon wants to give you two pairs of Apple Airpods for $270. That's $50 off. Y'all. This is the only way we know of to get Airpods with this big of a discount right now, and Verizon is the only carrier in on the action.

2 Days Ago   It's no secret that iPhones aren't exactly at optimal performance after a year of use. Apple thinks they're slick by unveiling a new iPhone just when yours breaks, but...nah.

2 Days Ago   Happy Memorial Day weekend, folks. The office is closing early, the sun is hot, and the deals are even hotter. If you weren't able to plan a mini vacay for the long weekend, don't feel bad — saving $1,000 on a curved smart TV or snagging a sweet Dell laptop on sale is way better than your sunburn peeling for the next two weeks.

3 Days Ago   If your summer vacation plans include not actually going on vacation and vicariously living through everyone on Instagram instead, we have a better plan for you: 1.

4 Days Ago   Would it be okay with you if someone leaked your entire Google history to the government? How about if your internet provider made it so that one episode of Arrested Development took an hour to load?

5 Days Ago   Allergies are more annoying than usual this year, right? No really, it's not your imagination — pollen season is getting worse every year, and air purifiers are making their way to the must-have list of home appliances.

5 Days Ago   Father's Day is coming up (it's on Sunday, June 17 this year), and I'm just here to say that there's nothing as heartwarming as an iconic daddy-daughter duo.

6 Days Ago   Hey, desktop people: If you've been waiting for a sign that it's time to buy a new monitor, the stars are on your side this week.

10 Days Ago   This Saturday, May 19, the greatly anticipated Royal Wedding will take place in St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle in England. And we are cordially invited, y'all.

11 Days Ago   Unless you're lucky enough to live somewhere with central AC, thinking ahead about a window air conditioner needs to be on your to-do list. Like now.

11 Days Ago   The obsession with have with dogs is all too real. And with summer quickly approaching, we're already dreading leaving for vacation without our best friend. But it's okay, because you can give your fur baby a luxury pool day of his or her own with these Funboy x Bark Shop pool floats for dogs.

12 Days Ago   You'd expect a super nice 55-inch 4K smart TV to be scary expensive right? Right. Except for today. Regularly $1,079.99, you can swipe this 55-inch Class 4K (2160P) Ultra HD smart LED TV from Samsung for just $549.99.

13 Days Ago   You can snag a pair of Bose SoundSport headphones for $50 off, which is already a bomb deal on its own. But, if you use code PFREEMINI on any order over $150 on ebay, they'll also throw in a free Google Home Mini as well.

13 Days Ago   Still pissed at Amazon for jacking up the Prime price by $20? We'll just leave this here: Walmart is now offering free 2-day shipping without any membership fees for orders over $35.

16 Days Ago   The Artiphon is back and better than ever. If you've heard of this smart "everyone" instrument before, you know that it lets you play any song on any instrument you can imagine — all on the same device.

17 Days Ago   Senior dating: Hard, but not as much as you think. Because let's face it: Dating at any age is kind of a pain in the ass — and being over 60 in the dating world could actually have its perks.

17 Days Ago   If your mom doesn't live close by, or if you totally spaced on getting her a Mother's Day gift this year, then flowers or chocolates are a great, last-minute gift idea that are sure to brighten her day.

18 Days Ago   AHEM: Mother's Day is coming up quick (it's on May 13), and if you clicked on this post, that means you still haven't gotten a gift for your mom.

18 Days Ago   If you haven't yet heard, Amazon is jacking up the price of annual Prime memberships by $20 starting Friday, May 11. via GIPHY Prime provides access to Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon Channels (including HBO and Showtime), Prime Video, Twitch Prime, and tons of quick shipping options on over 100 million items — plus free two-day shipping.

19 Days Ago   Summer is almost here, which means a relaxing vacation is probably in your future. You know, the relaxing that happens if there's not a screaming kid on the plane and if no groups of college kids decide to blast music at the poolRiiight.

19 Days Ago   Things you're looking forward to this summer: Vacation. Things you're not looking forward to this summer: An overnight flight to and from that vacation. That is, unless you have this 6-in-1 memory foam travel pillow that makes sleeping on the plane (or in a car, or on a crappy hotel bed) a breezeAnd you can save $6 when you use code CGP7P8LW, which can almost cover that much-needed glass of wine on the plane.

20 Days Ago   Amazon is offering huge deals on almost all of their devices until May 13. Getting a sale on all of these at the same time almost never happens — unless it's Black Friday or Amazon Prime Day.

23 Days Ago   Being an iPad Pro parent usually has you feeling like the coolest one in the room: While everyone else at the meeting is on their giant, heavy MacBook or their tiny, barely legible iPhones, you whip out this fancy, perfectly-sized tablet and start writing with your Apple Pencil like it's a dang notebook.

24 Days Ago   Spring is moving season, y'all. People are graduating and getting married, leases are up, or some are moving out because their landlord refuses to exterminate the apartment (yes, that happens).

24 Days Ago   If you still have cable or are still watching Netflix by hooking your laptop up to your TV, WYD? Yes, we get it — the world of cord cutting can be overwhelming.

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