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3 Days Ago   Calling all camping enthusiasts...sports enthusiasts...actually, just all fall weather enthusiasts: Amazon has the cutest, vintage-looking coolers from Coleman on sale, some colors for up to $98 off.

5 Days Ago   WiFi routers always seem to make you sacrifice something, don't they? You're either paying for speed and spending an ungodly amount of money, or opting for the budget pick and waiting forever for things to load.

5 Days Ago   The holiday season is right around the corner, which means you're gonna have to start picking out gifts soon. If you're shopping for someone special and really want to wow them, we have an idea: Get them a MacBook Pro.

5 Days Ago   Amazon really wants to be your one stop shop for everything this year: Not only are they making their way into the markets of designer clothing and groceries, but they've snuck into the furniture game, too.

7 Days Ago   Greetings, Team Apple. We've gathered you here today because you're all now living a life of no headphone jack — and honestly, that can be pretty traumatizing.

7 Days Ago   The current laptop market is already overflowing — we're sure you've noticed that if you've done even 30 seconds of research. Unfortunately, laptop is just an umbrella term, and if you thought that was bad, just wait until you attempt to maneuver through the Chromebook market.

10 Days Ago   It's happening. The first Black Friday ad scans are coming through. Dollar Tree is the first we've seen thanks to, which is basically a police scanner for deals to help you create your plan of attack.

10 Days Ago   Columbus Day is on Oct. 8 and the sales are here. The name of the holiday itself is controversial for obvious reasons, but we won't get into that right now.

11 Days Ago   Want to make sure you're never stuck in public with a dead phone again? Have $30 (or so) to spare? Cool. Because with a coupon code from RAVPower, you can snag their six-port USB wall charger for just $20.99 or their solar portable charger for just $37.99.

14 Days Ago   Is it just us or is CBD oil everywhere all of a sudden? We've seen CBD oil for dogs, CBD beauty products, and have spotted it in ice cream, lattes, and cocktails.

17 Days Ago   If you have FOMO from missing the National Video Games Day sales, we'll let you in on a little secret: Walmart just unlocked three new models of the Nintendo Switch for pre-order, and we are freaking out.

18 Days Ago   Okay, we know we freak out over Instant Pot deals on a weekly basis, but even if you ignore all the rest, this is the one to pay attention to.

19 Days Ago   Forget Netflix binges, y'all. This fall, we're being antisocial and staying in for reading binges. Amazon is offering six-month Kindle Unlimited memberships for $29.97. These typically cost $60.

21 Days Ago   MacBook retailers are seriously trying to clean house, y'all. How much do you wanna bet that this could mean a new model is imminent? Last week, conveniently aligned with the release of the new iPhones and Apple Watch, we saw some pretty wild deals on MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros.

26 Days Ago   Update: This deal has now ended. This is a big month for Team Apple, y'all. The new iPhones were announced as well as the Apple Watch Series 4 — but if you were hoping for a new MacBook, you might be feeling left out.

26 Days Ago   Calling everyone who watches the Food Network as if it's a religion: Your obsession is about to get worse. We're sure you've heard of the Pioneer Woman (she's kind of a big deal) — and if you've seen her show, you know that she is the definition of a precious human.

27 Days Ago   If you weren't in the market for a new Apple Watch before, you are now: With the announcement of the Apple Watch Series 4, Walmart has slashed the price of the Series 3 by up to $120.

31 Days Ago   Picking a new laptop and choosing a new car are pretty similar experiences: They're two of the most important decisions you'll make in your precious lifetime.

31 Days Ago   Surprise — this is an iPhone pre-order post. We'll cut right to the chase. Pre-orders for the iPhone XS and XS Max began at 3:10 am EST on Friday, Sept. 14.

32 Days Ago   A long time (a few hours) ago, in a galaxy (website) far far away... MeUndies has debuted his and hers underwear that could make even the most stuck-up, scruffiest, half-witted nerf-herders look like a snack — no Jedi mind tricks required.

32 Days Ago   Apparently Apple made a big announcement yesterday or something — I guess they debuted the new iPhones or whatever. You know, something small that we are totally not freaking out over.

33 Days Ago   Birchbox $10/month View Product The Good Super customizable • Loyalty points for discounts • Extra focus on skin and hair care • Great value for the price The Bad Samples can be tiny • Less than stellar customer service • Repeated products The Bottom Line For skin and hair obsessives, these monthly samples are a clutch way to discover new products — just don't expect a $10 box to singlehandedly stock your collection.

33 Days Ago   In the market for a new monitor but trying to not spend a ridiculous amount? You have a few options: Like waiting until the holidays for a massive sale or meeting up with a sketchy dude from Craigslist to buy his old one.

35 Days Ago   Leaving the weekend behind is never a blast, especially going into a week where the forecast says nothing but rain for everyone on the East Coast (thanks, Hurricane Florence), and wildfire smoke on the West Coast creating some seriously poor air quality.

38 Days Ago   September is upon us, which means it's time to get that last hoorah of summer in. If you got to take a sweet trip this summer, congrats — I'm jealous.

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