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Yesterday   Facebook is pitching its new cryptocurrency, Libra — which will be officially launched in 2020 — as a way for the world’s unbanked to save, send, and spend money.

2 Days Ago   The Atlantic is launching a new skill for Amazon Echo and Google Home: A “single, illuminating idea” every weekday. From the release: Every weekday, when people ask their smart speakers to play The Atlantic’s Daily Idea, they’ll hear a condensed, one-to two-minute read of an Atlantic story, be it “An Artificial Intelligence Developed Its Own...

5 Days Ago   As the trial of the man accused of the Christchurch mosque massacres began a few hours ago, New Zealand’s major media organizations had a plan. They will refuse to run coverage in which the accused and his supporters champion white supremacist or terrorist ideology.

5 Days Ago   “Populists prefer to use television news,” and they’re also spending more time on Facebook. This week, Oxford’s Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism released its annual Digital News Report, a good chunk of which focuses on partisan news, fake news, and trust in the media.

8 Days Ago   Publishers worldwide are installing paywalls, but many — even most — won’t succeed. Private WhatsApp groups are becoming the default for sharing and discussing news in non-Western countries.

12 Days Ago   The Globe and Mail is the new home to the Facebook Political Ad Collector, a browser extension that ProPublica built and released in 2017. As Julia Angwin and Jeff Larson — names that are familiar to you if you’ve been following The Markup … thing — wrote at the time: The tool is a small...

13 Days Ago   It’s not a shocker that a lot has changed at The Atlantic since it was founded all the way back in 1857. Perhaps more surprising, though, is how much has changed there in just the last two and a half years.

14 Days Ago   U.S. adults are more likely to say that “made-up news/info” is a big problem than they are to identify climate change, racism, terrorism, or sexism as such, according to a study out from the Pew Research Center Wednesday: Fifty percent of those surveyed said made-up news (the artist formerly known as “fake news”) is a...

19 Days Ago   In the United States, deaths caused by homicide and terrorism are extremely rare; the leading causes of death are heart disease and cancer. But you wouldn’t guess that by looking at mainstream news coverage, which devotes far more coverage to violent death than it does to death from disease.

19 Days Ago   Facebook and the Pelosi video. A week ago, The Washington Post reported that altered videos (“shallowfakes”) of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — slowed down to make it look as if she were drunk and slurring her words — were spreading on social media.

21 Days Ago   Since Google launched its Digital News Initiative in Europe in 2015, it’s supported 662 European projects with payouts totaling more than €140 million. Now that effort is going global, and that means Google money will become available for North American news organizations: Google announced yesterday that it’s looking to fund digital news projects on this...

22 Days Ago   A new study suggests that consumers who actively take steps to diversify their news consumption — following accounts and news outlets that post a wide range of viewpoints, and interacting online with people who have different views from their own — feel less anxious about current events than people who don’t take such actions.

27 Days Ago   “Stupefying speed.” Bloomberg checked in with Vishvas News, Facebook’s largest Indian-language fact-checking contractor, to see how things went during India’s general elections. (Results announced Thursday gave Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s BJP party a landslide victory.).

28 Days Ago   Summer is fleeting, as is The New York Times’ summer newsletter, which is returning for its second year this week. It will run through Labor Day.

33 Days Ago   Human-caused climate change is arguably the largest crisis facing the world’s population of more than 7 billion, but news organizations have struggled to cover it adequately.

33 Days Ago   If you ever see an article on, it’s fake. The Citizen Lab at University of Toronto released a case study of Endless Mayfly, “an Iran-aligned network of inauthentic websites and online personas used to spread false and divisive information primarily targeting Saudi Arabia, the United States, and Israel.” Here’s how the “disinformation supply chain”...

34 Days Ago   News organizations that want to diversify their editorial output have a number of different ways to do it. On the lame end, they can simply talk about wanting to be more diverse without actually doing anything about it.

36 Days Ago   In the last two months of 2018, more than 240,000 people gave money to nonprofit news organizations with help from NewsMatch — and 52,000 of them were donating to a nonprofit news organization for the first time.

36 Days Ago   It’s easy to make broad claims about the American media. “They’re all just a bunch of leftists!” “It’s all run by fat-cat corporations!” “They don’t report the facts like they used to — now it’s all their opinion!” The people making these claims aren’t always responsive to facts, but a broad new linguistic analysis out...

40 Days Ago   Seventy-eight percent of Americans have never spoken with a local journalist at all, according to data highlighted by Pew on Friday — but of the 21 percent who say they have (1 percent didn’t answer), they are more likely to be white, college-educated, and older.

40 Days Ago   “Passive misinformation” is a problem for The Hill and other mainstream media outlets. The liberal Media Matters did a study of how news organizations handle misleading claims and lies from Trump.

42 Days Ago   Over about five years, The New York Times developed its Cooking product from a bunch of unmonetized recipes floating around its website, to a free website and app, to a paid app and vibrant community.

43 Days Ago   I’m not sure if this is an example of a healthy platform/publisher relationship or what, exactly, but it’s certainly different: Amazon is so into sites like The New York Times’ Wirecutter, BuzzFeed’s shopping channel, and New York’s The Strategist driving shoppers its way that it is considering paying those sites to expand their buying recommendations...

47 Days Ago   “Residents cycle between verifying information and disengaging from news to relieve stress.” In the International Journal for Communication, Temple University’s Andrea Wenzel looks at how consumers — in 13 focus groups across cities in California, Indiana, Kentucky, and New York — “navigate vast quantities of often conflicting information and misinformation about the state of their...

47 Days Ago   It’s been a little over a year since launched its metered paywall, which allows readers to access four free stories a month before they’re asked to subscribe.

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