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Yesterday   This week Congress dealt a blow to President Donald Trump’s idea for a Space Force, authorizing just $15 million to fund the operation. Critics in Congress believe that the administration hasn’t made a good enough case for a new form of military service.

6 Days Ago   The Navy’s next tranche of attack submarines will control unmanned undersea vehicles and deploy SEAL commandos, according to U.S. Naval Institute News. The shift reflects the Navy’s broad shift towards big power warfare - think a low-grade war with China or Russia – where unmanned submarines would stalk enemy ships… Read more...

8 Days Ago   The U.S. government has a new, unusual tool in its toolbox of death: a missile designed to kill people not with high explosives but with large, sword-like blades that kill by literally slicing them to pieces.

15 Days Ago   The United States has seized a North Korean vessel it claims was engaged in sanctions-busting behavior, exporting the country’s coal while importing heavy machinery and other goods.

15 Days Ago   More than half a century ago this week, the United States conducted its only farm-to-table nuclear missile test. The test, code-named “Frigate Bird,” involved the launch of a Polaris missile from a submarine carrying a live nuclear warhead.

20 Days Ago   If you had to guess which state contains a private air force, you would guess Texas. You just would. Airborne Tactical Advantage, located near Fort Worth, Texas, has an inventory of more than 90 fighter and attack jets, contracting them to the U.S.

23 Days Ago   The United Kingdom is cutting its tank force for the second time in just 10 years. The British Army, bowing to costs, can only afford to upgrade a third of its current tank fleet.

25 Days Ago   After at least two high profile incidents in which U.S. Navy aircraft and ships spotted unusual flying objects near training areas, the military is now introducing new guidelines for pilots to more easily report such sightings.

29 Days Ago   There are three things that everyone just knows will be harbingers of the apocalypse. Robots, tanks, and unrestricted warfare involving China. Anyway, in unrelated news, China now has an autonomous boat-tank-thing.

32 Days Ago   The Scaled Composites Model 401 is a small, single engine jet that looks just like what the military wants: new a light attack aircraft capable of supporting troops on the ground.

43 Days Ago   What may well be a small, one or two-person submarine and mothership has been sighted at a military base in Nampo, North Korea. The small submarines are allegedly meant to conduct suicide attacks on enemy ships, and their appearance could be part of a regular training cycle, or something more sinister.

49 Days Ago   A civilian was reportedly injured late last month after his ride-along with the French Air Force took an unexpected turn. The man’s ejection seat somehow fired, sending him soaring into the sky.

56 Days Ago   One of Russia’s largest defense contractors has received a patent for, of all things, a shotgun-wielding flying drone. A video uploaded to YouTube shows the drone, which sounds like a chainsaw, blowing away flying targets before making a landing.

58 Days Ago   The U.S. Marine Corps is testing a new fleet of wheeled amphibious assault vehicles capable of hauling a squad of grunts ashore in an amphibious assault and then carry them deep inland.

65 Days Ago   The United States is planning to quickly develop two new missiles previously banned by a 30-year-old arms control treaty. America’s withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, sparked by allegations of Russian cheating, is paving the way for Washington to match Russian weapons with new missiles of… Read more...

71 Days Ago   Last week, the Pentagon was abuzz with the news that the U.S. Navy had offered up a sacred cow: the early retirement of an aircraft carrier as a way to save money.

72 Days Ago   Countries across the Asia-Pacific are not—repeat not—buying the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter because of China. That’s from China’s hawkish Global Times—an arm of the newspaper run by the Communist Party of China—which assured readers this week that, while they may read stories that Australia, Japan, South Korea, and now… Read more...

77 Days Ago   The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is being sold to the U.S. military and the air forces of thirteen allies under a program worth approximately $1.4 trillion worldwide.

79 Days Ago   Late last week, military news site Task & Purpose confirmed a disturbing fact: the newly created U.S. Space Force has no intention of fighting aliens. Despite the recent uptick of military UFO sightings, the Pentagon appears uninterested (at least officially) in the possibility of hostile aliens.

80 Days Ago   The U.S. Army is preparing the M1A2 Abrams, its long-serving main battle tank, to be able to fight through the 2020s with a some upgrades. The latest version of the tank, now designated M1A2C, could well be the last upgrade for the Abrams until a replacement vehicle is fielded sometime in the next decade.

86 Days Ago   A war started Monday night between two countries with arsenals full of nuclear weapons, and you probably haven’t even realized it. India and Pakistan are absolutely slugging it out again, and this is what’s going on.

88 Days Ago   The United States may or may not be getting a Space Force, but while President Trump is all-in on the creation of a new branch of the U.S.

91 Days Ago   The Russian Navy is in trouble. After years of coasting on the largesse of the Cold War, Russia’s navy is set to tumble in size and relevance over the next two decades.

98 Days Ago   One of the most mysterious and little known aspects of the military is how the nation’s fleet of nuclear submarines work. Submarine warfare, with its emphasis on stealth and secrecy to ensure survival, tends to result in less information about how the submarine community goes about its business.

99 Days Ago   The Second World War ended in 1945, but you wouldn’t know it from the look of some navies. At least eight countries still operate warships built for service in World War II—and in at least one case much earlier than that.

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