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Yesterday   The United States is planning to quickly develop two new missiles previously banned by a 30-year-old arms control treaty. America’s withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, sparked by allegations of Russian cheating, is paving the way for Washington to match Russian weapons with new missiles of… Read more...

6 Days Ago   Last week, the Pentagon was abuzz with the news that the U.S. Navy had offered up a sacred cow: the early retirement of an aircraft carrier as a way to save money.

7 Days Ago   Countries across the Asia-Pacific are not—repeat not—buying the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter because of China. That’s from China’s hawkish Global Times—an arm of the newspaper run by the Communist Party of China—which assured readers this week that, while they may read stories that Australia, Japan, South Korea, and now… Read more...

13 Days Ago   The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is being sold to the U.S. military and the air forces of thirteen allies under a program worth approximately $1.4 trillion worldwide.

14 Days Ago   Late last week, military news site Task & Purpose confirmed a disturbing fact: the newly created U.S. Space Force has no intention of fighting aliens. Despite the recent uptick of military UFO sightings, the Pentagon appears uninterested (at least officially) in the possibility of hostile aliens.

16 Days Ago   The U.S. Army is preparing the M1A2 Abrams, its long-serving main battle tank, to be able to fight through the 2020s with a some upgrades. The latest version of the tank, now designated M1A2C, could well be the last upgrade for the Abrams until a replacement vehicle is fielded sometime in the next decade.

21 Days Ago   A war started Monday night between two countries with arsenals full of nuclear weapons, and you probably haven’t even realized it. India and Pakistan are absolutely slugging it out again, and this is what’s going on.

23 Days Ago   The United States may or may not be getting a Space Force, but while President Trump is all-in on the creation of a new branch of the U.S.

26 Days Ago   The Russian Navy is in trouble. After years of coasting on the largesse of the Cold War, Russia’s navy is set to tumble in size and relevance over the next two decades.

33 Days Ago   One of the most mysterious and little known aspects of the military is how the nation’s fleet of nuclear submarines work. Submarine warfare, with its emphasis on stealth and secrecy to ensure survival, tends to result in less information about how the submarine community goes about its business.

35 Days Ago   The Second World War ended in 1945, but you wouldn’t know it from the look of some navies. At least eight countries still operate warships built for service in World War II—and in at least one case much earlier than that.

40 Days Ago   One of the major accomplishments of the Cold War is on life support. The Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty, which eliminated an entire class of nuclear missiles, is currently in a coma and two of the signatories, the United States and Russia, are bickering over who is responsible.

40 Days Ago   Few things besides being on the terrifying receiving end of the near-infinite might of our awesome missiles and guns illustrate naval power better than a good chart, and this handy infographic illustrates why the U.S.

41 Days Ago   As the threat of North Korean nuclear weapons looms, and the fate of international war and lives hang in the balance, it’s good to remember the extraordinary lengths states will go to if diplomatic efforts fail and so-called “rogue states” attempt to build atomic weapons.

50 Days Ago   The Department of Defense wants a portable nuclear reactor the size of a main battle tank that’s capable of being lifted to overseas hot spots. The reactor would provide megawatts of power for U.S.

54 Days Ago   The F-35 Lightning II, a jet capable of doing all the things fighter jets normally do, may take on the new mission of swatting down ballistic missiles threatening the United States and its allies abroad.

62 Days Ago   Russian state news media is reporting that the country’s armed forces will receive more than thirty, long-range nuclear-tipped super-torpedoes. Named Poseidon, the super-torpedoes will be armed with thermonuclear warheads designed to obliterate coastal cities and other targets and spread lethal radioactive fallout.… Read more...

64 Days Ago   The F-35 that’s supposed to form the backbone of the western world’s air forces for the next couple decades already has an awkward reputation, having been publicly maligned as over budget and underperforming.

145 Days Ago   A Chinese company has tested a supersonic anti-ship missile dubbed an “aircraft carrier killer.” The HD-1 ramjet-powered missile, intended for export, could help countries fend off American and other aircraft carriers, creating no-go zones off their coastlines.

147 Days Ago   President Donald Trump announced the other day that the United States will abandon a treaty, originally signed with the Soviet Union, designed to prevent the deployment of the exact sort of missiles that scare the bejeezus out of world leaders.

149 Days Ago   Despite technological advances, the load ordinary soldiers carry in 2018 is probably greater than it’s ever been. The U.S. Army is hoping to help with that somewhat by introducing a new, lighter protective vest designed to stop bullets and shrapnel.

154 Days Ago   The U.S. Army is on the lookout for a new vehicle to replace the M2 Bradley, and it doesn’t want a vehicle with firepower the equal of potential adversaries.

160 Days Ago   U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis has ordered this of the armed services: get your fighter jets ready for action. Mattis has instructed the services he wants four out of five fighter jets ready for combat within one year—which is a far cry from current levels.

161 Days Ago   Russia has had a lot of wonder weapons in the news, from combat walkers to nuclear-powered cruise missiles. Many of these weapons verge on the ridiculous or are the product of propaganda, but some are legitimately concerning.

168 Days Ago   A Russian company is jumping on the hypersonic weapons bandwagon, claiming it can design a high powered bullets that travel nearly twice as fast as current sniper rounds.

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