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Yesterday   The Naseka electric snowmobile is a vehicle built for kids, allowing them to have a safe and efficient ride on snow, with the ability to trade out the ski for a wheel for use in the summer too.

2 Days Ago   The new Soul Blade wireless earbuds provide the ability to track your heart rate during a workout while an A.I.-powered coach gives advice and info on how to improve form and efficiency while exercising.

3 Days Ago   The new Kammock Mantis hammock is a lightweight all-in-one solution that includes a rainfly, built-in insect netting, onboard storage, and tree-friendly straps to create a complete and comfortable camping system that is easy to set up.

7 Days Ago   The new Skullcandy Vert Bluetooth earbuds are designed with action sports athletes in mind, putting audio controls on a convenient dial that provides glove-friendly options to pause and play music, and adjust volume.

10 Days Ago   Skiers and snowboarders can now share their activity on the hill within their Strava profile thanks to a new collaboration with the fitness-tracking app and Slopes, an app designed for use on the hill.

19 Days Ago   A new tent designed by a National Geographic explorer and a college professor is built for use underwater by scuba divers allowing them to stay down longer, take rest breaks, and safely decompress while exploring the ocean.

24 Days Ago   The Hydro Flask Journey hydration pack uses insulating fabrics and heat-reflecting materials to help keep your water fresh and cold for hours on end while out for a hike or mountain bike ride.

27 Days Ago   If you want to keep your smartphones, tablets, and other devices charged while camping int he backcountry these battery packs and portable power stations are rugged enough to survive while providing plenty of power too.

31 Days Ago   The new Nike Adapt BB shoe comes with smartphone connectivity that allows the user to tighten the laces using a smartphone while providing the ability to adjust tension throughout the game.

39 Days Ago   At CES 2019, Goal Zero expands its ability to store power at home and while traveling with the introduction of the Yeti Tank and Yeti Link, as well as redesigned Sherpa battery packs and a new Nomad 5 solar panel.

39 Days Ago   Futurelight, the new high-tech fabric from The North Face, promises to be the most waterproof, breathable, and eco-friendly fabric ever created, eliminating condensation to completely change the game for outdoor pursuits.

43 Days Ago   When designing its new driver and faraway woods, Callaway used artificial intelligence for the very first time with the A.I. coming up with a completely new shape that resulted in a 5 to 10 percent increase in distances hit.

43 Days Ago   The Cybic Legend is a new bike set to hit the streets in the U.K. this summer that comes equipped with Amazon's digital assistant Alexa, who can provide the rider with traffic updates and navigational cues.

44 Days Ago   Walkie-talkies remain one of the best methods for communicating in the backcountry, offering solid battery life, good range, and reliable technology built for use in the outdoors.

46 Days Ago   The warmest insulator known to man is Aerogel, which has begun finding its way into outdoor gear at long last, delivering on the promise of lightweight and thin products that perform well in cold conditions.

50 Days Ago   These are the best heated jackets for keeping us warm and comfortable in the colder temperatures of winter, providing a surprisingly cosy experience powered only by a lightweight rechargeable USB battery pack.

61 Days Ago   There are a number of great fitness devices that aren't smartphones or fitness trackers, providing functionality that those products can't while helping us to stay healthier and injury free in pursuit of our goals.

68 Days Ago   If you're thinking about going outside this winter, heated apparel is a must. Luckily, we've rounded up some of the best heated clothing, whether you're looking for battery-powered gloves or heated insoles.

70 Days Ago   The Grayl Geopress water purification system removes more than 99 percent of all bacteria, cysts, and viruses from water in just eight seconds, providing clean drinking water to travelers and outdoor adventurers.

71 Days Ago   The Onak 2.0 is an origami-inspired folding kayak that measures 15 feet in length when fully assembled, yet can breakdown and be stored in a small, easily transported box making it a great option for apartment dwellers.

73 Days Ago   Columbia Sportswear introduced a limited edition parka based on the jackets that were worn by the crew that filmed The Empire Strikes Back in 1979 that are sure to be a coveted item for Star Wars fans.

80 Days Ago   Red Bull Rampage is the craziest mountain bike event in the world, pushing riders to their limits. Fortunately they are armed with some of the best bike technology around, allowing them survive this wild and dangerous competition.

86 Days Ago   The Somewear satellite messenger is now up and running, giving travelers and outdoor enthusiasts the ability to send text messages from virtually anywhere on the planet using just the Iridium satellite network and their smartphone.

89 Days Ago   Super Magnesium is a wonder material that is 30 percent lighter than aluminum, as strong as carbon fiber, cheaper to make, and 100-percent recyclable, making it much better for the environment.

100 Days Ago   Magnetic Microlights are a new option for cyclists that use nothing more than magnets to generate power to illuminate a bike light that is bright, eco-friendly, and increases the safety of riders.

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