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59 Days Ago   Hollywood is currently at a fever pitch to remake classic animated films into live-action spectacles. Now, the praised 1995 science-fiction anime  Ghost in the Shell is up to bat.

62 Days Ago   Whether you're looking to track your fitness goals, access important emails, or simply tell the time at a glance, the perfect smartwatch should be an indispensable extension of your smartphone.

65 Days Ago   With Ridley Scott's long anticipated  Alien: Covenant on the horizon, the sci-fi horror scene has come back with a vengeance. Could  Life finally be the film to hit the high mark set by  Alien in 1979 and revolutionize the genre itself?

66 Days Ago   Go go Power Rangers! Everyone's favorite teenagers with attitude are back in a shiny new reboot. Does this modern adaptation recapture the heart of the beloved mid-90s TV show?

67 Days Ago   It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's an unmanned aerial vehicle! Drones have revolutionized both the professional and recreational photography and videography markets. With easy maneuverability, focused stabilization, and a high quality camera, the right drone can help you grab that impossible to reach shot you've always been looking for; but just how much of this relatively young market is cheap gimmicks and flashy sales techniques?

73 Days Ago   With the long-awaited remake of Beauty and the Beast, Disney's slate of live-action adaptations of animated classics is officially in full swing. Does this updated take on the tale as old as time recapture the magic of the original masterpiece?

74 Days Ago   From extreme sports to rainforest treks and everything in between, there's no better gadget to capture life's wildest moments than an action camera. Naturally, we've gone ahead and found the best of the best for you.

76 Days Ago   Whether you're watching the latest blockbuster or Sunday night football with your friends, it's always better in glorious 4K. Now, we've rounded up the best 4K TVs that look great and don't break the bank.

80 Days Ago   The art of the monster movie makes a rip-roaring return with  Kong: Skull Island, a resurrection of everyone's favorite ape in an a completely original tale. No, the Empire State Building is nowhere to be found in this flick, but does Kong  still manage to climb to new heights?

82 Days Ago   Liquid energy, morning mojo, elixir of the gods. These are the best of the best in coffee makers. Whether you're imbibing your morning brew for robust flavor or simply for basic human function, coffee is one of life's essentials.

86 Days Ago   Every so often, a film comes along that waylays its genre's boundaries and becomes something else entirely. Logan is that film -- a thought-provoking character drama disguised as a superhero movie.

90 Days Ago   Whether they're counting your steps or helping you keep caloric tabs on that late-night McDonald's trip, fitness trackers have taken the guesswork out of personal health. Now, we've taken the guesswork out of fitness trackers.

153 Days Ago   If you're a casual music listener who couldn't give a rat's you-know-what about high-fidelity sound, you may want to stop reading here. We're talking about one of the best pairs of wireless headphones on the market -- the Master & Dynamic MW60 wireless over-ear headphones.

154 Days Ago   This ain't your free dentist toothbrush, folks. If you're serious about the health and wellbeing of your pearly whites, it's time to get serious about your toothbrush.

158 Days Ago   In the age of smart homes, hubs, and total integration, the right lighting is often overlooked. While it's definitely more fun to fiddle with your smart fridge or HD video-equipped doorbell, perfectly adjusted lighting is essential to, as "The Dude" Lebowski would put it, "tie the room together." If you are looking for a way to give your home lighting a unique and customized feel, the Leviton DZMX1-1BZ dimmer is the perfect fit with your smart setup.

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