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20 Hours Ago   It sure looks like Apple is moving closer and closer to its goal of merging its iOS and macOS ecosystems. Apple has plans to bring more iOS features, including Screen Time and Siri Shortcuts, to macOS later in 2019, according a new report from 9to5Mac.

23 Hours Ago   Amazon is now using facial recognition to verify its delivery drivers' identities. Specifically, the change applies to people who drive for Amazon Flex, the retail giant's program that allows contract workers to deliver Amazon packages using their own cars.

Yesterday   Uber's self-driving cars still aren't very reliable, apparently. Business Insider reports that Uber's self-driving tech is still far behind competitors like Waymo. The report, which cites interviews with employees in Uber's Advanced Technologies Group (ATG), compares the self-driving cars project to a "science experiment," and says that the cars "perform reliably only on limited well-mapped routes, and aren't making much progress on handling more." That may sound like a harsh assessment, but as

2 Days Ago   Instagram might be changing up one of the most fundamental parts of its service: likes. New screenshots suggest the company is testing a way to hide like counts in Instagram posts.

2 Days Ago   Welp, it looks like millions of Instagram accounts were left out in the open for Facebook employees to see. A full month after Facebook admitted it mistakenly stored hundreds of million of passwords in plaintext where employees could see them, the company quietly added a significant update: that millions of Instagram passwords were also affected.

3 Days Ago   It looks like Tile is about to get some competition. Apple is working on its own Tile competitor, which will utilize iPhones to help people track their personal items, according to a new report in 9to5Mac.

3 Days Ago   Facebook's smart speaker didn’t ship with a rival to Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. But the company is now working on its own digital assistant, according to a new report from CNBC.

4 Days Ago   Welp, that was fast. Just hours after Apple and Qualcomm announced that they'd finally settled their long-running legal battle, Intel says it's abandoning its plans for a 5G smartphone modem.

4 Days Ago   Twitter has been slowly getting better at fixing abuse and harassment on its platform — despite a few embarrassing blunders. Now, the company says it's finally getting better at addressing one of the most obvious problems: that most harassment isn't dealt with unless it's reported by the victim.

4 Days Ago   Google's Pixel 3 camera is getting even smarter. The latest camera update adds new "kiss recognition" abilities to the phone, allowing it to automatically detect — and photograph — your smooches.

5 Days Ago   If you're a fan of dark mode on just about every device you own, you're really going to like the next version of iOS. That's because iOS 13, the iOS update expected later this year, will finally add a system-wide dark mode, according to a new report from 9to5Mac.

5 Days Ago   Jack Dorsey's mother and father, the '80s band Whitesnake, a "war room" associated with Donald Trump's reelection campaign — these are a few of the more than 10,000 accounts Twitter has quietly verified in recent months, despite putting its verification program on hold.

8 Days Ago   Even Hollywood's brightest stars are vulnerable to the pain and suffering of Instagram's broken customer support system. Good Girls actor Matthew Lillard — also known for starring in cult classics such as SLC Punk!, Scream, and Hackers — learned this the hard way when he recently discovered he was locked out of his Instagram account.

8 Days Ago   Snapchat and HBO have teamed up on a new Game of Thrones-themed lens and the results are pretty epic. The new lens features an ice dragon landing on top of New York's Flatiron Building and covering the whole thing in ice.

10 Days Ago   Instagram is taking new steps to limit the reach of content it deems "inappropriate." The app will no longer recommend content that's "inappropriate," in its app, even if it doesn't explicitly break Instagram's rules, the company announced Wednesday.

11 Days Ago   Facebook is trying to put a stop to its most painful notifications. The company is making several changes to how it deals with accounts that have been memorialized, including one that will attempt to put a stop to birthday reminders and event notifications for friends who have died.

15 Days Ago   Snap has long been known for its secretive ways. Even after going public in 2017, CEO Evan Spiegel rarely divulges much about the company publicly, save for quarterly earnings calls.

16 Days Ago   Snapchat just made its gaming platform official. The company unveiled its long-rumored gaming feature, Snap Games, at its Partner Summit event in Los Angeles. There are six games starting to roll out to the app now.

16 Days Ago   More than two years after Facebook started copying Snapchat's Stories feature, Snap has a new plan to get its Stories in more places. The company is bringing its Stories to third-party apps like Tinder and Houseparty as it deepens its relationship with outside developers.

16 Days Ago   Snapchat's camera is about to get a lot smarter. The company unveiled new search features for its in-app camera, including the ability to search for GIFs and solve math equations.

18 Days Ago   Twitter is making it easier for people to appeal decisions about bad behavior on its platform. The company is launching a new appeals process inside its app so people can ask the company to reconsider its decisions after a report has been made.

20 Days Ago   Government regulation is coming for Facebook — and Mark Zuckerberg has some ideas about how it should all go down. Over the weekend, the Facebook CEO published an op-ed in the Washington Post outlining the kinds of regulation he thinks Facebook and other tech giants should face, likely with the hope it could guide lawmakers who are calling for new rules.

20 Days Ago   Facebook could impose new limits on who can live stream to Facebook Live following the Christchurch terror attack, which was broadcast live on the social network.

20 Days Ago   Elon Musk just colonized a whole new world of WTF. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO dropped a track on SoundCloud called "RIP Harambe," a heavily auto-tuned song about the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla whose 2016 killing launched a million memes.

22 Days Ago   Apple just owned up to one of its most embarrassing fails of all time. Just days after its star-studded event that was supposed to herald a new chapter for the company, Apple announced that its most anticipated accessory won't actually be launching — ever.

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