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Yesterday   If you've ever used Siri or Google to call a business, you could be in danger of falling victim to a new scam. Phone calls made with voice assistants could open people up to scammers, who have found a clever new way to exploit our growing dependence on Siri and Google.

Yesterday   Alexa and Siri aren't nearly as capable as Google Assistant, according to new research. Research firm Loup Ventures recently published its semi-annual report on smartphone-based digital assistants, and the results once again show that Google is significantly ahead of Amazon and Apple.

Yesterday   We're still a few weeks away from Apple's next big product launch, but more clues about the new lineup of gadgets are starting to emerge — including the Apple Watch.

3 Days Ago   It looks like Instagram is getting ready to finally revamp one of its most popular features: Boomerang. Instagram is readying as many as five new styles of looping video for its app, according to code discovered in its Android app.

3 Days Ago   Instagram is, very slowly, ramping up its tools to fight misinformation. The photo-sharing app will now let its users report posts that contain "false information." Reported posts may be sent to one of Instagram's fact-checkers and the post could eventually be hidden from Instagram's Explore page and hashtag pages.

3 Days Ago   Imagine you're going about your day when a notification pops up on your phone: "From [roommate's name]: take out the trash." No, it's not a passive aggressive text, just a friendly "reminder." That's the premise of "assignable reminders," the latest Google Assistant feature, which lets you push specific tasks to the people you live with.

4 Days Ago   Just because you're in a private Facebook doesn't mean the company isn't keeping tabs on what you're doing. That's the not-so-subtle reminder the social network is sending groups.

5 Days Ago   Twitter just unveiled yet another experiment it's hoping will help make its service a more welcoming place: the ability to follow topics the same way you might follow individual accounts.

5 Days Ago   Get ready to see a lot of new augmented reality effects in Instagram. The photo-sharing app is now prominently featuring user-generated AR selfie filters in a move that seems like a direct challenge to Snapchat's Lenses.

6 Days Ago   Typically, Google Doodles honor famous personalities or historical events (and, sometimes, surprisingly addictive games). The latest Google Doodle is none of those things, but the illustration has its own heartwarming backstory.

6 Days Ago   Tumblr's future is finally clear: Verizon is selling the blogging platform, which Yahoo once valued at more than a billion dollars, for a "nominal amount," according to The Wall Street Journal.

6 Days Ago   It's no secret that Facebook is wary of competitors. The company regularly acquires or copies smaller apps it sees as potential threats. But one recent upstart did mange to slip away from the company: Houseparty.

7 Days Ago   Hope, a 19-year-old college student at the University of Texas, had just walked off a plane from a family vacation when she had a sinking realization: she had left her AirPods onboard.

11 Days Ago   Samsung's big Note 10 event came with a surprise reveal: the Galaxy Book S, an LTE-enabled laptop with a whopping 23-hour battery life. The company unveiled the $999 laptop onstage at its Note 10 event in New York.

11 Days Ago   If you don't live in a city, chances are that your options for high-speed internet are limited at best. Naturally, Elizabeth I-have-a-plan-for-that Warren has a plan to address this.

12 Days Ago   Facebook is going after more shady app developers for abusing its platform. The social media company filed a lawsuit against two app developers it says used malware-ridden Android apps to engage in "click injection fraud." According to Facebook, the developer used malware embedded in its Android apps to fake clicks on ads to make money off unsuspecting users who downloaded their apps.

13 Days Ago   Apple's first credit card is here. The company is now opening up applications for its credit card to the public as part of a "preview." Beginning today, a subset of people — the company isn't saying how exactly many — who signed up for updates on Apple's website will receive invitations allowing them to apply for the card.

14 Days Ago   Apple's credit card is launching soon, and it looks like the highly anticipated card will come with a few unusual rules. Goldman Sachs, which partnered with Apple on the card, published the customer agreement, revealing a few new details about the iPhone maker's new offering.

14 Days Ago   Amazon's plans to launch a drone delivery service in the United States are slowly inching forward. The Federal Aviation Administration just announced an important milestone in drone flight that has significant implications for Amazon and other companies hoping to launch commercial drone operations.

14 Days Ago   If you've been thinking about buying a new Tesla, now might be a good time to make a move. Tesla is offering prospective buyers some extra incentive: free supercharging when you buy a new Model X or Model S. New purchases of the two cars will come with"free unlimited" supercharging, Tesla announced in a tweet.

14 Days Ago   It might be time to break your Google Chrome habit. Though Google's browser is the most popular browser by an overwhelming margin, there are some good reasons to switch, especially if you care about privacy.

17 Days Ago   If you've ever felt like Facebook was literally listening to your conversations, you're really not going to like its newest idea. A patent published Thursday details how Facebook could place targeted advertising inside of private conversations in Messenger.

17 Days Ago   Another day, another massive account takedown on Facebook. The company has removed hundreds of accounts, pages, and groups it says were tied to the Saudi Arabian government for engaging in "coordinated inauthentic behavior." The ring of accounts consisted of 217 Facebook accounts, 144 pages, five groups, and 31 Instagram accounts, which combined reached more than a million people across Facebook and Instagram, according to the company.

18 Days Ago   I was scrolling through Instagram recently when I noticed something strange: the app was suggesting friends based on who was in my phone's contact list, even though I had long ago disabled contacts syncing in the app.

18 Days Ago   Facebook is pushing ahead with the next version of its Portal devices. The company could launch a new, TV-connected Portal this fall, according to a new report in The Information.

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