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2 Days Ago   Most of you may have gathered as much, but the U Ultra wasn't HTC's real 2017 flagship. While we gave it a "good" 7.2 rating in our review, most people weren't exactly happy with it, due to a few questionable decisions such as omitting the headphone jack, putting an inadequate battery inside, and pricing it way too high.

3 Days Ago   It appears that HTC has pretty much given up on subtlety at this point. We've just received an invitation to an event, which, unless the company is for some reason pulling the ol' bait-and-switch, will surely be dedicated to the unveiling of the much-rumored HTC U (Ocean) flagship.

4 Days Ago   Accessories aren't usually the talk of the town, but when Samsung announced it will be bundling its latest flagship, the Galaxy S8, with a pair of AKG-branded earphones otherwise worth $100, my interest was piqued, so I decided to put them to the test.

5 Days Ago   Facebook has an unhealthy addiction: taking other services' ideas and putting them into its own products. Its core app, as well as Messenger, have received their own versions of pretty much every major Snapchat feature, and also just a week ago its other major platform, Instagram, got the same treatment (though it's had its own Stories for a while now).

5 Days Ago   If you're unfamiliar with the adventure game genre, you may be surprised to learn that it isn't, in fact, as action-packed and intense as its name suggests.

5 Days Ago   Have you been feeling lucky lately? Perhaps you found some money on the sidewalk, or maybe won yourself a little something from a scratch-off ticket – and now you want to take that high a bit further by betting that money on something.

10 Days Ago   The Google app for Android's latest beta version, v7.0, was pushed out a few days ago, but Android Police's latest teardown of the app could have possibly revealed the code name of yet another upcoming Google device, following the recently-uncovered fishy names of the possible upcoming Pixel successors, which were found out in much the same way.

10 Days Ago   Samsung is seriously riding that Galaxy S8 hype wave right now, throwing more and more pieces of marketing at us every day. South Koreans have it even more interesting, though, judging by the recent announcement of a new line of accessories for the Galaxy S8 and S8+, called Samsung Galaxy Friends.

10 Days Ago   Huawei's bet on smartphones seems to be paying off, judging from its ever-increasing sales numbers. In a recent press conference, the company shared that it has so far sold more than five million units of its late 2016 flagship phablet, the Mate 9, which is a 36% increase over its predecessor's sales for the same period of time.

10 Days Ago   Here's a hot take: Pokemon Go is not a good video game. The lack of any meaningful progression, the bad gym battles, the bugs, and the small amount of monsters available all add up to a miserable experience.

10 Days Ago   You can buy pretty much everything in China, provided you know exactly where to look – and youtuber Scotty Allen wanted to prove that. So he decided to go on a quest to build his own iPhone 6s entirely from spare parts bought from Chinese street vendors.

11 Days Ago   HTC isn't at the top of its game right now, what with the lukewarm reception of its latest offerings, the U Ultra and U Play. And let's not get into the infamously bad financial situation the company has been in for a while – or in other words, it really needs a big winner.

11 Days Ago   Whether you're willing to admit it or not, chipset benchmarks aren't really that big of a deal – yes, you might be able to squeeze some more processing power from the latest hardware, but ultimately that will have little to no impact on your everyday experience of using a phone – the feeling of good performance relies much more on software optimization and smooth animations than on the raw hardware running underneath.

11 Days Ago   Tapping on a link before a web page has fully loaded is one of the 21st century's biggest risks: in fact, it's almost a given that just a moment before your finger touches the screen, the page will randomly shift upwards, resulting in a misclick.

12 Days Ago   File this one under 'wild speculation but with a hint of credibility': according to SamMobile, updates to a couple of Samsung's Android apps suggest we might be seeing an update to Android 7.1 Nougat hit the company's devices, including the Galaxy S8, soon.

12 Days Ago   You may remember stories of the bootlooping issues that have been plaguing LG devices for a couple of years now – the problems initially began with the G4 and V10, though users of later models have also reported experiencing the issue.

12 Days Ago   Update: We seem to have fallen victim to the hype machine. It wasn't the Mi 6 that was unveiled today, but rather just its release date – April 19, and we sincerely apologize for the confusion.

13 Days Ago   Good news for fans of high quality audio: the Quad DAC LG G6 edition will no longer be limited to Korea only. Well, good news for fans of high quality audio in Australia, at least, as this appears to be the only confirmed non-Korea region to receive this version of the device so far.

13 Days Ago   As a result of its devices' relatively good specs and competitive prices, Xiaomi is one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in China, though the brand has been growing in popularity outside the country as well.

13 Days Ago   Like it or not, the next big thing in smartphones appears to be putting edge displays in flagships. Samsung has been ahead of the curve (get it?) ever since the 2014 Galaxy Note Edge, but it seems the competition has finally started catching up, judging by a recent report pointing in the direction of Google equipping a future Pixel-branded smartphone with one as well.

16 Days Ago   Uber can't seem to be able to catch a break lately, what with the long string of sexism accusations, and calls for mass deletion, as well as the many, many lawsuits, the list of which just grew by one.

17 Days Ago   The Android Wear 2.0 rollout has been problematic to say the least, seeing as none of the popular devices have received it yet, almost two moths after its launch.

17 Days Ago   Xiaomi's "concept phone" Mi MIX, which essentially kickstarted the recent shift to nearly bezelless smartphones, is one of the better examples of a good marketing decision being a bad one in a market sense.

17 Days Ago   Sometimes an announcement is so out of the left field you can't help but wonder just how many board room meetings it had to survive to become a reality.

17 Days Ago   Many people don't know this nowadays, but posting to Twitter doesn't actually require a data connection. This, just like the 140-symbol limit, is a holdover from the days when tweeting was done via sending a text message, a feature which is actually still available today.

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