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9 Hours Ago   The money will go towards covering roads out of smaller regional centers to rural towns and provide any caller access to emergency services. The post Rogers spending $100 million to cover 1,000km of rural Canada with LTE appeared first on Pocketnow.

12 Hours Ago   A Huawei marketing executive left the possibility vague and open, but the Mate X would cost the equivalent of 19 months of average Indian income. The post €2,299 foldable Huawei Mate X may head to India appeared first on Pocketnow.

14 Hours Ago   The CEO of T-Mobile is slamming the price hike Verizon customers will have to take to access its 5G network. Sprint and T-Mobile customers won't pay more.

17 Hours Ago   You can place the new AirPods charging case on a Qi charging pad. It costs $79. No, not the AirPods themselves. Those cost more. The post AirPods updated with wireless charging case, new silicon appeared first on Pocketnow.

Yesterday   DC officials are telling their London counterparts that Huawei can still send data back to its home government and circumvent hardware inspections. The post US cranks pressure on UK over Huawei, 5G appeared first on Pocketnow.

Yesterday   The new service was announced as a major step to taking the burden off of gamers for having to own massive, powerful computers to play. The post Google Stadia revealed as a game streaming service for all platforms – TVs and phones included appeared first on Pocketnow.

Yesterday   How much are you going to pay to connect your new iPad mini or iPad Air to your favorite LTE network? Depends on the carrier you're on.

Yesterday   Believe it or not, it still might be alive. But the Razer Phone 3 could be coming against rougher competition in the gaming sector. The post Razer Phone 3 might still be on for this year appeared first on Pocketnow.

Yesterday   Apple has reportedly been going after potential content vendors with a deal: join our bundled subscriptions service and we'll take a 30 percent cut. The post Netflix announces it will not be on Apple video subscription appeared first on Pocketnow.

Yesterday   One old model is being carried over for the base tier, but overall, the iMac is getting up to six Intel cores for its business. The post iMac updated with more Intel cores for 4K, 5K versions appeared first on Pocketnow.

Yesterday   HMD Global is running with another Android 9 Pie update, this time to the Nokia 5.1. There have been a couple of complaints, but it's a good policy.

Yesterday   The semiconductors company is bringing out new silicon for what it calls the "second generation" of smart speakers. What does it entail? The post Qualcomm’s more power-efficient chip for smart speakers debuts appeared first on Pocketnow.

2 Days Ago   It's an odd aesthetic choice that Google has chosen to adopt for its apps store for Android and Chrome OS, but it'll stick to it from June 24.

2 Days Ago   It's not exactly clear how the in-app browser will help cut the spread of fake news as much as the other feature on WhatsApp. The post WhatsApp beta features reverse image search, in-app browser appeared first on Pocketnow.

2 Days Ago   The Swedish company said that Apple's response to its complaint goes to the "belief that Spotify's users on iOS are Apple customers," not Spotify's. The post Spotify gets last word against Apple for now in European complaint appeared first on Pocketnow.

2 Days Ago   Apple has refreshed the iPad in its 7.9- and 10.5-inch sizes, bringing better displays and Apple Pencil support. It'll all cost more than a regular iPad.

2 Days Ago   We have more hints at a value-oriented Pixel phone or two from Google. This time around, we try and figure out how it will be branded.

2 Days Ago   Getting this gamer's phone unlocked has been a bit of a pricey challenge for the past while, but we now have a big option for deal seekers.

3 Days Ago   With the demise of some big mobile tech projects in recent weeks, we're focusing on show on how they came to fall... to fail. The post A history of failing: from Allo to RED | #PNWeekly 349 appeared first on Pocketnow.

3 Days Ago   Verizons new sub-carrier service promises unlimited data with limited speeds. Will that limit what you can do for $40 per month? Not necessarily. The post Visible review: Freelancers can live on this $40 Verizon service appeared first on Pocketnow.

5 Days Ago   From 2021 onwards, carriers will be required to report accurate location data to 911 call centers not just on latitude and longitude, but height, too. The post FCC pushing carriers to report better elevation location for 911 calls appeared first on Pocketnow.

5 Days Ago   Xiaomi's global sub-brand only has one phone out at the moment. Maybe the next one will be a lighter, cheaper version of its original? The post Xiaomi POCO F1 Lite could run with Snapdragon 660 appeared first on Pocketnow.

5 Days Ago   The way cameras operate for complex tasks like multi-pass noise reduction and pre-shutter video capture, Qualcomm has set its chipsets to produce smaller images. The post Qualcomm chipsets do support 192MP cameras, expect 100MP cameras soon appeared first on Pocketnow.

6 Days Ago   Chairman Richard Yu said that it does have a "plan B" in place if it has to cut ties with American businesses amid ongoing legal turbulence.

6 Days Ago   It's a twofer for those who are looking for a pretty decent budget Android phone in their lives with regular software updates and Verizon compatibility. The post Nokia 3.1 gets Android Pie, Verizon may get it soon as Nokia 3V appeared first on Pocketnow.

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