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2 Days Ago   If you're like me using an Android device, you probably browse the web with Chrome because it exists in plain sight and does the job you want it to do (and if you're not me, we've got an article for you).

3 Days Ago   Google Photos isn't just resting on its laurels today by making 4x6" prints available within the same day at your local pharmacy or big box store — the cloud storage service is amping up its own boutique print offerings and using artificial intelligence to help you stroll through the tons of memories you've backed up.

3 Days Ago   Update 1: 2019/09/12 10:54am PDT Official Google press release Bringing the pictures you've taken on your phone to life has become pretty easy with the advent of dedicated cloud photo storage — Google Photos, for example, helps you get albums out to your friends and relatives in just a few days.

3 Days Ago   Google Assistant is branching out to more smart home devices at this year's CEDIA Expo in Denver. You've already been able to turn on ovens, cameras, HVAC units, washing machines, lighting rigs, entertainment systems, and a lot more.

4 Days Ago   Accessories makers tend to come onto Amazon with their Deals of the Day as if it were a carousel. This day, it's Aukey's turn and we're tracking a dozen products on sale for at least 20% off.

4 Days Ago   So, you've bought into Google Stadia with that $130 Founder's Edition kit, you've got enough internet pumping in and out to blast 4K HDR games without the console, and you're just about to explode with all the titles set to come in the next year.

4 Days Ago   One of the most ubiquitous cheap tech gifts in the past couple of years has to have been the Google Home Mini — if you caught it on sale for as low as $20, you could take care of all your family for Christmas.

5 Days Ago   Google Photos is redesigning its single-view overflow menu and metadata panel. Instead of forcing users to tap on a ellipsis button in the top-right corner of the screen to access tasks such as printing, archiving and deleting, they can now find them with just a swipe up.

5 Days Ago   You know how a traditional photo lab works, right? You go into a red room with your film negatives and treat them with developer, stopper, fixer, and clearing solutions until you get a visible, accurate result.

6 Days Ago   We didn't think you'd be getting the best deals on a Galaxy Note10 or Note10+ from Microsoft in the first place, so to report that Samsung's newest mainstream, stylus-equipped phablets are on sale in the United States from Microsoft on eBay doubly confounds us.

6 Days Ago   Xiaomi is in a bad spot right now. Revenues aren't growing as fast as investors want. Competition in a saturated smartphone market is stiff. And software sales and service fees just aren't stacking up.

9 Days Ago   Money changes hands — so it goes with capitalism. But there are plenty of ways to make that happen. Square, for example, makes smartphone and tablet peripherals for businesses to take payments from magstripe cards.

9 Days Ago   LG seems really invested in making Dual Screen cases for its phones, expanding the amount of real estate available to smartphone users while bypassing the engineering requirements of a folding phone.

10 Days Ago   Vacation responders, snoozing, even rudimentary forms of read receipts? Oh, how far email clients have come to meet up with our instant message services. But if there's anything our chat apps can learn from its progenitor, it's scheduled replies — and Telegram has picked up that trick as well as a few others in its latest update.

10 Days Ago   For whatever reason you need music pumped into the background of an event or the foreground of a party, you have a discomforting number of options for speakers in the market.

11 Days Ago   Update 1: 2019/09/04 9:02pm PDT More details We've come to high season for high-pressure presentations in cavernous venues for little pieces of circuitry encased in glass, metal, and plastic again.

11 Days Ago   Google has telegraphed far in advance of the Pixel 4's launch that it will come with a featured called Motion Sense — a radar technique developed under the name Project Soli using high-frequency radios to detect in-air gestures for user interfaces.

11 Days Ago   Did your phone get a day one update for Android 10? If you don't have a Pixel or Essential Phone, probably not. Apparently, though, if you bought the newest Samsung smartphones from the past year, you might be able to get it fairly soon — that is, if you bought it from T-Mobile.

12 Days Ago   We reviewed the Asus Chromebook Flip C434 earlier this year and found it to be a solidly built 2-in-1 stocked with everything we needed, just for a less tolerable price than with prior versions of this form factor.

12 Days Ago   There are plenty of settings that you can toggle for Google Assistant covering everything from privacy limits to languages to which voice you want to hear from.

12 Days Ago   Update 1: 2019/09/03 8:56am PDT Source: Speed classes will have confusing names The USB Implementers Forum has published the USB4 specification after months feedback. The new rules, first announced in March, essentially make the latest iteration of the Universal Serial Bus standard almost exactly like Intel's Thunderbolt 3 standard, which the company itself has volunteered for codification.

16 Days Ago   Update 1: 2019/08/30 1:27pm PDT If you weren't enticed before, maybe another $10 off will do something for you? The Lenovo Tab 4 is now $119.99 on Amazon.

16 Days Ago   We're still early yet in the era of 5G technology and, so far, we've only 5G-capable phones that are very expensive. Sometimes very, very expensive. And for any wannabe first adopters on a shoestring budget, it's been looking like a long wait for a more affordable 5G phone.

16 Days Ago   Update 1: 2019/08/30 11:02am PDT In a press release issued today, TCL teases its upcoming IFA announcements, in the process supporting some of the findings from this leak.

17 Days Ago   Let's face it. All the phones, accessories, and other gadgets you see on this site come from one place: China. Actually, considering more than half a trillion dollars in goods came to the United States from there last year, you can count a helluva lot more stuff in that pile.

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