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3 Days Ago   Nuzzel — the tweet-link-aggregation app that a certain kind of information consumer finds useful as an alternative to staring with horror into Twitter’s gaping maw all day — is now happy to take your money.

4 Days Ago   Facebook said Thursday that it’s making it easier for publishers to export stories formatted for Instant Articles to Google’s AMP and Apple News as well. The announcement comes as Facebook continues to try to woo publishers to the Instant Articles format; many have cooled on it, citing business pressures and technical restraints.

5 Days Ago   It was late April and the staff of the Coral Project was “on tenterhooks” as The Washington Post was conducting its first public test of Talk, the project’s new commenting platform, Andrew Losowsky recalled recently.

10 Days Ago   Earlier this month, President Donald Trump met Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull in New York. While the big story in the U.S. that day was the passage of the Republican healthcare bill in the House of Representatives, the meeting was major news in Australia.

10 Days Ago   Just before 5:30 p.m. Eastern on Tuesday, millions of New York Times app users saw — twice — the news that ousted FBI director James Comey had written a memo detailing President Trump’s request that he stop the investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

12 Days Ago   Last summer, Canadian tennis player Milos Raonic made it all the way to the men’s singles final at Wimbeldon, beating Roger Federer in the semifinal before succumbing to Andy Murray in the championship match.

14 Days Ago   Over the years, ProPublica has tended to “stick to the things that we know how to do well,” according to Eric Umansky, the nonprofit’s deputy managing editor.

19 Days Ago   It turns out that The Resistance to President Trump is accelerating changes in how many Americans — especially Democrats — are consuming news. Americans increasingly prefer to get their news on mobile devices and are accessing more national news, according to a study out Wednesday from the Pew Research Center.

19 Days Ago   Last September, to celebrate its 20th anniversary, Zeit Online — the digital presence of Die Zeit, the weekly German newspaper — held Z2X, a two-day ideas festival in Berlin for people in their 20s.

21 Days Ago   Last month, British prime minister Theresa May called a surprise snap election. Parliament was quickly dissolved and MPs headed back to their constituencies across the country to campaign ahead of the June 8 vote.

21 Days Ago   Mês passado, a primeira-ministra britânica Theresa May antecipou as eleições de 2020 para 2017. O Parlamento foi rapidamente dissolvido e os membros retornaram às bases eleitorais para realizar campanhas atrás de votos para o dia 8 de junho.

26 Days Ago   Last year, the giant Scandinavian publisher Schibsted restructured its product team. It centralized its efforts, creating one unified product and technology group that worked across all its publications.

26 Days Ago   El año pasado, el gigante editorial escandinavo Schibsted reestructuró su equipo de producto. Centralizó esfuerzos, creando un grupo de producto y tecnología unificado que trabajara transversalmente para todas sus publicaciones.

26 Days Ago   In January 2016, H.F. “Gerry” Lenfest created the nonprofit that now owns the Philadelphia newspapers, funding it with a $20 million donation. Since then, The Lenfest Institute for Journalism, as it is now known, has raised an additional $26.5 million from an array of foundations and individuals, based both nationally and in Philadelphia, the Institute...

28 Days Ago   Three years ago, the Norwegian publisher Amedia, which owns 62 local and regional outlets across the country, introduced a digital subscription strategy, starting with a universal login system across all its newspapers’ platforms it called aID.

31 Days Ago   In the months since the U.S. presidential election, there have been many proposed solutions for how platforms such as Facebook and Google can deal with misinformation and fake news.

38 Days Ago   Last month, Stat, the health and life science news site, published a story about insect detectives: entomologists who encounter people who falsely believe that their homes or bodies are infested by bugs.

39 Days Ago   After a short trip to China where he met with business and government leaders, Financial Times editor Lionel Barber was faced with a conundrum that many journalists know well.

41 Days Ago   The Boston Globe on Monday published a memo from editor Brian McGrory outlining the latest steps the paper is taking to restructure its newsroom as it adjusts to the evolving journalistic landscape.

42 Days Ago   Over the past few weeks leading up to the first votes in the French presidential election on April 23, Léa, an unemployed 25-year-old from Vendee, a region on the country’s western coast, has changed her mind about who she plans to vote for at least three times.

42 Days Ago   The news and information we consume is becoming increasingly tailored to our interests and habits. Our Facebook feeds are algorithmically controlled, and publishers such as The New York Times — which is reportedly planning a personalized homepage — are also attempting to mold their content to readers’ preferences.

46 Days Ago   Minutes after the attack in central London last month, news organizations all around the world rolled out their breaking news coverage, booting up live blogs and tweeting out the latest developments.

47 Days Ago   Members of Congress are back in their districts this week for the start of a two-week recess, and as the senators and representatives hold town halls and meet constituents, The Washington Post is asking its readers to help its coverage by sharing video and audio clips from meetings they attend.

53 Days Ago   Last week, the millennial-focused publisher Mic unveiled a redesigned site and a new approach to organizing its coverage. It launched nine new verticals covering a range of topics from the Trump administration and body positivity to feminism and personal finance.

54 Days Ago   In 2014, the Associated Press began automating some of its coverage of corporate earnings reports. Instead of having humans cover the basic finance stories, the AP, working with the firm Automated Insights, was able to use algorithms to speed up the process and free up human reporters to pursue more complex stories.

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