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3 Days Ago   Bethany Christian Services left information about prospective adoptees' "intellectual development" as well as their medical histories and lab results online.

4 Days Ago   Leaked documents show that Microsoft’s contractors are paid between $12 and $14 an hour and are asked to transcribe as many as 200 audio clips per hour to train the Cortana virtual assistant.

4 Days Ago   The change comes after Motherboard found that Microsoft hired contractors to listen to some Skype phone calls.

7 Days Ago   Security researcher Brad Dixon found a way to cheat Zwift, the half-game half-cycling trainer, into thinking he's a superstar athlete.

9 Days Ago   Another vulnerability that Bill Demirkapi found impacted 5,000 schools.

10 Days Ago   Wyden sent letters to AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint urging them to reduce the time that they retain sensitive customer data.

12 Days Ago   8chan is distributing a copy of its content over a decentralized platform that supporters of the Islamic State also tried to use.

14 Days Ago   Cloudflare's move comes after multiple mass shooters have posted so-called manifestos to the anonymous message board.

14 Days Ago   Cloudflare is facing renewed pressure to stop providing their services to 8chan, which if removed, would likely make it harder for the site administrators to keep the message board online.

17 Days Ago   "We recently discovered that data from some Poshmark users was acquired by an unauthorized third party."

17 Days Ago   Ordinary Americans are using armies of phones to generate cash to buy food, diapers, and beer through ad fraud.

18 Days Ago   The calls contain employees from Bank of Cardiff, based in California, talking to potential customers about business loans and other sensitive conversations.

19 Days Ago   Multiple experts have drawn issue with Capital One’s explanations for its data breach of records on over 100 million people.

26 Days Ago   Barr reignited demands for tech companies to find a technical solution to the ‘Going Dark’ issue, but neglected to mention in his keynote speech that law enforcement agencies use hacking techniques to bypass encryption.

26 Days Ago   Kazakhstan is telling citizens to download a cryptographic certificate, letting authorities monitor their traffic. Mozilla and Wikimedia are discussing how to respond from afar.

27 Days Ago   The emails show that CBP didn't know what was in the Perceptics breach until weeks after the media initially reported it.

30 Days Ago   The small list of around 2,500 login details acts a reminder to stay vigilant and use two-factor authentication.

31 Days Ago   Earlier this week the EFF and a law firm filed a class action lawsuit against AT&T and two data brokers. Now one of those data companies says it'll fight the lawsuit.

33 Days Ago   I get packages delivered to friends and don’t have my name on my doorbell. But all of my work may have been undermined by a cheap mattress.

33 Days Ago   The lawsuit, which comes after multiple Motherboard investigations into phone location data selling, is seeking an injunction against AT&T which would try to enforce the deletion of any sold data.

38 Days Ago   After a joint investigation found China installing malware on tourists’ phones, several antivirus companies started flagging the app. Several Chinese companies did not, however.

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