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40 Days Ago   After taking the Instant Pot Smart WiFi Programmable Pressure Cooker for a spin, one long-time product reviewer finds much to love about the device she long coveted, despite that it’s not really that smart.

45 Days Ago   Samsung's 28-cubic-feet Family Hub fridge aims to not only keep your food cool, but also be the brains of your home via a large computer screen on the outside panel door.

86 Days Ago   Our coffee machine reviewer, Joni Blecher, spent a year looking for the perfect new machine. See what she discovered on her quest, and some tips on how you can pick the best model for your home.

127 Days Ago   The all-in-one smart Bonaverde Berlin Brewing System lets you roast, grind, and brew from green coffee beans. But is all this work to make an average-tasting cup of Joe worth ditching your regular coffee maker?

132 Days Ago   The Samsung 7.4 cubic feet electric dryer is a real powerhouse, loaded with options a plethora of options including steaming clothes. We ran some test loads to see how it stacks up against the competition.

132 Days Ago   The Samsung AddWash front load washer lets you add clothes to a running load, but how does it clean clothes? We took the machine for a test run in our office to see how well it destroys stains.

156 Days Ago   Some days you want straight coffee, while other days you need a stronger kick in the you-know-what. But who has both a coffee and an espresso machine?

162 Days Ago   Samsung aims to change the dishwasher game with its newest model, the DW80M9 Chef Collection model featuring Samsung’s WaterWall technology. But it’s the thoughtful design elements that really make this dishwasher stand out.

165 Days Ago   How far off is a good night sleep? With the aid of the Nokia Sleep Sensing & Home Automation Pad, a more restful night is just in reach.

217 Days Ago   We really wanted to like the Electrolux E1241D81S dishwasher. It has a sleek, basic design and lots of promise. It features a handy third row for utensils.

276 Days Ago   There’s no denying the Bosch 24-inch wall oven Series 500 is sexy. It looks great and cooks food wonderfully. As a bonus, it comes with an app that works as a remote control for the oven.

301 Days Ago   Washers and dryers are big, expensive appliances that you want to last for decades, not years. Our buying guide will help you sort out the front-loaders from the top-loaders, the steam from the pre-soaks, and more features and settings.

354 Days Ago   Looking for a coffee machine that lets you make single servings but doesn’t use pods? The Ninja Coffee Brewer CF020 may be the ideal appliance for you – if you’re into inconsistent tasting coffee.

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