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9 Days Ago   Alongside all the new laptops Acer unveiled at its ‘Next@Acer’ event, the company focussed on new computers aimed at ‘creators.’ During the event keynote, Acer CEO Jason Chen noted that 50 percent of gamers also used their powerful gaming PCs for creative tasks and that 15 percent of purchased gaming PCs aren’t used for games...

9 Days Ago   Acer unveiled several new notebooks, Chromebooks and gaming laptops at its ‘Next@Acer’ event in Brooklyn, New York. The company refreshed some of its existing products, like the Aspire line, with faster processors and more.

10 Days Ago   As great as Google’s G Suite offering is, it’s usually disappointingly far behind in the feature department. For example, some Google staples, like Assistant support and Family Sharing are absent.

10 Days Ago   Google may be working on a new Pixel tablet or laptop device to serve “productivity on the go.” According to 9to5Google, Pixelbook Group’s lead project manager, Steve Jacobs, hinted at the new device during a session at Google’s Cloud Next 2019 conference.

10 Days Ago   Along with several updates to G Suite, Google is rebranding what remains of the recently shut down Google+ social network. Google began shutting down the consumer version of Google+ on April 2nd, but the enterprise version is getting new life as Google Currents, along with a new look and feel.

10 Days Ago   Google surprised Android beta testers with a patch for Android Q Beta 2. The search giant doesn’t typically push patches to beta software, but this time around it did.

10 Days Ago   Google is introducing some additional permission controls for users when they install a new app. Some older Android apps target the previous system APIs and can request access to several app permissions and users can either allow access to all or not use the app — a holdout from Android’s older days.

11 Days Ago   Battle royale games are all the rage. I’m a fan of Apex Legends myself, and Fortnite is so popular, people bombard MobileSyrup managing editor Patrick O’Rourke with requests for skins.

11 Days Ago   Rogers flanker brand Chatr Mobile has reduced the data available to new customers in the plans it introduced back in December 2018. To be clear, current Chatr customers signed up to these plans will still have the original data allotments for these plans.

11 Days Ago   Google has made strides to unify Android’s design and look in Android Q, while still making it customizable for users. One of the more visible parts of that is the recently discovered Pixel Themes app, but there are plenty of little pieces as well.

11 Days Ago   Bell is offering some excellent data deals right now for new activations and upgrades. Customers switching to Bell, or existing customers looking to get a new phone can get 3GB, 5GB or 7GB of bonus data, depending on the plan they choose.

11 Days Ago   Dropbox is expanding its partnership with Google and the search giant’s cloud services, and will soon allow Docs, Sheets and Slides in its file system. The company showed off the feature at Google’s Cloud Next 2019 conference and its now available for users to test.

12 Days Ago   Google introduced several tweaks to Android’s app switcher — also know as Overview or Recents — in Android Pie. While some of those tweaks weren’t great, one of the best additions was the ability to copy images and text in Overview.

12 Days Ago   Opera is rolling out the newest version of its Chromium-based desktop web browser, codenamed Reborn 3. Also known as version 60, the new Opera boasts new privacy and Web 3 — read, blockchain-based — features packaged in a refreshed look.

12 Days Ago   Bell flanker brand Virgin Mobile is reportedly upping the cost of its legacy Flex Data tablet plan. According to iPhone in Canada reader Sean, Virgin’s old tablet flex plan from when the carrier started selling tablets in 2013 is going up in price.

12 Days Ago   Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser is now available for developers to test, and it’s surprisingly good. Currently, Microsoft offers Edge in ‘Canary’ and ‘Developer’ builds, updated daily and weekly.

12 Days Ago   YouTube’s Picture-in-Picture (PiP) feature may finally be coming to non-paying users outside of the U.S., according to reports. Google introduced PiP, which lets users leave the YouTube app and do other things on their device while still watching a video, back in 2016 with multi-window support.

13 Days Ago   Google is pushing a small design tweak for the Photos app’s navigation drawer, including a more compact account switcher. The tweak started rolling out over the weekend.

13 Days Ago   Google’s rumoured upcoming budget Pixel phones, the Pixel 3a and 3a XL, have leaked again. This time around, the 3a made an appearance on Google’s online web store.

13 Days Ago   Android widgets have fallen out of favour over the last few years, but for those few devoted widget users out there, Google has updated its Gmail widget.

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14 Days Ago   In an abrupt and unexpected change, Netflix no longer supports Apple’s AirPlay feature in the iOS app. Users noticed that the feature stopped working this week, and now a Netflix support page says it doesn’t support AirPlay “due to technical limitations.” Netflix confirmed in a statement to The Verge that because of the way that AirPlay 2...

14 Days Ago   Shaw-owned regional carrier Freedom Mobile launched a cheeky new ad that takes a shot at the Big Three. The ad opens on a shot of a large, foreboding tower with a sign on the front that reads ‘Monolithic Wireless.’ Inside the tower, several executives laugh maniacally while discussing plans to increase data costs.

14 Days Ago   Telus flanker brand Public Mobile announced plans to perform system maintenance this weekend. Starting April 7th, 2019 at 12:00am ET, some parts of the website will not be available, according to a forum post from the carrier.

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