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14 Hours Ago   Google wants to make web apps as powerful as native apps and is working on new capabilities to do so. According to a recent post on the company’s Chromium blog, web apps lack some pretty significant features that native apps have.

16 Hours Ago   Cloudflare’s fast DNS service is making its way to mobile. Launched in April 2018 as a free to use public DNS resolver for PCs and Macs, is now available on Android and iOS via a new app from Cloudflare.

18 Hours Ago   Following a revamp and the addition of new features like content downloads, Bell Media’s Crave streaming app may soon get 4K streaming. Crave’s Twitter support account (@CraveHelp) replied to another Twitter user, Ramin Bourne (@RaminBourne), regarding support for 4K streaming.

19 Hours Ago   Google plans to make Android’s ‘multi-window’ functionality more useful in Android Q. The current iteration of split-screen on Android has a severe limitation: only one of the two apps is ‘active.’ In other words, the app a user interacts with will be active, and the other app on the screen is ‘paused.’ Despite Google’s recommendations...

21 Hours Ago   Aside from potentially speeding up Android updates, a Google developer reveal Project Treble could allow users to test Android Q before its AOSP release. Every device that launches with Android 8.0 is required to support Project Treble, which splits the Android OS from the low-level software drivers that controlled a phone’s hardware.

Yesterday   Netflix on the Nintendo Wii is drawing near to its end. According to the streaming company, Nintendo will “suspend” Netflix and other streaming services on the Wii after January 31st, 2019.

Yesterday   OnePlus announced on November 12th that it’s OnePlus 6T ‘Thunder Purple’ variant would come to North America and Europe. The stunning new colour variant was released first in China.

Yesterday   Ritual will be available in the Danforth and Junction neighbourhoods in Toronto, Ontario starting November 12th. To celebrate the addition of the new neighbourhoods, Ritual is having a $1 Food Festival.

2 Days Ago   Google will be this year’s exclusive tech sponsor for the 2018 Reddit Secret Santa Gift Exchange. 2018 marks the 10th anniversary of the gift exchange, which takes the fun ‘Secret Santa’ game out of the friend group and brings it to the whole internet.

2 Days Ago   Imagine a future where you open up your new Samsung fridge, turn it on for the first time, and it greets you, authenticates you, downloads your preferences and then asks to walk you through the instructions — all with voice.

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2 Days Ago   Sneaker marketplace GOAT is using Apple’s ARKit to spice up its Black Friday drawing with augmented reality. The Black Friday drawing gives customers a chance to win up to $10,000 in GOAT credit, as well as opportunities to purchase rare sneakers at or below retail price.

3 Days Ago   Microsoft will host a special two-hour episode of Inside Xbox on Saturday, November 10th at 4pm EST/1pm PST. The unique Inside Xbox stream will be part of the company’s X018 event in Mexico City running from November 10th to 11th.

3 Days Ago   Google introduced Project Treble along with Android 8.0 Oreo and championed it as the solution to Android fragmentation. Project Treble split up the core Android operating system from the low-level software drivers for a device’s hardware.

3 Days Ago   Following Google’s admission that dark mode provides users with better battery life, an XDA forum member released a modded version of the Google Phone app with dark theme enabled.

3 Days Ago   Samsung plans to launch a private beta of its ‘Linux on Dex’ program on November 12th. Linux on Dex will allow users to open an Ubuntu desktop on a Note 9 or Tab S4.

3 Days Ago   Fibre Centre, a leading network interconnection facility owner located in Eastern Canada, has announced an expansion project in Ottawa, Ontario. That expansion brings a new carrier-neutral colocation facility, also known as a carrier hotel, to Canada’s capital.

4 Days Ago   Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann has announced a spiritual successor to the popular short-form video platform called Byte. Set for a July 2019 release, Byte is currently in private beta for iPhone and an Android version will come later this year.

4 Days Ago   For those looking to make their home a little bit more intelligent, Best Buy Canada is offering an excellent smart home bundle. The deal nets you a bilingual Ring Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Pro, Ring Chime Pro and a 3rd gen Amazon Echo Dot.

4 Days Ago   The finalists from Google’s ‘Change the Game Design Challenge’ now have their games on Google Play in early access. Google started the challenge to encourage teenage girls to create games after the company noticed only 23 percent of game developers for the Play Store identify as women.

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4 Days Ago   Amazon’s Fire HD 10 tablet is now available for purchase in Canada. Currently available through Amazon Canada’s website, the tablet starts at $199.99 and comes in two colours — black and marine blue.

4 Days Ago   Android Slices, a time-saving feature that puts shortcuts, controls and other app pieces into Google Search, is entering early access. Back when Google announced the feature at its I/O conference in May, it showed some examples of how it could help users.

4 Days Ago   Alongside a folding display device, Samsung announced a new partnership with creative photography platform VSCO at its Developers Conference. VSCO, a popular smartphone app for editing and sharing photography content, will have an exclusive VSCO for Samsung app on the South Korean-based company’s app store.

5 Days Ago   Following rumours Android Studio would come to Chrome OS, Google has added official support for the platform within Android Studio. This is excellent news for developers, who can now select between macOS, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS when it comes to the computer they use for development.

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