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10 Hours Ago   In the next few days, the world’s tech press will descend on Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest mobile technology event. While January’s CES has a broad tech remit that includes everything from TVs to smart toilets, MWC is a much more focused show where mobile and phone tech is the name of the game.

11 Hours Ago   Cameras pointed at passengers have been noticed in the inflight entertainment systems used by some American Airlines and Singapore Airlines aircraft, BuzzFeed News reports. Both airlines have confirmed that the cameras exist, but they say they were included with off-the-shelf parts from manufacturers and have not been activated.

14 Hours Ago   Facebook is shutting down its controversial Onavo VPN app, and will end its practice of conducting unpaid market research programs, TechCrunch reports. Although paid research studies will continue through other means, the company says it will ensure users explicitly understand their privacy implications.

Yesterday   Apple and Goldman Sachs are gearing up to launch a joint credit card later this year, a report from The Wall Street Journal claims. The main selling point of the card is expected to be deeper integration with the Apple Wallet app, which will allow users to manage balances and set spending goals.

Yesterday   HTC has announced the Vive Focus Plus, a new version of its Vive Focus standalone headset that includes a pair of its updated motion controllers, which were first announced as developer hardware back in October.

Yesterday   WinRAR has patched a 19-year-old security vulnerability that allowed attackers to extract malicious software to anywhere on your hard drive. The vulnerability was discovered by researchers at Check Point Software Technologies, who realised that WinRAR’s support for the effectively defunct ACE archive format meant that it was still relying on an insecure and dated DLL file from 2006.

2 Days Ago   Valve has announced that it’s retiring the video section of the Steam Store menu, and it will be removing any non-gaming videos from its services. In a blog post announcing the move, the company says that it made the decision after “reviewing what Steam users actually watch.” Although gaming-related videos will remain on the service, they will no longer sit in a dedicated section of the store menu.

2 Days Ago   Huawei’s P30 Pro could be the first of the company’s phones to come equipped with a quad-camera array on its rear, a watermarked photograph from Huawei’s consumer business group CEO has suggested.

2 Days Ago   Google has admitted it made an error when it didn’t disclose that its Nest Secure home security system included an on-device microphone. In a statement given to Business Insider, a spokesperson from the company said, “The on-device microphone was never intended to be a secret and should have been listed in the tech specs.

3 Days Ago   The French Fencing Federation has recognized lightsaber dueling as an official sport, reports the Associated Press. The federation has made the move in an attempt to make the sport more appealing to a younger generation, and it has designed its rules to make sporting matches every bit as visually appealing as their big-screen counterparts.

3 Days Ago   Even before most phone makers have launched their first 5G handsets, Qualcomm, the company behind the chips powering many of these smartphones, is already thinking about the second generation.

4 Days Ago   Apple is sending out push notifications to Apple Music subscribers, offering a month of free music streaming to friends they refer to the service, reports 9to5Mac.

4 Days Ago   Australia’s three largest political parties have been hit by a cyberattack from a “sophisticated state actor,” the country’s prime minister Scott Morrison announced to Parliament this morning.

4 Days Ago   Future versions of Chrome will fix a loophole that lets websites detect and block users who attempt to access them using the browser’s Incognito mode, reports 9to5Google.

4 Days Ago   The cybersecurity risks of using Huawei’s equipment in 5G networks are manageable, according to an unpublished report from British intelligence. The Financial Times says two sources familiar with the contents of the report, authored by the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), say it concludes that there are ways to mitigate security threats posed by Huawei’s equipment.

5 Days Ago   QWERTY users, you’re not missing out on much Continue reading…

7 Days Ago   Nest, the smart home company owned by Google, is proactively locking people out of their accounts if it believes their passwords have been compromised. The company began sending out emails to affected users last night.

7 Days Ago   “Unauthorized drone activity” caused the Dubai International Airport to ground all of its outbound flights for over 30 minutes on Friday morning, The New York Times reports.

7 Days Ago   Coinciding with its Unpacked event next week, Samsung is launching three new retail locations in the US, as noted by Engadget. The new Samsung Experience Stores will be located in Los Angeles, Long Island, and Houston, and will have a variety of Samsung products for sale, as well as offering access to repair services, and a number of other in-store experiences.

7 Days Ago   The Pod is a new smart mattress from Eight Sleep that is able to adjust its temperature automatically throughout the night according to your sleep habits.

8 Days Ago   The iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, and 8 Plus are once again available in Germany, after a patent dispute forced Apple to withdraw the sale of the phones at the beginning of January (via The Wall Street Journal).

8 Days Ago   Pirates have been abusing Apple’s enterprise developer program to distribute hacked versions of popular apps, reports Reuters. Versions of Spotify, Pokémon Go, Minecraft, and Angry Birds were discovered, which had been modified to block in-app advertisements and to make paid features available for free, depriving their original developers — as well as Apple itself — of revenue.

9 Days Ago   A three-dimensional “bow tie” geofence will soon prevent DJI’s drones from being able to fly too close to major European airports. While the company’s drones have included geofencing technology since 2013, the new tech — developed by aviation tech company Altitude Angel — expands the restricted zone from a simple two-dimensional circle to a much larger three-dimensional zone.

9 Days Ago   Apple CEO Tim Cook has said the company will look into an app that can be used to track and limit the travel freedom of women in Saudi Arabia.

9 Days Ago   Netflix keeps a record all of your Bandersnatch choice data from its Black Mirror choose-your-own-adventure film, a technology policy researcher has discovered. The researcher, Michael Veale, obtained his viewing data after emailing Netflix to request it under GDPR’s right of access rules.

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