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2 Days Ago   Facebook has admitted to accessing and storing the email contacts of as many as 1.5 million of its users without their consent. Business Insider reports that between May 2016 and last month, the social media platform asked some of its new users to verify their email address by providing the password to their email account.

2 Days Ago   Google Home smart speakers can now play music from YouTube Music’s free ad-supported tier. Previously, in order to listen to YouTube music on your Google Assistant smart speaker you’d have to subscribe to Google’s paid YouTube Music Premium service for $9.99 a month.

3 Days Ago   The desktop version of Google Chrome’s browser is getting a reader mode, which can be used to strip out a page’s unnecessary background clutter to make an article easier to read.

3 Days Ago   The Department of Homeland Security says it expects to use facial recognition technology on 97 percent of departing passengers within the next four years. The system, which involves photographing passengers before they board their flight, first started rolling out in 2017, and was operational in 15 US airports as of the end of 2018.

3 Days Ago   Tilt Brush, Google’s virtual reality painting tool, is coming to Oculus’ new standalone Quest headset. Thanks to the Quest’s two motion controllers, the app should work in a similar way to how it does on the Oculus Rift, although Google has said it’s had to make a number of tweaks to allow the software to run on the Quest’s mobile processor.

4 Days Ago   Apple is planning to merge its Find my iPhone and Find my Friends services into a single app, 9to5Mac reports. The service will be able to track an expanded range of devices, thanks to a new hardware product that will compete with the likes of Tile and will reportedly be released for both iOS and macOS as a Marzipan-based application.

4 Days Ago   On the second day of their blockbuster trial, Apple and Qualcomm announced that they had reached a settlement and would “dismiss all litigation between the two companies worldwide.” It’s a surprisingly amicable result, especially considering the two years of legal battles that led up to it.

4 Days Ago   LG is delaying the launch of its first 5G handset, the LG V50 ThinQ, in South Korea. In a statement first spotted by Phone Arena (via Google Translate) the company said that it was delaying it in order to “concentrate on the completeness” of the phone, which was originally due to be launched on April 19th in the country.

5 Days Ago   Thousands of suspicious reviews have been discovered on top-rated products on Amazon UK, propelling devices from relatively unknown manufacturers to the top of the search results.

5 Days Ago   Google Pay can now automatically import loyalty cards, tickets, and offers from your Gmail account. The feature, first spotted by 9to5Google, advertises that by using it “You won’t get more offers, it will just be easier to use them.” When I tried out the feature for myself, Google Pay was able to pull through a single entry for me — a Member ID for my United Airlines frequent flier account.

5 Days Ago   Google has agreed to pay the Louisville Metro Government $3.84 million over the next 20 months to repair the damage caused to the city by its ill-fated Google Fiber service.

5 Days Ago   German prosecutors have charged VW’s ex-CEO Martin Winterkorn over his role in the Dieselgate scandal. Winterkorn is accused of knowing about the conspiracy as early as 2014 but failing to inform regulators or consumers.

6 Days Ago   Facebook is testing a radically redesigned interface for its app, which sees the News Feed and Stories feature combined into a single feed that you tap through like an Instagram or Snapchat Stories.

6 Days Ago   Foxconn founder and chairman Terry Gou will step down in the coming months, 45 years after founding the company that made him Taiwan’s richest man. Speaking to Reuters, Gou says he plans to step away from daily operations at the company, but he will still be involved in its major decisions.

6 Days Ago   A tweet from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) that complained about an abusive DMCA takedown request has itself been hit with a DMCA takedown request. The EFF notes that the tweet in question linked to a TorrentFreak article about a number of leaked TV shows.

7 Days Ago   Qualcomm’s patent licensing is under fire Continue reading…

9 Days Ago   Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang has unveiled a 3D hologram that he intends to use to remotely campaign in key battlegrounds states. According to The Hill, Yang revealed the hologram during a segment on TMZ Live on Wednesday.

10 Days Ago   British police have arrested Julian Assange after Ecuador withdrew his asylum status. The arrest was made at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where the WikiLeaks founder has been claiming asylum since 2012.

10 Days Ago   Apple has persuaded 15 more of its suppliers, including Foxconn and TSMC, to manufacture Apple products using 100 percent clean energy. The additions bring the total number of suppliers in the program up to 44.

10 Days Ago   A new video of what appears to be a functioning 1993 Apple WALT phone has surfaced online, showing off Apple’s aborted attempt at its first phone.

11 Days Ago   Samsung has announced the Galaxy A80, a new midrange phone with a camera that not only slides up from the rear of the device, but also automatically rotates so it can function as both a selfie camera and a rear-mounted camera.

11 Days Ago   This week, Amazon started rolling out a new way to listen to the news on Alexa-enabled devices. Now when you want to hear news from your smart speaker in the US you’ll be able to ask for long-form news in addition to the short flash briefings that are already available.

11 Days Ago   Zain Qaiser, a 24-year old student from London, has been jailed for six years and five months for his role in a porn ransomware attack, BBC News reports.

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