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5 Hours Ago   If Verizon charges this much now, just imagine if 5G was widely available.

8 Hours Ago   In Chrome 76, websites can no longer check FileSystem API to detect private mode.

Yesterday   FaceApp—which edits photos to make you look older—says no pics stored in Russia.

2 Days Ago   OneWeb's first six satellites pass test as company moves closer to real service.

3 Days Ago   Tens of millions of Americans still don't have broadband Internet.

4 Days Ago   Cities can't use cable authority to charge broadband fees, Pai says.

7 Days Ago   Fine will settle privacy investigation triggered by Cambridge Analytica scandal.

7 Days Ago   Charter gets extra year to meet Time Warner Cable merger requirement.

8 Days Ago   News service identified Google users by listening to 1,000 leaked recordings.

9 Days Ago   With free version, you get "personal block list" instead of automatic blocking.

9 Days Ago   But it's not clear whether the FCC preemption will actually change anything.

10 Days Ago   HBO Max coming in spring 2020, combining HBO and other Time Warner content.

10 Days Ago   T-Mobile fights suit that says it broke law by selling users' phone-location data.

11 Days Ago   Amazon seeks FCC approval to launch 3,236 low-Earth broadband satellites.

16 Days Ago   Dish could resell T-Mobile/Sprint network access in deal to save merger.

17 Days Ago   Customer-owned FiOS router works just fine, but Frontier refuses to waive fee.

18 Days Ago   Google says "ISPs are smart," expects them to raise data caps for game streaming.

21 Days Ago   Apple makes new Mac Pro in China despite Trump's tariff threat.

22 Days Ago   Democratic-led House votes to save rule that lets ISPs reuse broadband wires.

23 Days Ago   Verizon, seeking to deter theft, gets FCC waiver to lock phones for 60 days.

23 Days Ago   Weather-satellite transmissions at risk from FCC spectrum plan, experts say.

25 Days Ago   AT&T deceives customers by adding $2-per-month fee after they sign up, suit says.

25 Days Ago   Telecom CEO forged contracts in order to raise $270 million from investors.

29 Days Ago   SF ordinance lets ISPs reuse broadband wires in multi-unit buildings.

30 Days Ago   Starry buys 24GHz spectrum to serve apartment buildings, some single-family homes.

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