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23 Hours Ago   Boiled in hydrogen peroxide and compressed, the wood can passively manage heat.

Yesterday   Shrooms' relatives beat us to multicellularity by a healthy margin.

2 Days Ago   The catch? You need about a million atmospheres of pressure.

7 Days Ago   Some of the minerals present look like what we'd expect from the deep interior.

8 Days Ago   Only about 10 percent of the data has been transmitted so far, but it says a lot.

9 Days Ago   The genetic code is redundant, and it's possible to get rid of some of that.

10 Days Ago   Crime is reduced while convicts are in prison but not after they're out.

22 Days Ago   A few years of this and we'll understand the afterlife of dead stars.

24 Days Ago   If the Earth's surface was molten rock, an impact could form the Earth-Moon system.

26 Days Ago   Students were asked how well they've mastered math concepts that don't exist.

29 Days Ago   Since we had a few tonnes of liquid xenon sitting around anyway...

40 Days Ago   New helmet is supposed to solve a problem identified in studies of NFL injuries.

43 Days Ago   NASA's Twins Study publishes details on space's effect on human health.

44 Days Ago   Black holes exist, and we've now seen light from next to the event horizon.

45 Days Ago   Among youth, interactions with the police boost delinquency.

47 Days Ago   Black holes formed right after the Big Bang aren't common enough to be dark matter.

50 Days Ago   A prolonged ability to learn positive associations from social interactions.

51 Days Ago   Conduct egregious enough that a judge doesn't even wait for a trial.

52 Days Ago   New paper describes saltwater animals swept ashore by impact-driven floods.

58 Days Ago   Keeping track of debt drains your mental resources.

60 Days Ago   Vague order wants research funding agencies to look into First Amendment issues.

62 Days Ago   A test given to students in multiple countries shows that the US does quite well.

64 Days Ago   We're edging closer to understanding entire Cambrian ecologies.

66 Days Ago   It's a great day for asteroid fans as two missions report in.

67 Days Ago   We've got the genome of the closest living relative to bilaterians.

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