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16 Hours Ago   Oculus has unveiled their new Rift S headset, with improved lenses, higher resolution, and no reliance on external cameras. The post Oculus Launches Rift S: $399, Fewer Cameras, Higher-Res Lenses appeared first on ExtremeTech.

17 Hours Ago   Epic exclusives will be coming to the Humble Store in the future, expanding how gamers can experience and acquire titles. The post Epic Game Store Titles Coming to Humble Store, With Exclusives appeared first on ExtremeTech.

22 Hours Ago   Samsung has announced HBM2e Flashbolt memory, with 33 percent higher performance and double the memory density. The post Samsung Flashbolt HBM2 Is 33 Percent Faster, Doubles Capacity appeared first on ExtremeTech.

Yesterday   HP's new Reverb headset has its eyes fixed on the Vive Pro's target market and what could be an attractive value proposition. The post HP’s Refreshed VR Headset Is Gunning for the Vive Pro appeared first on ExtremeTech.

Yesterday   Apple has released minor updates for its iMac family, increasing CPU and GPU specs, but keeping the design the same. The post Apple Updates iMacs With Faster CPUs, AMD Vega Options appeared first on ExtremeTech.

Yesterday   Nvidia is bringing ray tracing support to GPUs it claims aren't powerful enough to run it properly, seemingly to get you to upgrade to a GPU that can.

Yesterday   A new demo from Crytek showcases ray tracing performance without the need for Nvidia's RTX. The post Crytek Demo Showcases Real-Time Ray Tracing on AMD Vega 56 appeared first on ExtremeTech.

2 Days Ago   Intel and the DOE have announced the first exascale computer expected to be deployed. Codenamed Aurora, the system should be ready by 2021. The post Intel, DOE Announce First-Ever Exascale Supercomputer ‘Aurora’ appeared first on ExtremeTech.

2 Days Ago   One Obsidian developer is working on a remake of the classic Star Wars game, Dark Forces. Under the circumstances, that's downright depressing. The post Star Wars: Dark Forces Is Getting a Fan Remake and That’s Terrible appeared first on ExtremeTech.

2 Days Ago   NASA has reported a significant meteor explosion in Earth's atmosphere several months ago -- and we didn't see it coming. The post NASA Reports Undetected Asteroid Explosion in Upper Atmosphere appeared first on ExtremeTech.

2 Days Ago   Paramount has no interest in remastering DS9. Maybe fans can fill in. The post Fan Works to Remaster Star Trek: Deep Space 9 in 1080p HD, Using AI appeared first on ExtremeTech.

2 Days Ago   Users are concerned about the Epic Game Store's privacy practices. While there's no proof of outright nefarious activity, Tim Sweeney's comments didn't tamp things down as much as he may have hoped.

2 Days Ago   An analysis of the black box data from Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 shows similarities with Lion Air 610. Meanwhile, Boeing may have changed how the MCAS system works without informing the FAA.

5 Days Ago   Scientists have discovered an unusual origin story for one of the fastest, largest objects we've ever discovered. The post Hypervelocity Star Flung Out of Milky Way May Have Unusual Origin appeared first on ExtremeTech.

5 Days Ago   What caused the ice ages in Earth's past? Possibly plate tectonic action in the tropics, over millions of years. The post Tropical Tectonics May Have Triggered Past Ice Ages appeared first on ExtremeTech.

6 Days Ago   NASA has released new reports on discoveries in the inner solar system. Dust belts and possible new asteroids ahead. The post NASA Discovers Mercury Dust Ring, Hints of Hidden Asteroids Near Venus appeared first on ExtremeTech.

6 Days Ago   Western Digital's new WD Blue SN500 NVMe SSD offers high-end performance on a budget. The post Western Digital Launches Low-Cost WD Blue NVMe SSDs appeared first on ExtremeTech.

6 Days Ago   Nvidia's GTX 1660 drops today, with strong reviews and a solid midrange price point. The post Nvidia Launches New GTX 1660, Takes Control of Midrange Market appeared first on ExtremeTech.

6 Days Ago   Blizzard has unveiled its content progression plans for WoW Classic. They're really darn good. The post Blizzard Will Recreate the Classic Warcraft Progression Experience on Classic Servers appeared first on ExtremeTech.

7 Days Ago   Scientists working with Yuka, the best-preserved mammoth ever discovered, have partially revived some of her cells using mouse egg cells. The post Scientists Revive 28,000-Year-Old Woolly Mammoth Cells in Mice appeared first on ExtremeTech.

7 Days Ago   President Trump has grounded all 737 Max 8s after the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302. The post Trump Grounds All 737 Max Flights After Ethiopian Airlines Disaster appeared first on ExtremeTech.

7 Days Ago   Streaming on the Xbox now goes in both directions, from PC to console and console to PC. The post Microsoft Now Allows PC Game Streaming on Xbox One appeared first on ExtremeTech.

7 Days Ago   Microsoft has ported DX12 to World of Warcraft. Hell may not have frozen over, but it's got to be sleeting. The post Microsoft Brings DX12 to Windows 7 to Power World of Warcraft appeared first on ExtremeTech.

8 Days Ago   Microsoft has released a major update for its AI-powered app to help blind and low-vision individuals. The app, Seeing AI, still needs some glasses of its own.

8 Days Ago   One lucky enthusiast has found and repaired an ultra-rare Mercury 'brick' of classic 3dfx Voodoo 2 GPUs. And yes, it plays... Half-Life. The post Lucky Enthusiast Fires Up Legendary Graphics Config to Play Half-Life on 8 GPUs appeared first on ExtremeTech.

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