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9 Hours Ago   Sony has announced a new PlayStation Classic with 20 titles, coming this December for $100. The post Sony Announces the PlayStation Classic, Packs in 20 Games appeared first on ExtremeTech.

10 Hours Ago   Nvidia's new RTX 2080 Ti is indisputably the fastest GPU on Earth. It's just also a really lousy value proposition if you don't have a mortgage payment to spend on a GPU.

14 Hours Ago   AMD has quietly introduced two new Ryzen Mobile CPUs intended for higher power systems. The post AMD Lists New, Higher-Power Ryzen 7 2800H, Ryzen 5 2600H Mobile CPUs appeared first on ExtremeTech.

15 Hours Ago   Eurocom has confirmed that the Intel Core i7-9700K and Core i7-9900K will both be soldered, not pasted. The post Intel Core i7-9700K, 9900K Confirmed to Use Solder, Not Paste appeared first on ExtremeTech.

18 Hours Ago   Microsoft has changed its tune on the warnings it wanted to introduce when users installed Chrome or Firefox. It won't be warning users when the new update drops, though it may give such warnings in the future.

Yesterday   Tesla is reportedly under investigation by the DOJ as well as the SEC for Elon Musk's tweets about taking Tesla private earlier this year. The post Tesla Reportedly Faces Criminal Probe Over Elon Musk’s Tweets appeared first on ExtremeTech.

Yesterday   Today, the company is announcing its new eMag, which it plans to scale aggressively over the next 12 months. The post Ampere eMag 64-bit ARM Server Platform Targets Intel Data Centers appeared first on ExtremeTech.

Yesterday   AMD's newest console win is a preview of how components like Ryzen and Vega play together when deployed in console form. The early results are encouraging.

Yesterday   The customer we talked about last week didn't lose access to previously purchased iTunes content because Apple yanked his access. Region lockouts are likely to blame.

Yesterday   Linus Torvalds is stepping back from Linux to focus on making changes to the way he interacts with the community. The post Linux Torvalds Steps Back From Linux in Favor of Self-Improvement appeared first on ExtremeTech.

2 Days Ago   Nintendo is using streaming to push games to the Switch that it couldn't run otherwise -- will it bring the idea to North America? The post Nintendo Is Using Streaming to Push Games to Switch That It Otherwise Can’t Run appeared first on ExtremeTech.

2 Days Ago   Nvidia has announced its new Tesla T4 inference accelerators based on the Turing architecture. The post Nvidia Announces New Tesla T4 GPUs For Data Center Inferencing appeared first on ExtremeTech.

2 Days Ago   Nintendo has clarified that, amazingly, it deletes your Cloud saved games as soon as you stop paying for the service. The post Nintendo Deletes Switch Cloud Saves if Your Subscription Lapses appeared first on ExtremeTech.

2 Days Ago   Intel's CPU shortage could cause the PC market to fall 5-7 percent in Q4 2018. The post PC Market Could Shrink 5-7 Percent in Q4 2018 Thanks to Intel CPU Shortage appeared first on ExtremeTech.

5 Days Ago   Facebook has signed up a number of prominent hardware partners for its AI compiler Glow, including Qualcomm, Intel, and Marvell. The post Intel, Marvell, Qualcomm Pledge Support for Glow AI Compiler appeared first on ExtremeTech.

5 Days Ago   The Russian media is spreading a ridiculous theory that NASA sabotaged the ISS deliberately. The post Russian Media Spreading Absurd Conspiracy Theory Regarding ISS Damage appeared first on ExtremeTech.

5 Days Ago   Ever since Nvidia announced the RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti, it's been an open question just how much performance improvement these GPUs would offer in current games.

5 Days Ago   Apple is yanking purchased movies out of customer libraries and refusing to offer refunds for content it sold at full price. The post Apple Is Deleting Movies Customers Purchased on iTunes, Denying Refunds appeared first on ExtremeTech.

6 Days Ago   AMD has confirmed its working with both Microsoft and Sony on next-generation console solutions. What does that mean for the underlying hardware? The post AMD Working With Both Sony and Microsoft on Next-Generation Consoles appeared first on ExtremeTech.

6 Days Ago   At some during the announcement of the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max, the iPhone SE quietly slipped off Apple's pages. The post Apple Just Killed the Best, Most Affordable iPhone It Ever Built appeared first on ExtremeTech.

6 Days Ago   Florence's category strength has weakened, but it's now expected to park over South Carolina, raising fears of a Harvey-like event. The post Hurricane Florence Loses Steam, but Shifting Forecast Predicts Huge Rainfall appeared first on ExtremeTech.

6 Days Ago   Microsoft's latest version of Windows will warn you about installing harmful, dangerous applications. Like Chrome. And Firefox. Say hello to the new 'begware' model of software distribution.

7 Days Ago   Two years after Apple "killed" the headphone jack, it's time to bring it back again. The post 2 Years After Apple Killed the Headphone Jack, USB-C Audio Is a Disaster appeared first on ExtremeTech.

7 Days Ago   California farmers fighting for the right to repair got hosed by their own lobbying arm. The post Farmers Thrown Under Bus By Own Lobbying Group in ‘Right to Repair’ Fight appeared first on ExtremeTech.

7 Days Ago   Intel's CPU shortage could impact overall laptop shipments in the back half of the year, while Ryzen Mobile is picking up market share. The post Intel CPU Shortages Hitting Whiskey Lake as Ryzen Mobile Volumes Ramp appeared first on ExtremeTech.

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