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7 Hours Ago   The Times has launched a filter-bubble-busting Facebook Messenger bot designed to attract and inform new audiences with a balanced view of the political landscape in the run-up to the June election.

5 Days Ago   Header bidding is popular among publishers seeking programmatic revenue bumps, but server-side bidding is taking more of the spotlight. The post ‘The days of captive supply are gone’: 5 things to know about server-side bidding appeared first on Digiday.

6 Days Ago   The Telegraph is on a mission to get all its digital inventory into a unified auction and has signed up Criteo's new client-side header bidding product.

7 Days Ago   "Unless clients really grow up and understand they need skilled media people and pay them outside the marketing payment structures, they'll continue to struggle." The post Confessions of an ex-brand global media chief: ‘It’s all one massive arbitrage system’ appeared first on Digiday.

10 Days Ago   The Guardian is locked in a legal battle with ad tech vendor Rubicon Project over alleged undisclosed fees when trading the publisher's inventory. The post A cheat sheet on the Guardian-Rubicon Project lawsuit appeared first on Digiday.

12 Days Ago   French publisher cooperative La Place has plans to stay ahead of digital market changes and attain the necessary scale and data to compete with the duopoly.

13 Days Ago   HuffPost has hired Politico Europe editor Louise Roug to drive closer collaborations across 17 international editions. The post How HuffPost is knitting together its far-flung international newsrooms appeared first on Digiday.

14 Days Ago   For Bleacher Report U.K, keeping a young audience engaged on Snapchat Discover is about ensuring each snap has a singular purpose. The post Two years in: What Bleacher Report has learned from Snapchat Discover appeared first on Digiday.

15 Days Ago   The plan is to test, learn and extend the Bild brand to young audiences, who don’t come to its homepage. The post How Axel Springer’s Bild plans to build a loyal Snapchat Discover audience appeared first on Digiday.

18 Days Ago   Agencies are thinking up new and creative ways to promote mental health and well-being, and ensure staffers can keep stress levels to a minimum. The post Pet the bunny: How UK agencies are curbing employee stress appeared first on Digiday.

19 Days Ago   “Snap is surfing a high tide in the U.S. They think the tide is the same here, but it’s not.” The post ‘We don’t get any real figures’: In risk-averse Germany, Snapchat faces challenges appeared first on Digiday.

22 Days Ago   Spiegel is betting there's an audience among young people for its hard-news-based Discover edition. The post Spiegel Online has a 10-person Snapchat Discover team appeared first on Digiday.

22 Days Ago   Joseph, who joins from The Drum, will help build Digiday's marketing and brands coverage in the U.K. and Europe. The post Seb Joseph joins Digiday’s UK team as brands editor appeared first on Digiday.

25 Days Ago   The German publisher plans to capitalize on advertisers' brand safety by emphasizing its trust, traffic and technology. The post Axel Springer pushes for transparency in its programmatic advertising appeared first on Digiday.

26 Days Ago   "Publishers everywhere are looking for answers, but this is an area European publishers are leading." The post ‘The future of their businesses is at stake’: European publishers are exploring alternatives to the duopoly appeared first on Digiday.

27 Days Ago   Google and Facebook swallowed 20 percent of the entire global media advertising pie in 2016, per Zenith. The post The global state of digital advertising in 5 charts appeared first on Digiday.

28 Days Ago   "If publishers don’t prepare, they could lose 20 million euros [nearly $22 million] or 4 percent of global turnover in fines." The post The procrastinating publisher’s cheat sheet to the new European data rules appeared first on Digiday.

34 Days Ago   "Programmatic specialists come at such a premium because of the talent gap, and so it is the major ad tech companies swallowing the talent, and it isn’t in their interest to be transparent." The post OH at Digiday Programmatic Summit Europe: ‘The trust feels very broken’ appeared first on Digiday.

38 Days Ago   "Our primary objective is to bring audiences to the trusted environment of the Guardian to support building deeper relationships." The post The Guardian pulls out of Facebook’s Instant Articles and Apple News appeared first on Digiday.

40 Days Ago   "This underlines the most important fact in digital publishing: People will pay for high-quality comment." The post Thanks to surprise British election, The Spectator triples daily subscriber sales appeared first on Digiday.

41 Days Ago   Snapchat is running Q&As with France's main political candidates ahead of the first wave of elections. French agencies put Snapchat's daily audience at around 8 million.

42 Days Ago   "We've spent years building in-market audiences, taking them to a point of purchase then throwing them over a wall and letting someone else take the transaction.

47 Days Ago   With France’s national elections around the corner, Le Monde is turning to Snapchat Discover for its battle against fake news. The publisher has a 13-person fact-checking team, Les Décodeurs, which focuses on hard-nosed debunking — both stories and specific websites — on its own properties, Facebook and Twitter.

47 Days Ago   Advertisers aren't shying away from upping spend on programmatic advertising, but they want more control over it. The post The current state of UK programmatic advertising in 5 charts appeared first on Digiday.

50 Days Ago   "Amazon's penetration of most areas is frightening, if not terrifying to some." The post Amazon is taking on Google and Facebook for ad tech dominance appeared first on Digiday.

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