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2 Days Ago   A Scottish YouTube comedian, Mark Meechan, was found guilty of a hate crime on Tuesday for posting a video of himself training his girlfriend’s pug, Buddha, to mimic a Nazi and respond to commands the court ruled anti-Semitic.

4 Days Ago   The United States Navy’s newest submarine, the USS Colorado, went into service this weekend. In the Pentagon’s announcement Secretary of the Navy Richard V. Spencer called the vessel “a true marvel of technology and innovation.” But part of the 377-foot-long Virginia-Class submarine is operated with a 12-year-old Xbox… Read more...

11 Days Ago   The rise of widely accessible streaming video platforms has allowed niche organizations to spawn media companies that pump out propaganda content that they can beam directly to your living room.

17 Days Ago   On Sunday morning, someone took 13 tortoises, seven birds, seven ring-tailed lemurs, five marmosets, and four monkeys from the We Care Wildlife Sanctuary in Miami, loaded all the animals into a truck, and drove off.

22 Days Ago   A drunk New Jersey native reportedly went out with friends in Morgantown, West Virginia, last Friday, and then called an Uber to take him home. Kenny Bachman says he thought he was going back to the place he was staying during his trip, near the West Virginia University Campus.

23 Days Ago   The brands are finally ready to take a bold stand against willingly associating themselves with things that lots of people hate. Read more...

24 Days Ago   If Alex Jone’s Infowars YouTube channel gets one more strike within the next three months, it will be banned from the site, where it has 2.2 million subscribers.

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