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Yesterday   After Hulu shut down the free version of its website in 2016, many of its videos moved over to Yahoo View, which continued to stream recent episodes of network TV shows for free.

Yesterday   Although Apple hasn’t even released its 2019 iPhones yet, rumors about the 2020 iPhone lineup have already begun. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (via MacRumors), Apple is planning a trio of iPhones with 5.4-inch, 6.1-inch, and 6.7-inch screens, all with OLED displays similar to that of the iPhone XS.

2 Days Ago   Five months after launching a free streaming video service under the IMDb brand, Amazon is changing the name and adding a lot more video. IMDb Freedive is now IMDb TV, Variety reports, and Amazon plans to triple the service’s ad-supported catalog over the next few months.

6 Days Ago   If you're cutting the cord to save money, this guide will help cord-cutters decide if they can save even more by not buying a TV antenna for local channels.

6 Days Ago   Google’s Pixel 3A phone has a lot of admirable qualities. It sports a great camera that rivals the higher-end Pixel 3. Like other Pixel phones, it’s first in line for Android updates straight from Google.

6 Days Ago   In response to unofficial Pixel 4 leaks, Google has decided to release an official teaser image of its next flagship phone. While the image only shows the Pixel 4 from its backside, it suggests that the phone will have at least a couple of lenses, necessitating a larger camera bulge.

9 Days Ago   Malik Ducard, YouTube’s global head of family and learning, likes to tell a story about the time the YouTube Kids app clicked for him personally. It was just before the app’s official launch in 2015, and his youngest son was playing with an early version during a family brunch.

11 Days Ago   If you’ve ever wanted to use an iPhone to record a moment with the rear camera alongside your reaction from the front camera, it’ll be possible this fall with iOS 13.

12 Days Ago   Google is now taking pre-orders for Stadia, the game streaming service that’s supposed to compete with the likes of Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation consoles. The service will launch in a limited capacity this November, followed by a broader rollout in 2020.

12 Days Ago   AT&T’s WarnerMedia will reportedly charge $16 or $17 per month for its HBO-centric streaming service when it launches at the end of this year, sources tell the Wall Street Journal.

14 Days Ago   As Fortnite starts to resemble a new kind of social network, it’s eating into the time that players spend with other social media–and other forms of entertainment for that matter.

15 Days Ago   Apple had a lot to talk about during its 2019 Worldwide Developers Conference. In the span of two hours, the company breezed through a long list of improvements that are coming to the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV this fall.

15 Days Ago   A new feature in Apple’s upcoming MacOS Catalina update will help you find a lost MacBook, even if it’s no longer where you left it. The “Find My” feature quietly and securely connects with nearby iPhones over Bluetooth, updating its location every time.

15 Days Ago   Apple still isn’t ready to launch the new Mac Pro it began talking about in 2017, but it is showing off the design and revealing some key details.

15 Days Ago   Apple has some good news for software developers who want to support more of the company’s platforms with less work: Now they can design apps that port easily from iOS to MacOS using Catalyst.

15 Days Ago   Apple is making big changes to its iPad software with iOS 13 this fall, including improvements to multitasking. The software is also getting its own name, iPadOS, to distinguish it from the iPhone’s iOS 13 updates.

15 Days Ago   Apple announced iOS 13 at its WWDC developer conference on Monday, and it’s looking like a substantial upgrade for iPhones and iPads. Among the new features is a “dark mode,” similar to the one that launched on MacOS last year.

15 Days Ago   Apple is doubling down on apps for the Apple Watch, giving the device its own native app store and launching several of its own new programs.

15 Days Ago   Apple TV could gain a major advantage over Roku and Amazon’s Fire TV platform by adding support for multiple users system-wide this fall. The next version of Apple’s tvOS software will let users quickly switch between different profiles.

16 Days Ago   Whenever I wake up in the middle of the night, I indulge a bad habit of looking at my smartphone. It starts off innocuously enough, with me wanting to check the time, but then I notice an email or Twitter notification that sets my mind in motion, and I have a harder time falling back to sleep.

18 Days Ago   Last year, after nearly a decade of freelance tech journalism, I took a leap of faith and launched a paid subscription newsletter. The free newsletter I’d been writing for the previous two years, Cord Cutter Weekly, had built up a healthy audience of more than 11,000 subscribers.

19 Days Ago   Ten years ago, the iPhone App Store was just about a year old, and very much a Wild West in the world of software development. Some software makers saw a chance to get rich quick with cheap gimmicks, while others made efforts to turn venerable websites or desktop programs into mobile apps.

19 Days Ago   For years, PC gaming has flourished almost in spite of Microsoft’s efforts, as the company has tried (and failed) on several occasions to funnel players into its own digital storefronts.

20 Days Ago   These cord-cutting apps will help you figure out which streaming services to get and what to watch on them.

20 Days Ago   Microsoft has added an impressive new feature to Excel on mobile devices, letting users digitize paper spreadsheets by snapping a photo. Excel’s spreadsheet scanner started rolling out on Android in March, and is now launching on iPhones as well, the Verge notes.

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