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13 Hours Ago   Sony is expected to unveil a new lineup of smartphones at Mobile World Congress on Monday, February 25th. But you probably won’t have to wait until then to see what the company has to offer.

Yesterday   A recent decision by research lab OpenAI to limit the release of a new algorithm has caused controversy in the AI community. The nonprofit said it decided not to share the full version of the program, a text-generation algorithm named GPT-2, due to concerns over “malicious applications.” But many AI researchers have criticized the decision, accusing the lab of exaggerating the danger posed by the work and inadvertently stoking “mass hysteria” about AI in the process.

Yesterday   Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will finally meet with a representative of the UK government after a UK parliamentary report this week excoriated the social media site for behaving like “digital gangsters.” According to The Guardian, the UK’s culture secretary Jeremy Wright has flown out this Thursday to Facebook’s headquarters in California to talk with Zuckerberg in person.

2 Days Ago   Getting around a global city like London, New York, or Shanghai has become vastly more complicated in recent years. In addition to public transport options like buses and metro systems, travelers can now choose from a myriad of taxi apps, bike hire schemes, and new “micromobility” options like electric scooters.

2 Days Ago   Drivers in the Australian state of Queensland will soon be able to personalize their license plates with emoji. The state’s official license plate vendor, Personalised Plates Queensland (PPQ), is launching the option on March 1st, with preorders available now.

7 Days Ago   The ability of AI to generate fake visuals is not yet mainstream knowledge, but a new website — — offers a quick and persuasive education.

7 Days Ago   A big trend in AI is the transition from cloud to edge computing. Instead of AI devices doing their computation remotely via an internet connection, they’re increasingly handling things locally, with algorithms working directly on-device.

8 Days Ago   A step forward in AI text-generation that also spells trouble Continue reading…

9 Days Ago   Last-minute negotiations over the wording of the European Union’s controversial Copyright Directive have come to a close, and only a full vote by the European Parliament stands in the way of the legislation becoming law.

9 Days Ago   What’s next for Google’s Pixel range? A non-premium handset and a smartwatch, says a recent report from Nikkei Asian Review. The Japanese business title claims that Google is planning an “aggressive push into hardware” in 2019, hoping to capitalize on Apple’s wobbly expansion into developing markets with a non-premium Pixel phone and then update its other offerings.

10 Days Ago   Adobe has announced a new feature for its suite of photo-editing apps called Enhance Details that uses machine learning to artificially improve the resolution and picture quality of zoomed-in images.

10 Days Ago   Upskirting is now a criminal offense in England and Wales after campaigners lobbied for years for the UK government to outlaw the practice. The new legislation means that individuals convicted of photographing or videoing underneath a person’s clothing without their knowledge for the purpose of sexual gratification or causing humiliation or distress face up to two years in prison.

11 Days Ago   For companies like Google and Microsoft, artificial intelligence is a huge part of their future, offering ways to enhance existing products and create whole new revenue streams.

11 Days Ago   America may be the current world leader in artificial intelligence, but its place is anything but assured. While nations around the world have launched programs to stimulate AI development, the Trump administration has practically ignored the topic.

12 Days Ago   The emojification of human culture is not complete until every object, verb, symbol, emotion, and image is captured using this once-obscure, now all-consuming pictorial format. That is why Emoji Mosaic is so helpful.

15 Days Ago   Germany’s national competition regulator has ordered Facebook to stop combining user data from different sources without voluntary consent. The order applies to data collected by Facebook-owned platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram, but also third-party sources that Facebook uses to flesh out its advertising profiles, including those of non-users.

16 Days Ago   Experts and politicians in China are worried that a rush to integrate artificial intelligence into weapons and military equipment could accidentally lead to war between nations.

16 Days Ago   Google has recruited its in-house machine learning framework, TensorFlow, to help train additional spam filters for Gmail users. With the new filters in place as of last month, the company claims Gmail is now blocking an extra 100 million spam messages every day.

17 Days Ago   Teaching computers how the world fits together is a tricky business. No matter how much data you feed an algorithm, there are certain types of knowledge that can’t easily be written down.

21 Days Ago   New e-commerce rules in India have plunged Amazon and Walmart’s local operations into disarray, as the retailers struggle to comply with new restrictions in a key growth market.

22 Days Ago   We’ve got what seems to be another good look at Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S10 Plus. This time, the leak comes from 91Mobiles, which claims these are official press images.

22 Days Ago   Next month’s Mobile World Congress is shaping up to be an interesting one for LG, with the South Korean company now rumored to be unveiling two handsets at the show: the LG G8 ThinQ and a second, higher-end, 5G-enabled device, possibly the LG V50 ThinQ 5G.

23 Days Ago   Foxconn’s promise to build a factory in Wisconsin has always been controversial, with critics pointing to huge state subsidies and the high cost of US labor as reasons not to take the Chinese firm at its word.

23 Days Ago   You might remember a spate of news stories last year about Google Translate spitting out ominous chunks of religious prophecy when presented with nonsense words and phrases to translate.

23 Days Ago   FIFA is the latest casualty of Belgium’s loot box ban, with publisher EA announcing that it will stop selling FIFA points, the game’s in-game currency, in the country as of January 31st.

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