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3 Hours Ago   As extraordinary as Grand Theft Auto V's sustained success has been, it would never have become one of the best-selling games of all time without Grand Theft Auto Online.

6 Hours Ago   Microsoft shelled out last year to ensure  PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds ( PUBG) would be an Xbox One console exclusive for a limited amount of time, but it looks like that window may soon be closing.

7 Hours Ago   Much like the iPhone XS, Apple's latest iOS update is more concerned with performance improvements than it is with new features or functionality. If you visit Apple's landing page for iOS 12, you'll see that performance is the first thing that the company highlights: 70% faster swipe to Camera, 50% faster keyboard display, and 2x faster app launch under heavy workload, to name a few.

7 Hours Ago   Following several months of delays, the Nintendo Switch Online service finally launched on Monday night, bringing with it cloud saves, classic NES games, and paid online play.

Yesterday   With less than a month to go before the launch event in Paris (and with the iPhone XS reveal out of the way), focus has begun to shift to Google's Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

Yesterday   Eight years after its debut, Game of Thrones will come to an end with season 8 early next year. The long-running series will conclude long before the book series upon which it is based, but according to the creator, the show could have easily lasted nearly twice as long as it did.

Yesterday   What better way to recover from a gloomy Monday than with a great deal on a burger for lunch or dinner on Tuesday? September 18th is National Cheeseburger Day, which means countless restaurants and fast food chains are selling burgers at a discount.

Yesterday   Months of anticipation for Marvel fans have led to this moment, as the first trailer for Captain Marvel was shared on Good Morning America Tuesday morning. We got our first look at Brie Larson's Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel) earlier this month, but now we finally get the chance to see the new hero in action.

2 Days Ago   The most important night of the year for television has arrived. On Monday night, Saturday Night Live cast members Michael Che and Colin Jost will take the stage will take the stage at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles for the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards.

2 Days Ago   As exciting as the past several days have been for Apple fans, with the unveiling of the iPhone XS and Apple Watch Series 4, one slighted consumer is unsatisfied with the way the company handled his issue.

2 Days Ago   Founded less than five years ago, OnePlus has already made an indelible mark on the smartphone market. Despite operating independently of US carriers, the Chinese company has captured an international audience.

2 Days Ago   We've been keeping you abreast of the latest Netflix arrivals and departures for years now, but it's easy to forget to check back as the month rolls on to see what other shows and movies are being added or removed.

4 Days Ago   It's the weekend. You've already watched everything worth watching on Netflix. You're trying to patiently await the arrival of your new iPhone XS or Apple Watch Series 4.

4 Days Ago   With just a few days to spare before the service launches, Nintendo has told us basically everything there is to know about Nintendo Switch Online. As such, we figured this would be the right time to put together a comprehensive FAQ, addressing everything from the release date to the cost to the features to the caveats.

5 Days Ago   Starting at $1,099, the iPhone XS Max is the most expensive smartphone Apple has ever sold. Therefore, its repair costs are greater than any iPhone as well, which shouldn't come as much of a surprise: Apple devices are expensive, and repairing them is expensive as well.

5 Days Ago   Just two months out from the launch of the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung is already teasing another device unveiling. This week, the company announced a '4x fun' event on its website which it specifically refers to as 'A Galaxy Event,' which suggests that either a new phone or a new tablet will make its debut.

5 Days Ago   Nintendo ended up having to delay its latest Direct live stream due to an earthquake in Japan, but it ended up being well worth the wait.

6 Days Ago   Microsoft Edge is undoubtedly an improvement over Internet Explorer, but a vast majority of Windows 10 users prefer Chrome and Firefox. In fact, nearly 60% of the worldwide market uses Chrome ( according to StatCounter), which has to be the reason why Microsoft is resorting to questionable methods in order to convince Windows 10 users to stick with Edge rather than switch to another browser, such as Firefox or Google Chrome.

6 Days Ago   For years, OnePlus has boasted about its dedication to keeping the 3.5mm headphone jack on its phones while other vendors have opted to eliminate it and force users to either go wireless or use an adapter.

6 Days Ago   Spotify is one of the most popular digital subscription services in the world, and as far as the service has come in the decade it has been available, one issue has been bugging users for years.

6 Days Ago   Hurricane Florence, after weeks of warnings, has finally begun to touch down in the Carolinas on Thursday afternoon. This is just the beginning of what should be a catastrophic storm, with tens of thousands of structures expected to be flooded before it's all said and done.

7 Days Ago   Apple on Wednesday announced a host of new products, including the iPhone Xs, the iPhone Xs Max, the iPhone Xr, and the Apple Watch Series 4.

7 Days Ago   The moment we've all been waiting for has finally arrived. Though they have already been leaked repeatedly in the days and weeks leading up to today's event, Apple has officially confirmed the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, which will serve as the company's two flagship smartphones for 2018.

7 Days Ago   Apple celebrated the tenth anniversary of the iPhone last year with the launch of its most controversial phone to date: the iPhone X. With its edge-to-edge display and substantial notch, the iPhone X marked a turning point in the design of not only Apple's smartphones, but phones from vendors all around the world.

7 Days Ago   A year and a half after launching, the Nintendo Switch is finally getting an official online service. Nintendo announced on Wednesday that Nintendo Switch Online memberships will kick off on September 18th, which is less than a week away.

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