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9 Hours Ago   We're in the home stretch of 2018 now, with the first full week of December now behind us. If you were worried that this might negatively affect the amount of new content on Netflix, you can take a deep breath, because the week of December 9th is yet another incredibly busy week for the popular streaming service.

Yesterday   Epic Games launched its just-announced digital distribution platform last night during The Game Awards 2018 with a limited selection of games for sale, including Supergiant Games' new title Hades.

2 Days Ago   In celebration of last night's Game Awards ceremony, virtually every major digital game storefront is hosting a major sale on some of the biggest games of the year.

2 Days Ago   Amazon is considering expanding its cashier-less, checkout-free Amazon Go stores to airports, according to a new report from Reuters this week. The first Amazon Go store opened to the public in January 2018, and since then, six more stores have opened in Chicago, Seattle, and San Francisco.

2 Days Ago   We're all happy for the hard-working developers, composers, designers, and content creators who walked away with trophies at The Game Awards tonight, but if we're being totally honest, the reason that many of us tuned in was to see all the world premiere trailer and announcements that Geoff Keighley wrangled for the event.

3 Days Ago   While they may not have the clout of the Emmys or the Oscars (yet), the Game Awards have become the preeminent show for celebrating the best video games, developers, and esports teams of the year.

3 Days Ago   In what comes as a welcome sign of submission from Microsoft, the company on Thursday confirmed it will adopt the open source Chromium platform next year in the development of its Edge browser.

3 Days Ago   It's not often that we see Apple's devices go on sale -- especially the company's latest wares -- but Best Buy is breaking the mold with its limited-time Apple Sales Event this week.

3 Days Ago   Following what was one of the most drastic (and unsurprising) collapses in recent memory, MoviePass has a plan. In fact, as part of its attempt to return to relevance in 2019, the movie subscription service will debut three new, slightly more expensive plans that it feels are both of interest to consumers and sustainable for business.

4 Days Ago   The anticipation for 5G smartphones has been rising at an exponential rate in recent weeks as providers, including the likes of Verizon and AT&T, have declared that their first 5G offerings will launch next year.

4 Days Ago   One of the more confounding mysteries surrounding the launch of the iPhone XR was the lack of official cases from Apple. The iPhone maker typically launches a few cases alongside its new handsets, but despite mentioning a clear case in the press release for the XR, it was nowhere to be found on October 26th.

4 Days Ago   Years after being announced and then subsequently put through the ringer with alpha and beta tests, Fortnite made its long-awaited debut in July 2017 as an Early Access title.

5 Days Ago   We're in that weird section of the year between Thanksgiving and Christmas where everyone seems to have mentally checked out, but most of us still have stuff to do.

5 Days Ago   Steam isn't the only digital PC game store, but it has long been the dominant player in the industry. Many developers have attempted to break the Steam stranglehold with their own proprietary offerings -- Origin, Uplay, -- but those stores are typically limited to games from the developers that run them.

5 Days Ago   When Google launched the Pixel 3 in October, it was generally well received. We gave it a positive review ourselves, but it was impossible to ignore the elephant in the room: Google's new phones were fundamentally broken.

5 Days Ago   Just days after revealing that player vs. player Trainer Battles would finally be coming to Pokemon Go, developer Niantic has shared a ton of new details about the highly anticipated feature on its blog.

5 Days Ago   Despite the world's best efforts, if you're reading this, you've officially made it to the final month of 2018. To reward you, we've picked out ten of the best shows and movies coming to the Netflix streaming service in December, which happens to be one of the busiest months for new content that we've seen in quite a while.

5 Days Ago   With just three months left until Captain Marvel hits theaters, we got our second extended look at the Marvel Studios movie on Monday night during ESPN's Monday Night Football halftime show.

6 Days Ago   The success of Google's Chromebook hardware and Chrome OS software wasn't an inevitability, but the ease of use they afford ended up allowing Google to carve out a niche in a very crowded PC marketplace.

6 Days Ago   One of the most intriguing features that Google announced alongside the Pixel 3 earlier this year was Call Screen, which allows the Phone app to show a live transcription of an incoming call and have Google Assistant respond for you without having to answer the call yourself.

6 Days Ago   With just a few days to spare, it looks like Netflix subscribers will be getting more Black Mirror before the end of 2018. Late last week, the NX on Netflix Twitter account (which focuses on fantasy and science fiction content) tweeted out a schedule of fantasy and sci-fi shows and movies coming to Netflix in December.

7 Days Ago   Now that Thanksgiving is over, and we have a temporary reprieve before we are once again surrounded by family for the holidays, we might as well cram in as much streaming as possible.

9 Days Ago   When Pokemon Go launched in the summer of 2016, it was missing many of the key features that define a Pokemon game. There were no Legendary Pokemon, you couldn't trade your Pokemon with other trainers, and most egregious of all, you couldn't battle anyone else directly.

9 Days Ago   In a disappointing (but ultimately unsurprising) turn of events, Netflix officially canceled its  Daredevil series this week after a three-season run. This announcement comes less than two months after the cancellations of  Luke Cage and Iron Fist, leaving Jessica Jones and The Punisher as the only surviving Marvel-Netflix collaborations.

9 Days Ago   Amazon's Echo devices have gained dozens of new features and a ton of additional functionality over the years, but one app has been mysteriously absent. That app?

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