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Yesterday   I watched Guava Island last weekend, since I was really curious to see what this mystery project that Donald Glover, Rihanna, and Hiro Murai had put together was.

2 Days Ago   Facebook says it stored millions of Instagram users’ passwords in plain text, leaving them exposed to people with access to certain internal systems. The security lapse was first reported last month, but at the time, Facebook said it only happened to “tens of thousands of Instagram users,” whereas the number is now being revised up to “millions.” The issue also affected “hundreds of millions of Facebook Lite users” and “tens of millions of other Facebook users.” Passwords are supposed to be stor

3 Days Ago   All of this year’s iPhones could come with upgraded selfie cameras, potentially offering better performance in low light. The details come from a report out today by Ming-Chi Kuo, a reliable Apple analyst at TF International Securities, and they were reported by MacRumors.

4 Days Ago   Apple and Qualcomm have agreed to settle all ongoing lawsuits, putting an end to the blockbuster legal battle that’s seen the two tech giants sue one another across the globe.

6 Days Ago   Microsoft is said to be developing a Surface-branded pair of wireless earbuds. According to Thurrott, the earbuds will likely include Cortana integration and noise cancellation, and it’s possible (but “not guaranteed”) that they’ll come out by the end of the year.

7 Days Ago   Last weekend, I watched Madeline’s Madeline, a dizzying film about a teenage girl in an experimental theater troupe who’s also struggling with an unidentified mental illness.

9 Days Ago   Google’s original Pixel XL is on sale for $250 at Woot this month, offering a bargain deal on a slightly old phone that still holds up fairly well.

10 Days Ago   Facebook is announcing a handful of updates today that are designed to reduce the reach of harmful content across its platform. One of the most notable changes is to groups: groups that “repeatedly share misinformation” will now be distributed to fewer people in the News Feed.

11 Days Ago   Amazon plans to start accepting cash at its automated convenience stores, addressing rising complaints that cash-free businesses discriminate against impoverished and lower-income shoppers who are more likely to lack access to banking or credit cards.

12 Days Ago   Netgear is announcing one of the cheapest routers yet with support for Wi-Fi 6. Its new entry-level router, the Nighthawk AX4, offers Wi-Fi 6 support, four gigabit Ethernet ports, and up to 3Gbps of data transmission.

13 Days Ago   You’ve probably seen celebrities posting sponsored photos on Instagram — but it doesn’t take global fame and millions of subscribers to get the attention of advertisers.

15 Days Ago   On any given day, you might watch a YouTube video, laugh at a Facebook meme, upvote a Reddit submission, hear a SoundCloud banger, heart an Instagram post, read a webcomic, and consider backing some far-fetched but kind of brilliant Kickstarter project.

18 Days Ago   Google is starting to expand the availability of Duplex, its automated calling service for booking restaurant reservations. The service launched on Google’s Pixel 3 and 3 XL in December, and it expanded to all Pixel phones in March.

22 Days Ago   Apple kicked off this week with its big services event, which included the announcement of Apple TV Plus, its streaming movie and TV service. It’s going to be a huge deal, eventually, once it actually launches.

24 Days Ago   During his presentation on Monday, Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced the company’s news subscription service by talking about the joy of standing in front of a newsstand.

25 Days Ago   The contact managing app Cardhop is launching on iOS today, about a year and a half after debuting on the Mac. Like the Mac app, the iOS version of Cardhop makes it fast and easy to add a new contact or look up an existing one.

25 Days Ago   Spotify is starting to algorithmically personalize some of its curated playlists, making a major change to how people discover music on the streaming service. Spotify is already known for having some of the best personalized playlists in the industry, which automatically present songs based on what each listener enjoys.

27 Days Ago   Asus’ software update system was hacked and used to distribute malware to about 1 million Windows computers, according to the cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab. The malware was disguised as a “critical” software update, distributed from Asus’ servers, and signed using a real Asus certificate that made it appear to be valid.

29 Days Ago   On Monday, Apple is supposed to unveil its take on a movie and TV streaming service. It’s not clear if it’ll be a full-on Netflix competitor, or if it’ll basically be a digital take on the cable bundle with some bonus Apple-made original content thrown in. But either way, we’re about to get another major player in the streaming battles.

31 Days Ago   Facebook stored passwords for hundreds of millions of users in plain text, exposing them for years to anyone who had internal access to the files, according to Krebs on Security.

31 Days Ago   T-Mobile is starting to pilot a wireless home internet service, offering unlimited LTE data to the home for $50 per month. At launch, the service has extremely limited availability.

31 Days Ago   Postmates is launching a new delivery option that comes without its sometimes pricey service fees: essentially, carpooling for your food. The new delivery option, called Postmates Party, allows you to opt in to having your meal delivered as part of a group.

33 Days Ago   HP is updating its Envy line of laptops with new processors, a webcam privacy switch, and, in some cases, built-in support for Alexa. The Envy series sits one step below HP’s top-of-the-line laptops, offering slightly lesser specs for prices that are usually a few hundred dollars less.

33 Days Ago   Netgear is announcing a new high-end router today with two standout features: first, it supports Wi-Fi 6, the brand-new Wi-Fi standard; and second, it’s a tri-band model, meaning it’s capable of delivering much more data at once.

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