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5 Hours Ago   Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge At least three people in the last year have been arrested for illegally selling guns using Snapchat, as detailed in a report from The Guardian.

Yesterday   Google will let G Suite customers continue to use Hangouts until next year, delaying a shutdown of the service that was supposed to begin in October.

3 Days Ago   Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge The United States will once again delay a full ban on doing business with Huawei, saying that rural communications companies needed the extra time to switch their equipment away from products made by the Chinese tech giant.

4 Days Ago   Last week, a large portion of The Verge team went to see Hobbs & Shaw, the ridiculous new Fast & Furious spinoff. Most of this website’s staff has a frankly bizarre amount of love for this series, and having never seen any of the films, I’ve always been a little puzzled by it.

6 Days Ago   Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge A fast-acting hacker could be able to weaken the encryption of Bluetooth devices and subsequently snoop on communications or send falsified ones to take over a device due to a newly discovered vulnerability in the standard.

7 Days Ago   Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge YouTube is changing how it handles copyright claims around brief or unintentional clips of music in an attempt to make the system fairer to video creators.

10 Days Ago   TP-Link no longer plans to update its Kasa smart plug with support for Apple’s HomeKit system, despite announcing plans to support the smart home feature back in January.

12 Days Ago   Photo: Amazon I watched A Scanner Darkly the other week for the first time in probably a decade. In many ways, the horrors it depicts — lives destroyed by drugs, corporations complicit in that destruction — are more relevant now than they were when the film adaption of Philip K.

13 Days Ago   Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Federal Communications Commission officials said today that 5G is safe and the rules regulating radio emissions for safety don’t need to be changed in order to accommodate it.

16 Days Ago   Juul is launching its first Bluetooth-connected vape in the UK after piloting the device in Canada. The Juul C1 connects to an Android app that lets owners monitor how much they’ve been vaping, lock the device so that no one can use it, and locate the device if they’ve misplaced it.

16 Days Ago   After two decades of operating under the name FileMaker, the Apple-owned software company has decided to return to its original name: Claris. Apple first created Claris in 1986 when it was under the leadership of John Sculley.

19 Days Ago   Samsung appears to have a new Windows laptop on the way with a design that seems to have taken some inspiration from Microsoft. The Galaxy Book S, which was leaked this afternoon by reporter Evan Blass, has a very square, mono-color keyboard and trackpad layout that very much resembles the design of Microsoft’s Surface Laptop, minus the Surface’s trademark fabric covering.

21 Days Ago   The Verge YouTube Premium is starting to let subscribers download videos in 1080p resolution for offline viewing, up from the 720p limit that’s been in place until now.

21 Days Ago   Xfinity Mobile will now charge subscribers an additional $20 per month if they want to stream HD video with an unlimited data plan. The Comcast-owned wireless service announced that it would add this fee over a year ago when it first began capping video resolution on unlimited plans to 480p.

22 Days Ago   Photo by Zach D Roberts / NurPhoto via Getty Images A federal judge dismissed Democrats’ lawsuit against Russia, WikiLeaks, and the Trump campaign on Tuesday, saying that Russia was the main culprit and could not be sued under federal law.

23 Days Ago   Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg | Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge On Friday, T-Mobile CEO John Legere called Verizon “clueless” and “dead in the water without a strategy” for 5G.

25 Days Ago   Bethesda says it’ll get rid of the strange requirement that players must log into an online account before they play the newly re-released versions of Doom, Doom II, and Doom 3, which went live yesterday.

26 Days Ago   Photo: Sony Pictures Marvel’s Spider-Man films have been a standout for me in the MCU. What I think it comes down to is this: they’re not about superhero stuff all that much.

27 Days Ago   Photo by Joan Cros/NurPhoto via Getty Images T-Mobile CEO John Legere took something of a victory lap this afternoon, using a call with investors to trash talk his rivals’ 5G plans now that T-Mobile’s merger with Sprint has federal approval.

27 Days Ago   Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Twitter added 5 million daily users last quarter, bringing the company to 139 million in total. That’s the highest the number has been since Twitter started reporting daily usage statistics earlier this year, and it represents the highest annual growth in almost two years.

28 Days Ago   Roku is making a Wi-Fi extender called the Roku Relay, which is meant to improve wireless connections inside a home and improve reliability while streaming. The device, which has not yet been announced, is currently in testing with users outside the company, a person familiar with the tests tells The Verge.

29 Days Ago   Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that Amazon “destroyed the retail industry across the United States” and that it’s appropriate for the attorney general to investigate the company alongside other tech giants in the sweeping antitrust review that the Justice Department announced yesterday.

30 Days Ago   Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge ByteDance, the company behind TikTok, appears to have acquired a startup that develops AI-generated music software. The company, Jukedeck, made a tool that could automatically generate music and then let users adjust the length, tempo, and where it climaxed.

33 Days Ago   Photo: 20th Century Fox Comic-Con is here, and that means a surge of new trailers for big, buzzy films. This year, some of the larger studios are sitting out or maintaining a lower presence than usual.

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