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Yesterday   Sometimes when I’m watching a movie, I’ll start re-directing it in my head, thinking about how I would have done something differently, or if I would have never even conceived the idea of doing it the way the director did, whether that be good or bad.

3 Days Ago   AT&T is the first major US carrier to add support for eSIM on the iPhone XS and XR, allowing its network to be used in a dual-SIM setup.

3 Days Ago   Everyone seems to have that one app that they find immensely useful, and are puzzled as to why the rest of the world isn’t using it.

5 Days Ago   Now that smartphones are capable of taking photos that can, in some instances, rival those of DSLRs, companies seem to be getting more and more comfortable swapping actual DSLR photos into their advertising.

6 Days Ago   Quora said it discovered last week that hackers broke into its systems and were able to make off with data on up to 100 million users.

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8 Days Ago   I really wasn’t sure what to expect from A Star is Born. It’s been getting so much buzz, and yet its trailer made made the movie look so melodramatic, saccharine, twee, overwrought, and manically romantic.

14 Days Ago   Black Friday is a great time to shop for phones, but unless you’re buying an unlocked device, you have to keep one thing in mind: there are almost always strings attached.

24 Days Ago   Facebook is once again tweaking how stories spread through the News Feed, this time going after posts that are “sensationalist and provocative.” The goal isn’t just to cut down on clickbait, but to cut down on misinformation and problematic posts that don’t quite warrant an outright ban on the site.

24 Days Ago   Apple and Qualcomm have been in a heated dispute for the last two years, and now Apple is taking another small jab at the company by opening up jobs that seem to be designed to grab employees from the chipmaking giant.

24 Days Ago   The Raspberry Pi Foundation’s goal is to make computing as cheap and accessible as possible, so today, it’s introducing a new $25 computer that shares many of the highlights as its top-of-the-line $35 device.

26 Days Ago   Internet providers and wireless carriers, by necessity, can see the traffic coming and going to your phone. Some companies have better privacy policies than others, but Google’s Project Fi can’t make a blanket policy — that’s because the carrier doesn’t control its own network, and instead piggybacks off of companies like T-Mobile and Sprint.

31 Days Ago   Google is renaming Files Go, its lightweight files app for phones with limited storage, to “Files by Google” to reflect that the app works no matter what kind of phone you’re on — and to potentially propel it to further success.

31 Days Ago   Facebook’s home video chat devices, the Portal and Portal Plus, are going on sale today, a month after they were initially announced. The products are almost exclusively focused on video chatting.

32 Days Ago   Samsung is going to start letting app developers plug into Bixby, and hardware companies will be able to build the voice assistant into their products, too.

32 Days Ago   The next generation of Wi-Fi is starting to arrive, and Netgear is jumping in with its first two routers: the Nighthawk AX8 and Nighthawk AX12. These are two very high-end routers, capable of theoretical speeds well beyond what most home internet connections can deliver.

33 Days Ago   Qualcomm was dealt a major loss in one of its many ongoing legal battles this afternoon, with a federal court ruling that the company must license its modem patents to competing chipmakers, potentially weakening its stranglehold on the market.

38 Days Ago   Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and more than 50 other companies issued a joint letter today opposing President Trump’s possible rollback of rights and protections for transgender people under federal law.

41 Days Ago   After more than a year of waiting, RED’s Hydrogen One smartphone is almost here. Verizon and AT&T announced this morning that they’ll begin selling the phone this Friday, November 2nd, for $1,295.

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43 Days Ago   I watched Hot Summer Nights on Amazon the other week since I’ll watch anything starring Timothée Chalamet right now and also it just looked really fun and stylish.

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