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13 Hours Ago   Lenovo is one of the top two PC companies and a recent design patent issued to them by the U.S. Patent Office illustrates that they're considering a new tablet-styled desktop PC.

14 Hours Ago   What is the world coming to when Google's heterophobes freak out over the word "Family" and Google is considering how to be more sensitive.

16 Hours Ago   After pointing out that the entire staff at Unbox Therapy use MacBooks, host Lewis Hilsenteger takes back his rating that the new MacBook Air is the best laptop on the market because of his experience with a problem that drives him crazy.

18 Hours Ago   American Samoa - ‘Football Island’ - produces athletes that are 56 times more likely to play in the NFL than Americans from anywhere else. Shot on iPhone

19 Hours Ago   Today Korea's FTC claimed that Apple's practice of shifting advertising costs onto mobile carriers could be deemed as an abuse of power, according to a document released today.

2 Days Ago   Apple Struck ad exclusive deal with Imagine Entertainment's documentary unit founded by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer to produce a slate of feature documentaries and docuseries.

2 Days Ago   A new Apple patent application that was filed in the Kingdom of Denmark was discovered by Patently Apple earlier today that covers possible future functions and features related to HomePod.

3 Days Ago   Yesterday Apple was ordered by a German Court to immediately stop using part of a press release that claims all iPhones would still be available in Germany through phone companies and resellers which isn't true.

3 Days Ago   In Tim Cook's Brussels speech in October 2018, Cook praised Europe's "successful implementation" of privacy law GDPR. Surprisingly, Apple is now being accused of violating the GDPR

3 Days Ago   In Tim Cook's Brussels speech in October 2018, Cook praised Europe's "successful implementation" of privacy law GDPR. Surprisingly today we learn that an Austria group as filed a class action naming Apple as one of the U.S.

3 Days Ago   Over the years Apple has filed a few patent applications covering wrist movements and in-air gestures designed to control specific functionality on the Apple Watch (01, 02 and 03).

3 Days Ago   Yesterday Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple's CEO wants the Government to Rein In Data Brokers who Invisibly work with Online Stores to Collect your Data." Today we're learning that Axciom, a large data brokerage, has come out in support of Apple CEO Tim Cook’s quest to bring a law very much like the EU’s GDPR to America.

3 Days Ago   China Singles Out Apple, Nike, Amazon and other International Firms for 'Misidentifying' Taiwan on their Websites with threats to these companies if they fail to comply with Beijing's wishes

4 Days Ago   On Monday Samsung sent out invitations to their Galaxy S10 unboxing event that will take place in San Francisco on Wednesday February 20. The hint within the graphic would be that Samsung might introduce their folding smartphone.

4 Days Ago   Rumor has it that Apple is near a deal for a 10 part science fiction series that titleless at the moment. The series was created and co-written by Simon Kinberg and David Weil.

4 Days Ago   In 2019 as 5G systems and devices begin rolling out around the globe, Millimeter Wave technology is one of the key technologies behind 5G. Today four of Apple's latest millimeter wave antenna patent applications were published today by the U.S.

4 Days Ago   A new supply chain report this morning claims that new orders for iPad series products were granted to Apple suppliers GIS and TPK for H1

4 Days Ago   Today the US Patent & Trademark Office published a continuation patent application from Apple relating to MacBook-like accessories. In one application the accessory would replace Apple's soft and foldable Smart Keyboard with a solid MacBook like embodiment...

4 Days Ago   The new year is starting off with emphasis on both privacy and the government opening up data to its citizens. Today Apple's CEO presented his ideas of what the Government needs to include in writing legislation consumer privacy in context with online data.

4 Days Ago   While most headlines yesterday emphasized some slowdown in hiring, Apple's CEO made it clear that it wasn't across the board and it wasn't the solution to their missed quarter.

5 Days Ago   It's being reported today that Jason Katims is departing his longtime home at Universal TV for a new multi-year overall deal at Apple that starts this summer.

5 Days Ago   Yesterday when the FTC lead counsel Jennifer Milici said "Your Honor, the FTC rests its case," you could have heard a pin drop even if there had been thousands of people in the audience.

5 Days Ago   A new report posted today claims that Apple has been in talks with at least three private Medicare plans about subsidizing the Apple Watch for people over 65 to use as a health tracker.

5 Days Ago   A new report from India states that Apple’s iPhone shipments in India last year are estimated to have shrunk by as much as half from the 2017 level, its worst performance since 2014 in the world’s fastest-growing smartphone market, adding to global woes that have forced the company to cut its revenue outlook.

5 Days Ago   Yesterday Korea’s largest mobile carrier SK Telecom launched a next-generation messaging service, called Rich Communication Services which is starting out on Samsung's Galaxy S9 models. The service is to challenge Apple's FaceTime and iMessage with ....

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