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10 Hours Ago   Asus was one of the first to launch a new product today at Computex. The CEO introduced their new "ZenBook Pro is designed with the latest 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor...

Yesterday   In April our Patently Mobile site covered a Microsoft folding smartphone patent and today we follow-up with a related patent report about this possible Surface related folding smartphone. Today's report also covers Samsung's granted patent for a scrollable display device that could be for a future smartphone and / or mobile TV.

Yesterday   Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was being interviewed in Canada on Friday about the growth opportunities for Apple, potential new markets and the products he gets excited about. With the buzz around all-things-AI of late, Wozniak weighed in ...

Yesterday   Former Apple creative director Abigail Brody has recently stepped down as chief user experience designer at Chinese smartphone maker Huawei after less than two years in the key post and has started her own company called abalone.

Yesterday   Yesterday Sharp's President and CEO Tai Jeng-wu confirmed that his company is in fact planning to build a factory in the U.S. that will make small displays for smartphones and beyond.

2 Days Ago   It was just yesterday that we posted a report titled "Apple's advances in AI Continue to Surface at a Record Pace as news of a 'Neural Engine' Chip now Emerges." Two weeks ago we posted a report titled "AI Wars are almost reaching Fever Pitch with new Home Devices and Apple Fans look to WWDC 2017 for Apple's Response." One of Reuters latest reports makes the same point about the activity surrounding AI in the tech sector as it looks at the pace of AI startup acquisitions in the tech sector and beyond.

2 Days Ago   The patent troll known as Uniloc USA filed four counts of patent infringement against Apple in June 2016 and another three counts in April 2017 covering iOS 7's Frequent Locations Feature and more. On Friday, Uniloc USA and Uniloc Luxembourg filed three more patent infringement lawsuits against Apple covering battery charging, AirPlay and Auto Dialing. Our report covers the current Uniloc patent infringement cases against Apple filed on Friday while providing our readers with a video titled "The Patent Scam" ....

2 Days Ago   According to NBC News, a gas leak briefly prompted the evacuation of two older Apple office buildings in Cupertino Friday.

2 Days Ago   On Monday we reported that the new Apple Store in Singapore would open on May 27 and on schedule it opened to the public with great fan fare and Apple's classic opening day greeting as noted in our cover graphic. The store is the first of its kind in Singapore, running entirely on solar energy. Apple's SVP of Retail Angela Ahrendts was there to greet the day's first customers ...

3 Days Ago   Even though Apple was the first major tech company to adopt a digital assistant for use in their smartphone natively, progress on this front seemed to be at a snails pace. Then out of nowhere Amazon shocked the market with a smarter digital assistant on a home device called Echo. Google Home rapidly followed and their latest upgrade will offer free phone calls within the U.S. and Canada and deeper connectivity to Android. Now Microsoft, Harman Kardon and many tech companies are jumping on the bandwagon with new smart home digital assistant based devices aimed to land on the market this fall. But in the last few months Apple patents and other news has been surfacing to turn the tide and today we learn that Apple has new Neural Engine chip in the works.

3 Days Ago   In January Patently Apple posted a report tiled "A Weak Circumstantial Theory by French Investigators Points to Fiery Apple Device Bringing Down Air Egypt." Today the French publication Le Parisien did a follow up report into the bizarre investigation into Apple devices being the cause of a downed plane when most believe it was terrorism.

3 Days Ago   The famous publication "The New Yorker" is known for it's hand sketched cover art. For their May issue, Jorge Colombo, the artist who came up with the New York cityscape for the magazine's May Cover, wanted to try something unique using his iPad.

3 Days Ago   Universal Secure Registry (USR) has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple. The founder, chairman and CEO of USR is recognized expert is the fields of information systems security and identity authentication, especially computer-based multifactor identity authentication. Before starting USR, Dr. Weiss founded and served for many years as the CTO and Chairman of the Board of Security Dynamics Technologies Inc., now RSA Security LLC, a part of Dell Technologies. The new lawsuit covers four counts of infringement regarding Apple Pay. The story, if true, is an interesting one.

4 Days Ago   Last September Patently Apple posted a report titled "TSMC is Confident in their Superior 7nm Chips Being Ready for the 2018 iPhone." Today we got an update to TSMC's schedule and they're very close to their original prediction. The Nikkei is reporting that TSMC is currently "testing cutting-edge 7-nanometer chips for 12 customers...

4 Days Ago   In a new IDC report forecasting the future growth of PC devices, IDC goes out on a limb by forecasting 'detachables' as the single PC device that will grow over one percent over the next five years (2016 – 2021). More specifically they forecast 'detachables' will grow 16.4% in contrast with tablets that they forecast will decline by 6.9% in that same time period. Last June Patently Apple posted a report titled "In Q1 2016, Apple Led the Detachables Market in the U.K. Hands Down with the iPad Pro." Apple's iPad was the number tablet globally in Q1 2017. Yet IDC continues to pump up Microsoft over Apple on tablets even though it's never panned out for them.

4 Days Ago   In February Patently Apple posted a report titled "Beyond the 160 Million OLED Displays already Secured with Samsung, Apple is now in Talks with China's BOE." Today a new patent application from BOE was discovered that describes a display with integrated fingerprint authentication and oddly points directly at Apple's iPhone 5S as an example of the old way of using fingerprint ID. Is this one of the reasons whyApple is in talks with BOE?

4 Days Ago   Back in 2011 Patently Apple posted a patent report titled "Apple Talks Up Smart Bezels + Live & Reconfigurable MacBooks." It was one of Apple's first MacBook patents that introduced a full virtual keyboard as noted in our cover graphic. The invention covers an illuminated MacBook input surface, a set up assistant, a live reconfigurable surface supporting a virtual keyboard and more. Today the US Patent & Trademark Office published a continuation patent application from Apple that refines and adds specific new patent claims to protect this invention. By adding new patent claims we're also able to verify that the project is still alive and that it's progressing as Apple refines certain aspects of the design.

5 Days Ago   Apple was of course first to deliver a MacBook with only USB-C ports. Not that everyone was happy about that shift; in fact the critics hammered Apple for that "innovation." The cover of the WSJ story mocked the move, as noted in the graphic in our report. Now Intel is bringing this solution to the PC World via Thunderbolt 3. Dan Riccio, Apple’s senior vice president of Hardware Engineering said that "Apple and Intel have collaborated on Thunderbolt from the beginning ...

5 Days Ago   In April Patently Apple posted a report titled "Today the World's First Live Hologram Phone Call was made between Seoul and New Jersey on a 5G Network." Then on May 02 we reported on T-Mobile Vowing to be first with nationwide '5G' Coverage by 2020. Apple is likely to bring advanced Augmented Reality capabilities to iDevices when 5G comes to market in addition to possibly bringing advanced Apple TV capabilities regarding live sporting events and beyond. So it comes as no surprise that Apple has filed an application with the FCC regarding wireless technologies associated with 5G Networks.

5 Days Ago   Apple had a deadline for responding to Samsung's mid-March petition for Supreme Court review in the second California Apple v. Samsung case

5 Days Ago   On Monday Patently Apple posted a report titled "Foxconn-Sharp to Acquire a U.S. micro-LED Display Startup," which covered a lot of ground regarding the next generation display that could one day sweep the industry. Today the news about micro-LED keeps pouring in with news of trial runs starting in the 2017-2018 timeline.

5 Days Ago   Today Apple launched a new app development curriculum designed for students who want to pursue careers in the fast-growing app economy. The curriculum is available as a free download today from Apple’s iBooks Store.

6 Days Ago   The new Surface Pro debuted in Shanghai China this morning during a Microsoft Event Keynote. Microsoft continues to position their latest tablet as "the most versatile laptop" because it uses a new i7 Core processor.

6 Days Ago   Last month Patently Apple posted a report titled "Indian Officials Claim that Wistron will begin manufacturing iPhones for India in May." In that report we noted that officials in Bengaluru were unhappy with the progress with negotiations that could bring a whole new high tech ecosystem to the region. Today we're learning that "India has offered to allow Apple Inc to import mobile handset components intended for use in local manufacturing tax free ...

6 Days Ago   Patently Apple posted a report last August titled "Apple Music Surprisingly Launched in South Korea Today." The report noted that Apple Music had a real battle ahead because it didn't secure many Korean songs. . Today we're learning that CJ E&M has become the first major distributor in Korea ...

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