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7 Hours Ago   So we all know FaceApp is sketchy. But uniquely sketchy? Not so fast. Years after its rocky and arguably racist start, FaceApp once again jumped to viral fame this month before users pointed out the selfie-filter app had a questionable privacy policy.

14 Hours Ago   Anonymized data sets are a joke. And, as a newly published study shows, the joke just so happens to be on you. From your credit card purchases to your medical records to your online browsing history, companies are sharing and selling so-called de-identified data sets containing a record of your every move.

20 Hours Ago   We live our lives online, but that doesn't mean those lives need to be an open book. Unfortunately, unless you work at it, there's a good chance your every digital move is being tracked, analyzed, packaged, and sold to not just the highest bidder, but to any and all bidders.

Yesterday   Getting behind the wheel of a Tesla rented through Getaround's car-sharing app is a breeze — perhaps too much so. On Sunday, a 22-year-old driver allegedly ran a red light in San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood, crashing a rented Tesla into another car before striking two pedestrians in a nearby crosswalk.

5 Days Ago   Your dumb privacy tricks aren't working. They still know what kind of porn you're watching. So concludes a not-so-surprising study, which determined that online pornography sites are loaded with various trackers that leak private details about their users to third parties.

5 Days Ago   It's been 50 years since NASA’s Apollo 11 moon landing, but July 20, 1969, still looms large in the consciousness of a nation desperate for something — anything — to be proud of.

6 Days Ago   Congressman Warren Davidson really wants to talk about shitcoins. The representative from Ohio took pains Wednesday to make that clear during a congressional hearing examining the potential ramifications of Facebook's proposed Libra digital currency.

7 Days Ago   Dragonfly, it seems, is officially dead. Probably. The controversial Chinese search engine previously in development by Google that raised privacy, censorship, and human rights concerns is finally, officially, no more — at least according to Karan Bhatia, Google's vice president of global government affairs and public policy.

8 Days Ago   Driving is a pain. Contributing to that pain are the many uncertainties that pop up after you've hit the road. Thankfully, the people behind navigation app Waze think they've solved at least one of those: Tolls.

10 Days Ago   Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez knows what's coming down the surveillance pike, and she's raising the alarm. The Representative from New York on Saturday highlighted the growing problem of facial recognition tech, and called out its associated ills of bias and abuse.

10 Days Ago   Look parents, he's sorry. Juul CEO Kevin Burns made that much very clear during a CNBC interview, set to air Monday, in which he expressed remorse that all your kids are addicted to blowing fat clouds with the popular e-cigarette.

10 Days Ago   They all knew it was going to be a night to remember, just perhaps not how memorable it would turn out. The Los Angeles Angels played the Seattle Mariners on Friday, July 12, in a home game meant to pay tribute to deceased former Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs.

11 Days Ago   Phantom glasses $142 pre-order price as of July 24 View Product The Good Stylish • Successfully blocks some forms of facial-recognition tech • Blocks IR eye-tracking tech The Bad The frames are just a tiny bit wide • which slightly obscures peripheral vision while cycling.

12 Days Ago   It's official: Donald Trump does not like Bitcoin. Or, for that matter, any cryptocurrency — including Facebook's proposed Libra. He made that much clear in a Thursday evening tweetstorm dunking on the latest proposed entrant in the digital currency world.

12 Days Ago   Take a deep breath. Hold it in. Exhale. Can you taste it? The excitement? That's Prime Day, baby, and it will soon be upon us. The faux Amazon holiday spans 48 full human hours this year, kicking off at 12 a.m. PT on Monday, July 15, with a huge array of deals, deals, deals.

12 Days Ago   It turns out that your private and intimate moments aren't that private after all — if you use Google Assistant, that is. According to Belgian broadcaster VRT NWS, devices with the Google digital assistant are recording conversations and sounds inside the homes of their owners and sending those messages to humans for review.

15 Days Ago   Think twice before buying your next smartphone. A Motorola Solutions patent application published on July 4 lays out a method for tracking and identifying customers who frequently change their mobile devices.

22 Days Ago   Shed a tear for Dave Clark. The Amazon senior vice president is having a bad day after a television show he likes, Last Week Tonight, called his company to account for the way it treats its warehouse workers.

22 Days Ago   Border Patrol agents are only sort of trying to hide it. On Monday, investigative non-profit ProPublica dropped a bombshell report revealing a "secret" U.S. Border Patrol Facebook group full of racist and misogynist content targeting both migrant families and elected officials such as Rep.

22 Days Ago   Your Apple computer knows a lot about you. Depending on your privacy settings, it may know significantly more than you're aware of. People are rightly concerned about privacy on their mobile devices — after all, smartphones are basically a location-tracking, microphone-enabled gadget following your every move.

24 Days Ago   Joe Biden has an SEO problem. The former vice president and current Democratic primary competitor hoping to become the party nominee has an official campaign website where he asks for donations and touts his various legislative accomplishments.

24 Days Ago   It's not the White House, but that's exactly the point. Less than a week after President Trump attempted to pick a fight with U.S. women's national soccer team star Megan Rapinoe after she mentioned that, under no circumstance, will she go "to the fucking White House," Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez proffered a more, shall we say, enticing offer.

24 Days Ago   Well that didn't take long. President Donald Trump announced Saturday that Chinese manufacturer Huawei will be able to once again purchase goods from U.S. technology companies. This is a sharp reversal from his stance in May 2019, when Reuters reported that the U.S.

26 Days Ago   Even Twitter, it seems, is sick of Twitter. On Thursday, the San Francisco-based tech giant announced a new plan intended to blunt the impact of tweets from politicians and government officials that violate its policies while still leaving the problematic content on the platform.

27 Days Ago   Pride has always been political, and a coalition of Google employees are doing their best to remind their employer of that very fact. In an open letter published Wednesday morning, the group encourages the San Francisco Pride board of directors to kick Google out of the upcoming June 30 Pride parade.

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