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7 Days Ago   The hype around mobile payments has died down but the industry has more or less settled around a few key players like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

7 Days Ago   Galaxy Note fans might be in for yet another disappointment with this year’s models. Yes, plural as it might affect both the normal model and the Plus model.

7 Days Ago   While there’s a wide variety of keyboards and mice available for desktops users, users on the go have fewer choices if they want to keep the number of peripherals they bring low.

7 Days Ago   The amount of data we generate and accumulate is sometimes too much for our laptops or even desktops to accommodate. Normal external hard drives are veritably just that, hard drives you plug in as needed.

8 Days Ago   Smartphones these days have become nearly all-glass affairs which may be good for durability. Some, however, have decided to introduce certain features that may compromise structural integrity a bit.

8 Days Ago   You’d often think that politics and the tech industry exist in completely separate realms but the real world is hardly that neat. One informs the other and, like in Huawei’s case, can even negatively impact one another.

8 Days Ago   Many OEMs try their best to prevent their products from leaks, which is pretty impossible this day and age. Phone makers even go through the pains of putting an “anti-leak” case on the device.

8 Days Ago   HTC is one of the embattled smartphone companies that just refuses to say “Uncle!”. Year after year, it puts out smartphones that fail to reach sales targets.

8 Days Ago   Space exploration missions and rocket launches may be exciting but they’re also terribly expensive. Companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin are in a race to make launching spacecraft cheaper by reusing rockets but that’s just one aspect of the whole business.

8 Days Ago   Huawei’s fate still hangs in the balance despite some on the US side talking about easing some but definitely not all restrictions. That might not be enough for Huawei to completely change its course and scrap the plans it made to compensate for the effects of the restrictions.

9 Days Ago   The Galaxy Note 10 has been leaked to death by now, but one thing that was left undecided was its launch date and price. Samsung has already announced when the phone will be unveiled but, as always, the exact details of when it would hit shelves have yet to be revealed.

11 Days Ago   Niantic Labs’ third smartphone-based AR game didn’t exactly bring in as many players or revenue as Pokemon GO but the Harry Potter franchise still has enough fans to get the game by at least by word of mouth.

11 Days Ago   The latest entry to the retro mini console is just around the corner. Well, if that is a very big corner and you have no problem waiting for a year before you get your hands on one.

11 Days Ago   As if landing on large planets weren’t difficult enough, the space scientists and engineers in at JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) wanted to land a spacecraft on an asteroid.

11 Days Ago   In less than a month, Samsung will take the veils off its third flagship of the year, with the Galaxy Fold taking the place of second.

12 Days Ago   Cryptocurrencies have always been regarded with skepticism and suspicion ever since Bitcoin started hitting mainstream news. It has gained more momentum and support around the world but, unsurprisingly, governments are more cautious about officially acknowledging the technology.

12 Days Ago   There is still ongoing doubt that Samsung will be able to still pull off its first foldable phone. All that the public has is the word of some Samsung execs and some leaks that claim the Galaxy Fold redesign is ready to go into mass production.

12 Days Ago   Microsoft may have thrown in the towel as far as its own mobile platform goes but it is making up for lost time by connecting Windows 10 more intimately with smartphones.

12 Days Ago   Smartwatches are still pretty much seen as extensions of smartphones but, little by little, they are becoming independent smart devices in their own right. The first and most crucial requirement to make that happen is the ability to connect directly to the Internet without a smartphone.

12 Days Ago   It’s not uncommon to hear of some form of Android malware wreaking havoc on users’ lives. Some of these even manage to get into Google Play Store, much to the platform maker’s shame.

12 Days Ago   As the entity with the biggest influence on what we discover on the Internet, Google is seen both as custodian and also censor of the Wide Wild Web.

13 Days Ago   Just three months ago, Amazon was revealed to be sending its presumed anonymous and very private Alexa recordings to humans that listen to and process the audio to help the assistant become smarter.

13 Days Ago   When Razer unveiled its Project Valerie prototype at CES 2017, it unsurprisingly became the butt of jokes. While having a multi-monitor setup on a desk isn’t exactly novel, having a laptop with three screens is just a few steps shy of ridiculous.

13 Days Ago   We often buy expensive products, especially expensive electronics, but then skimp on measures to protect their investments. Often, they use pouches or cases that provide only minimal protection.

13 Days Ago   There was a great deal of rejoicing in the tech industry when USB-C got approved and even more hurrahs when Apple became its unexpected champion. In the rush to adopt the standard, however, many companies, especially accessory makers, got it wrong, accidentally or otherwise.

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