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4 Days Ago   The Huawei P30 Pro is arguably the best smartphone so far this year, especially if you consider its fancy new 5x optical zoom camera. It is, however, also one of the most expensive, if you can even get your hands on one in some markets like the US.

7 Days Ago   Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me thrice, you’re probably Facebook. The social media giant has rapidly overtaken Google as the poster child for privacy violations and it seems that the there is no end yet in sight to the revelations of either the company’s ineptitude to practice good security or its talent … Continue reading

7 Days Ago   The mini retro console craze apparently hasn’t died just yet. The latest to jump on that train is SEGA who announced last month that it was making a Genesis Mini launching later this year.

7 Days Ago   One of the most talked about trends in mobile photography is the so-called Night Mode. More than just low-light photography, this special mode often employed tricks to truly bring out details in the dark without increasing the noise.

7 Days Ago   Android has always given users choice, Google says. To some extent that is true but most users seldom change the defaults that came with their phones.

8 Days Ago   One of Britney Spears’ earliest hit is almost comically appropriate here with some modification. Oops, Facebook did it again and, this time, it probably wouldn’t have admitted to it if it weren’t caught red-handed.

8 Days Ago   Putting aside legal considerations, gaming console emulators do a wonderful job of making old games accessible and playable on modern computers. Unfortunately, the game themselves weren’t designed with the future in mind and there’s only so much emulators can do to make their pixelated graphics work well with hi-res screens.

8 Days Ago   Some have been warning against going out to buy first-gen experimental devices because of potential problems that may surprise early adopters. But if you’re offered a free review unit, why not, right?

8 Days Ago   The future of the Razer Phone 3 may be in question but the future of the Razer Phone 2 still seems to be strong. In fact, Razer has just put out a new edition of the current gen phone.

8 Days Ago   Smartphones today, especially the expensive flagships, have become more powerful and sophisticated but the literal price to pay is increased cost and difficulty in repairs. While authorized service centers have official tools and processes, they will also take the same journey that iFixit takes.

9 Days Ago   Despite their popularity, taking selfies is hard work. You have to position the phone right. You have to position your head or heads right. And then, when all that’s done, you have to reach for the shutter button without moving your hand too much.

9 Days Ago   Apple is praised for many things but it is also criticized for just as many. One of the latter is how the company “adopts” ideas and features from existing third-party apps and services, effectively pushing those out of business.

9 Days Ago   For the first time in its history, LG unveiled both a G series and a V series phone on the same day at MWC 2019 last February.

9 Days Ago   It seems that what was rumored is starting to come true, at least for Android Q beta testers. While it’s no assurance that the next version of Android will behave this way, some testers are reporting getting system updates on their Pixel phones not via the Settings app but via Google Play Store’s Download Manager.

9 Days Ago   You might think that the Galaxy S10 5G, the largest and most expensive of the four siblings, is just about 5G. After all, it’s there in its name.

9 Days Ago   OnePlus seems to be mixing things up this year. In the past, it would launch a flagship in the first half of the year followed by a “half step” iteration in the latter half.

11 Days Ago   The Galaxy S10 is only just starting to settle down in the market but its spotlight is already being stolen by its siblings. The Galaxy Fold is coming in a few weeks’ time but even if the Galaxy Note 10 is still months away, it is already gaining not a small amount of attention.

11 Days Ago   Companies like Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin dream of making space travel and shipments more economical. While they have mostly focused on reusable rockets, their vehicles are still limited by the same factors as any other rocket has: launching pads.

11 Days Ago   Some conventions have become so normal and so ingrained these days that you almost have to explicitly state something that was, a few years ago, the norm.

11 Days Ago   It’s probably rare to see or or even the newer these days but users of these long-standing email accounts do exist. They may show their age but now they might also be showing something else.

11 Days Ago   It’s probably frustrating for US consumers, not to mention for Huawei, that one of the best smartphones in the market continues to be unavailable there. Of course, there are always ways to import these devices but even Huawei throws in a cautionary warning.

14 Days Ago   It’s not hard to imagine Huawei gloating over its foes. It has been belittled, ridiculed, suspected, rejected, and even sued. But now it has come out with what is possibly the best premium smartphone this year so far.

14 Days Ago   Disney has just released the details of one of its most-discussed upcoming product, its own video streaming service. While the entertainment giant did give the fine details about Disney+, including its surprising $7 monthly fee, the one aspect it was coy about was support for platforms and devices.

14 Days Ago   5G is touted to be the future but if the rising number of complaints in Korea is any indication, it’s going to be a messy one.

14 Days Ago   The Nexus line has long been dead but the ghost of its bootloops continue to haunt Google and its partners. They may finally be willing to do do anything to put a close to that last chapter, even if it means paying millions.

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