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Yesterday   With MWC 2019 fast approaching, it shouldn’t be a surprise that we’d get flooded with leaks and news about upcoming new handsets. But while most eyes are on high-end phones like the Galaxy S10 or even foldable phones, the rest of the smartphone market might be more interested in less expensive models.

Yesterday   Although it seemingly dragged its feet, LG has finally rolled out Android 9 Pie to its early 2018 flagship, the LG G7. That is, if you’re lucky enough to be in Korea or using a Korean SKU.

Yesterday   Sony has recently reaffirmed its commitment to the mobile market but which market that will be is now the question. Year after year, the former smartphone giant has failed not only to make profits but even to leave a lasting good impression.

Yesterday   People do a lot of crazy things with their phones these days but one of the craziest things you can do is to run a desktop operating system on it.

Yesterday   It’s getting harder and harder to trust customer reviews these days. Never mind the short, mindless bursts that are undeniably the product of some unintelligent bot.

2 Days Ago   If LG is planning to wow the crowd at MWC 2019, it will probably not be with the LG G8, most likely called the LG G8 ThinQ.

2 Days Ago   While it seems that Apple is trying to capitalize on its iPad Pros capabilities as “computer replacements”, it hasn’t completely forgotten about its non-Pro slates. In fact, based on information from suppliers, two such iPads are coming within the next five months.

2 Days Ago   Tech companies love redefining words. Network carriers, for example, have made “unlimited” mean “limited” and Twitter has apparently turned “private” into “public”. Granted, the social networking giant pins the blame on a bug that affected only their Android-using population, but more than the worrying nature of the bug itself, it’s the fact that the bug has been active for years … Continue reading

2 Days Ago   While Samsung seems to be content on putting out no less than four variants of its upcoming Galaxy S10 flagship (plus one foldable phone), it seems that LG will, instead, be casting its net wide.

2 Days Ago   Microsoft’s Project xCloud is really no secret. First revealed in October, it was, at first, seemed to take aim at the still fledgling game streaming market.

2 Days Ago   Camera maker Olympus really knows how to tease its fans. It has scheduled three separate and extremely short teasers a week apart to prepare the road for its still to be announced OM-D DSLR.

2 Days Ago   2019 is the year of the foldable phone. While only a few smartphone makers that can throw money around will be able to mass produce such devices, some manufacturers will, instead try to find ways to get around the costs that such a device would entail.

2 Days Ago   They say that the best tool is the one that you have with you. In terms of photography, that might mean your smartphone’s camera. With mobile image sensors becoming more and more capable, some might even wonder if there’s a future for entry-level compact cameras at all.

2 Days Ago   Chinese manufacturers may have gone overboard in trying to remove both bezels and notch. Vivo and OPPO put motors to lift and pull cameras from the top while Honor and Xiaomi have brought back the age of sliders.

3 Days Ago   If you thought that the iPhone XS represented the pinnacle and limit of Apple’s design, you definitely have another thing coming. Of course, one can only push that now iconic notch design so far but it seems that Apple has more changes in mind, just that they’re mostly invisible.

3 Days Ago   Android has long prided itself for how it allows users to dig into most of the file system, provided they have a file manager app on hand.

3 Days Ago   In-screen fingerprint scanners or fingerprint-on-display (FoD) sensors might be the future for many Android phones but their accuracy and speed compared to traditional optical sensors still leave some things to be desired.

3 Days Ago   It may not be spying for the Chinese government but it could be spying on other companies for its own gain. No sooner had Huawei’s CEO gone public with his praise of US President Trump and the company’s commitment to customers’ data privacy than a new report pops up claiming that the US is training more guns on the Chinese … Continue reading

3 Days Ago   Humans are worrying that robots are out to get their jobs but they may have failed to imagine that said robots could also be fired. OK, it’s not exactly that dramatic but when a hotel that made a name for itself for employing more than 200 robots “retires” half of them, you can be something’s amiss.

3 Days Ago   As the mobile platform on which almost all of this year’s high-end smartphones will stand, it’s only natural to hope that the Snapdragon 855 will be everything that Qualcomm is hyping it up to be.

3 Days Ago   You can say what you want about Mozilla’s attempts at earning money but you can’t criticize it for lack of trying. In fact, the non-profit open source organization has a knack for throwing out ideas and experiments and getting users to be their guinea pigs.

3 Days Ago   Despite rumors to the contrary, Sony remained relatively silent at CES 2019 as far as mobile devices go. Instead, it preferred to focus on its key strengths, namely TVs, AV receivers, and Blu-rays.

3 Days Ago   Richard Yu, Huawei CEO of its consumer division, may have become notorious for his public outbursts about the US government treatment of the company, but Huawei’s highest executive might not share the same exact same sentiment.

3 Days Ago   It seems that Amazon has found a new niche market for Alexa that goes beyond smart home automation. Last October, it collaborated with Ubisoft in order to bring Alexios, a new Alexa skill designed specifically for the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey game.

4 Days Ago   Bluetooth-enabled tags and trackers aren’t exactly new but they all have one limitation in common. Aside from the range limit of Bluetooth itself, of course. Because of the electronics required to make them work, they require energy sources, often the thinnest and smallest of batteries.

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