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6 Hours Ago   Not everyone is an Apple, Google, or Samsung fan. There are those that swear by other phone manufacturers, including one of the most controversial ones of late.

7 Hours Ago   Fraudulent robocallers, your days are numbered. Or at least that’s what AT&T and Comcast are telling the sources of these calls designed to con people. In what is being touted as the nation’s first, the two providers are joining forces to combat such kinds of robocalls by authenticating not just calls happen within their respective networks but also those that … Continue reading

8 Hours Ago   While iRobot and its Roomba is the household name for robot vacuum cleaners, Dyson is the brand for fancy, hi-tech, and expensive home appliances, from cordless stick vacuum cleaners to bladeless fans to even “supersonic” hair dryers.

10 Hours Ago   Ever dreamed of creating a musical masterpiece that would be remembered for centuries but don’t even know how to play an instrument? While not everyone can be like the famed Johann Sebastian Bach, we thankfully now have technology that can turn even the most random of notes into a melody that may be worthy of an orchestra performance.

Yesterday   Google just announced its Stradia game streaming service and its perhaps one of the best examples of how far “The Cloud” has come. Online games are nothing new but few aside from text-based games are able to reduce the client side to a “dumb terminal”.

Yesterday   While it remains mostly unchallenged in the US, Google has been facing tough opposition in Europe. It has fought and lost not a few legal battles with the European Commission, forcing it to change many of its practices and business strategies just for that region.

Yesterday   Apple has a big event scheduled next week and all signs say that it will be a media-centric one. If that were the only thing it announces, though, it will be severely disappointing many fans.

Yesterday   The much-hyped foldable phone from Samsung isn’t due to launch until late next month but, to the surprise of no one, a Galaxy Fold was already spotted in Vietnam.

Yesterday   Although it’s no longer a Wild, Wild West, World Wide Web is still far from being a peaceful territory. There is no shortage of players who’d do everything to make an easy buck or even legit actors that impose their will on users, even if it means ruining the latter’s experience.

Yesterday   Qualcomm may be best known for its smartphone processors but those are hardly its only silicon product. There is, for example, its LTE chips that is part of the legal battle between Qualcomm and Apple.

2 Days Ago   Soon, not being able to draw may no longer be an excuse not to express yourself or your ideas in beautiful, photorealistic images. If you can scribble a shape and click on a few buttons, a shaky line can turn into a mountain range, a lopsided circle can become a lake, and incomprehensible doodles can transform into a masterpiece.

2 Days Ago   Google Tasks isn’t new. It has been around for as long as Google Calendar was. Until recently, however, it was mostly an obscure feature available only on the Web version of the app.

2 Days Ago   There’s no denying that our smartphones are getting more and more powerful every year. That power, however, comes at the price of, well, price as well as battery life.

2 Days Ago   Artificial intelligence and machine learning is the buzzword not only in tech but even in the enterprise. Even for some developers, however, AI remains an almost esoteric field accessible only to those with beefy computers that can handle the workload.

3 Days Ago   Fans can be quite an interesting bunch. Depending on rabidity, they can be a force for good or a pain in the posterior. Some fans, however, have enough skill and knowledge to take things where their original creators would probably never tread.

3 Days Ago   The Internet has a pretty long memory but if content gets taken down, they will eventually disappear for good. Fortunately, the Internet Archive exists to serve as both a museum and a library for the Internet’s past, including the embarrassing ones.

3 Days Ago   While some consumers would complain about its outdated style, the Apple Watch may be winning hearts in the medical field, figuratively and literally. While its rivals may boast of fancy styles, the Apple Watch has repeatedly been cited in stories of how the smartwatch may have saved a life.

3 Days Ago   In Android 9 Pie, Google introduced a new navigation system that almost threw away years’ worth of refinement in favor of gestures. Naturally, it was compared a lot with Apple’s gestures that it introduced starting with the iPhone X.

3 Days Ago   Epic Games almost started to become the shining beacon in the gaming industry with its launch of the very developer-friendly Epic Games Store. Thanks to its zeal to get developers and games onboard, however, it has started to be painted in a less favorable light.

6 Days Ago   Google has teased its presence at GDC but it’s no mystery really by now. Or rather, all bets are on the company not only formally launching Project Stream but also a possible gaming device.

6 Days Ago   Amazon may be the international code word for e-commerce but there are other players, too, especially in other regions and smaller markets. China has the likes of Alibaba and Gearbest shipping products, many of them electronic devices, all over the world.

6 Days Ago   Just as it should, Google is always changing Android in order to harden it not just against hackers but also against unscrupulous app developers. You know, the ones that might not give a second thought about stealing your private data from under your noses.

6 Days Ago   It seems the Samsung may have thrown away years of advancement and trust that it gained from its biometric security technologies for the sake of reducing bezels.

6 Days Ago   The smartphone industry has a leak problem though it works both ways. On the one hand, it helps drive excitement for the availability of a new phone.

7 Days Ago   Microsoft has been widely criticized for its poor handling of Windows 10 updates but it might be a lesser known thing that Home users have it worse than their Pro counterparts.

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