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34 Minutes Ago   DJ Koh wasn’t kidding. Samsung’s mobile business chief shared that the company as pushing new features to its mid-range line first in order to appeal to millennials Now just a month after it launched its Galaxy Note 9 flagship, Samsung has announced the first fruit of that new direction, the 2018 Galaxy A7.

1 Hour Ago   Huawei has been making fun of Samsung and Apple after their respective smartphone announcements and, in little less than a month, we’ll find out if it won’t deserve such mockery as well.

2 Hours Ago   Samsung’s latest flagships are nearly perfect but they all have one consistent flaw. No, it’s not Bixby per se but the obtrusive Bixby button at the side.

3 Hours Ago   Given the flood surrounding Apple’s new iPhones and the subsequent rollout of iOS 12, it’s easy enough to forget some of the recent flagship phones that came just days before it.

17 Hours Ago   Virtual reality is all about immersing yourself in a made-up world that looks (in theory) like you’re really in it. The last thing you need is a flat floating rectangle that shatters that illusion.

23 Hours Ago   Having launched before Android Pie did, it’s not really surprising that the Galaxy S9 is still on Android 8.1 Oreo (the Galaxy Note 9 has fewer excuses).

23 Hours Ago   Xiaomi’s Pocophone F1 is poised to snatch the title of “flagship killer” away from OnePlus. But unlike OnePlus, the Pocophone is unabashedly a budget phone that spreads a lot of plastic around.

Yesterday   Apple’s iPhone XS event, while expected, may have disappointed some Apple fans. Especially those who expected more than just a new iPhone or a new Apple Watch.

Yesterday   Google has recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of its Chrome browser. That web browser has certainly grown up to the extent that it has become the base for an entire operating system.

Yesterday   Why have only two when you can get away with three? But why stop at three when you can have four? Even before Apple announced its iPhone Xs trio, but around the time rumors started popping up, Samsung was leaked to also have three Galaxy S10 models in the works.

Yesterday   Smartphones these days, especially the really expensive ones, have become super powerful they can almost do anything. Despite that, PCs still have an edge when it comes to sheer processing and graphics power.

Yesterday   In the past, it was enough for “surround sound” to come from front and sides, sometimes also from the back if you have enough speakers. Sound, however, doesn’t just travel sideways, it can also come from up high and sometimes even from below.

Yesterday   Another year, another batch of new iPhones. More than just the beginning of a new breed of iPhones, last year’s iPhone X is changing the narrative ever so slightly when it comes to upgrading to the latest and greatest.

Yesterday   We live in a smartphone-centric world so it’s not surprising that there is a sort of counter-culture rallying against it, from advocating analog/physical notebooks to pushing for simpler mobile phones.

Yesterday   Nintendo giveth and Nintendo taketh away. Or in this case, it just didn’t make things painfully clear before “encouraging” Nintendo fans to put their hard-earned monies into this nod to the past.

Yesterday   Everyone loves to hate ads. Even when they can have benefits, the way they’re being misused has made even the plainest of consumers wary and tired of them.

2 Days Ago   Some might not think of the iPhone XS, particularly the smaller one, as a big step forward in terms of design but it’s hard to deny that it’s a massive leap in terms of the things that you don’t see.

2 Days Ago   Microsoft’s and Qualcomm’s campaign to get Windows 10 running on ARM-based Snapdragon chips has mostly fallen flat on its face. While the idea of power efficient, always on, and always connected PCs is undoubtedly tempting, the execution was sorely lacking, especially when it came to banking on last year’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 835.

2 Days Ago   Samsung mobile chief DJ Koh just recently revealed that the company was shifting its focus slightly and putting new, innovative features into its mid-range phones first.

2 Days Ago   The iPhone XR is the poor man’s iPhone XR. That is, if that poor man can spare around $750 at least. Needless to say, Apple has had to make a few concessions to push that price down, from the choice of an LCD screen to removing features life 3D Touch.

2 Days Ago   It may have thought that its past is well behind it but it may never be free of the ghost of the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7.

2 Days Ago   Apple’s new devices are out and analysts did get many thing right. Now that shipping dates are close, it’s time for them to once again sharpen their knives and forecast which will be hot and which will be not.

3 Days Ago   OnePlus’ success was nothing short of a miracle. In an overly saturated smartphone market dominated by Samsung and Apple, a no-name startup dared to challenge the status quo with a premium smartphone at half the price.

3 Days Ago   For a time, iOS locked its doors to other web browsers like Firefox unless those used its WebKit web engine. While that is in the past, there are still other parts of Apple’s ecosystem that remain closed off to other players unless they’re to concede some ground to Apple.

3 Days Ago   The Galaxy Note 9 is well on its way and seems to be holding well despite the Galaxy S9 before it and the arrival of the Apple iPhone Xs and its siblings.

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