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3 Hours Ago   Google seems to be pushing Chrome OS as the one platform to rule them all. Samsung now seems to be singing a slightly different tune, but one that, unsurprisingly requires buying and playing its instruments.

3 Hours Ago   They call it the holidays but for some people, those days are even more nerve-wracking than regular days. From the travel accommodations that have to be made to the presents that have to be bought, people are flooded with more information than they would normally get during any other day.

9 Hours Ago   Back in September at its fifth Oculus Connect conference, the company that started the VR renaissance announced that YouTube VR, Google’s premiere hub for 360, and 180, degree videos, would be coming to the new, independent VR headset and platform.

10 Hours Ago   The folks over at iFixit recently celebrated a small victory for third-party repair industry when exceptions to the DMCA allowed self-repairs for certain classes of devices.

11 Hours Ago   Google’s Internet services and API are one of the most used in the world to the point that prolonged unavailability of those services could cripple businesses and users alike.

12 Hours Ago   Valve, best known for the Steam game distribution platform and Half-Life titles, has a rather unusual approach when it comes to hardware. At times it partners with hardware manufacturers and at times it makes its own.

Yesterday   On April 1st this year, Internet giant Cloudflare made a serious announcement. It was launching a new DNS with the easy to remember IP address.

Yesterday   While majority of today’s laptops are growing slimmer and lighter, workstation maker Eurocom is going the opposite direction. Unwilling to sacrifice power and performance for the sake of portability or luxurious-looking designs, the company’s newest workstation pushes the envelope of what it means to be mobile and portable.

Yesterday   You might not know it, but Samsung has actually been making foldable phones for years now. And by “foldable”, we mean the original foldable phones, a.k.a.

Yesterday   Smart speakers like the Amazon Echo, Google Home speakers, and Apple HomePod are becoming more and more common in houses. But more than just homes for smart assistants, these devices might very well become silent witnesses to crimes.

Yesterday   Thanksgiving is still two weeks away and the holidays are even farther but that has never been a reason not to pile up on gifts, for others or even for yourself.

Yesterday   Gaming smartphones are still considered pretty niche but it seems that manufacturers are starting to take risks in spreading them across the world. ASUS’ Republic of Gamers has just recently landed in international markets, including the US, and Xiaomi seems to be ready to do the same, sans the US.

Yesterday   The OnePlus 6T might be one if not the greatest high-end smartphone this year, considering its price, but its options of black or black might turn off some.

Yesterday   Criticize Samsung all you want but one thing you can’t say about it is that it lacks ambition. Whether that ambition can be matched by actual capability is a different question but that’s not going to stop the Korean company from dreaming big.

4 Days Ago   Unlike with the previous Nexus generation, Google’s Pixel phones have features you won’t find in other phones, sometimes including its own older Pixel models. Some of those features do require specific and newer hardware, which is understandable.

4 Days Ago   Game streaming is not exactly new but when the big boys start publicly investing in it, it may finally start to get real. While Google’s Project Stream is aiming for the path of least resistance by only requiring a desktop Chrome browser, Microsoft’s Project xCloud is casting a wide net to include as many devices as possible.

4 Days Ago   While the Pixel phone launches have never been perfect, most of the problems they exhibited weren’t exactly critical. Sure, a bluish tint might ruin color accuracy, randomly closing apps might be annoying, and failing to save photos might be downright frustrating and depressing.

4 Days Ago   As magical as fingerprint on displays or FoDs might sound, they are not so different from their regular optical sensor counterparts. They are practically just cameras and the real magic actually lies more in the display that lets the light through.

4 Days Ago   Huawei doesn’t seem to be interested in bringing any of its smartphones to the US anymore, even if it’s not legally banned from doing so, at least not yet.

4 Days Ago   It has been more than a year since Samsung first teased the possibility of running a fully-supported full Linux (Ubuntu really) desktop on a Galaxy smartphone.

5 Days Ago   The past few teardowns done by iFixit haven’t exactly been encouraging. We are at a time when, despite more hopeful laws, third party repairs have become more daunting and even more dangerous.

5 Days Ago   At long last, Samsung has finally revealed a working prototype of its much-hyped foldable phone. But while it finally gives some sense of closure to years of speculation and leaks, reception and fuss over what could be the market’s second foldable phone has been less enthusiastic than expected.

5 Days Ago   Samsung isn’t always a fan of not being in control. There was a point in time when it considered getting out of the Android market in favor of Tizen because it gave Google too much control over its mobile devices.

5 Days Ago   In contrast to the fast turnover in the smartphone market and sometimes even in the PC market, gaming consoles are often sold for keeps, changing significantly only after 3 maybe even 6 years.

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