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3 Hours Ago   At IFA 2019, HMD Global announced a handful of handsets. Undoubtedly, the Nokia 7.2 is the most interesting of its Android batch of smartphones, featuring a mid-range processor paired with a hot new 2019 design.

5 Hours Ago   With all the high-end phones coming out the past weeks, OnePlus will soon remind consumers that one doesn’t necessarily need to spend so much on a premium mobile device.

7 Hours Ago   Another day, another set of leaks for Google’s worst-kept secret of 2019. It’s probably for the best since fans will have an idea what they’re getting into before the day arrives.

2 Days Ago   Many of the popular streaming services were born from and thrived primarily on mobile. Some have even taken an exclusive stance on having a mobile-only presence.

3 Days Ago   The Pixel 4 continues to be Google’s worst kept secret this year and it doesn’t seem like the leaks will stop flowing until the phones are announced next month.

3 Days Ago   With Google’s many products and services, you could be forgiven for forgetting there’s such a thing as Google One. Launched more than a year ago, the service offered subscribers some data storage at a price.

3 Days Ago   Despite what naysayers have proclaimed in the past, smartphones have not completely wiped out even the entry-level cameras. In fact, it has only pushed camera makers to step up their game even with its amateur-oriented shooters, endowing them with features not even the highest end smartphone can ever get.

4 Days Ago   You know that battle royale is THE thing in gaming when even games that you’d least expect adds a battle royale mode. That’s the head-scratching revelation that game developers Firaxis made in its September 2019 update for Sid Meier’s Civilization VI.

4 Days Ago   The Pixel 4 hasn’t launched yet but it has already beaten the Pixel 3 in one factor. It may have just successful dethroned last year’s Google flagship as the company’s worst kept secret.

4 Days Ago   At long last, Disney finally announced its long-rumored video streaming service to rival Netflix and other VOD businesses last month. It’s still quite a while before it formally launches to initial markets, which leaves plenty of time for more tidbits to fall from the rumor grapevine.

4 Days Ago   There might be some wisdom to Apple’s once-a-year launch cadence and seemingly more modest upgrades year after year. Android OEMs launch twice a year or more, making the gaps between each flagship model smaller and the features so much closer to each other.

4 Days Ago   Google almost had a winner with its Material Design that people started imitating in all other places. With the version 2 of its design language, it seemed that Google has generated split opinions on the dominantly white aesthetic.

5 Days Ago   Earlier this year, Mozilla formally retired its Test Pilot program and graduated some of those tests into features for the Firefox browser. At that time, it seemed that Mozilla had learned all that it could from the program.

5 Days Ago   It may be Apple’s time on stage but, for Android, users, it might just be even more reason to anticipate the next big Android flagship. And for die-hard Android fans, there is no flagship better than Google’s flagship.

5 Days Ago   For years, Apple has been criticized for being stingy on batteries, despite actually outlasting its Android counterparts. It has finally conceded when it launched the large-sized iPhones but, despite that increase in battery capacity, it retained its measly 5W charger.

5 Days Ago   In just a few hours, the tech world will be flooded by news from a single source. But before Apple takes center stage, there’s some time left to squeeze in a few tidbits from its would-be rival.

5 Days Ago   A common trend among web browsers on the desktop is to simplify their UI and features, itself spun off a minimalist trend going on in the software and design industry.

6 Days Ago   Most smartphone companies seem to be competing on at least two fronts’ displays and cameras, with especially the latter taking center stage in marketing and advertisements.

6 Days Ago   The lines between computer monitors and TVs are slowly blurring. Just like their living room counterparts, desktop screens have started sporting curved designs to offer the same cinematic experience for viewing videos and playing games on PCs.

6 Days Ago   Foldable phones like the Samsung Galaxy Fold and to some extent dual-screen phone like the LG G8X ThinQ push the boundaries of smartphone factors. The downside to such novelty is that the platform and its apps may not exactly be designed to accommodate the new use cases foldable and dual-screen phones open up.

6 Days Ago   Nintendo’s launch of the simplified Switch Lite may worry fans that the gaming giant may have run out of ideas for its revolutionary Joy-Con controller. That couldn’t be further from the truth, with Nintendo teasing a new Joy-Con accessory this week.

6 Days Ago   It probably isn’t too hard to imagine people scampering whenever a new major product is about to be launched. Everyone from marketing to retail to production are “all hands on deck” to meet deadlines.

7 Days Ago   IFA 2019 might be done but the year is far from over for high-end smartphones. Apple is just about to fully reveal its hand this week followed by the embattled Huawei in a few days.

7 Days Ago   For a time, it seemed that the competition among smartphones would be the number of cameras on the back of a phone. That race may have now switched over once more to megapixel counts but not before HMD Global took things to their extreme.

7 Days Ago   Product launch schedules aren’t rocket science but those are also carefully made with certain windows of opportunity in mind. When they miss those schedules, there’s a very strong chance it will affect other products or be affected adversely.

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