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4 Hours Ago   Your kids or your parents might often ask you to borrow your computer just when you need it the most. So, it’s never a bad idea to keep another device at home for your family to use.

2 Days Ago   We’ve already seen flagship phone launches with the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Huawei P30 Pro. So, now it’s time to turn our attention to the OnePlus 7.

3 Days Ago   Last night, 9to5Mac reported that Apple is working on an app – codenamed GreenTorch – that’ll replace Find My iPhone and Find My Friends app with merged functionality.

3 Days Ago   Last night, major drama unfolded as several gadget reviewers who got their hands on the Samsung Galaxy Fold reported that their screens broke or began malfunctioning, because of hardware and software issues.

3 Days Ago   Welcome to the latest episode of “Facebook’s Daily Screw-up.” Following a report from Business Insider yesterday, the company confirmed it had uploaded more 1.5 million users’ contact lists without their permission when they signed up for the service starting in May 2016.

4 Days Ago   In a surprise move, Apple and Qualcomm finally agreed to end their long-term beef, and sign a six-year license agreement deal. Apple will also pay an undisclosed amount to the chipmaker as part of the settlement.

4 Days Ago   Boston Dynamics‘ robot, Spotmini, can already dance to songs and open doors. But the company isn’t done showing off cool tricks. In a newly released video, you can see 10 Spotpower bots – a beefed-up variant of Spotmini – teaming up to pull a truck across the road (with 1-degree inclination) with ease.

5 Days Ago   A few weeks after an Indian High Court asked the country’s government to ban TikTok, the authorities have asked Apple and Google to remove the app from their stores.

5 Days Ago   After several leaks detailing Google‘s upcoming mid-range phones over the past couple of months, we might finally see the Pixel 3a, and the Pixel 3a XL in a matter of weeks.

6 Days Ago   There’s an insane amount of news every day about social networks screwing up and compromising user data. So, it’s advisable that you keep your privacy settings in check to avoid giving away any information unintentionally.

6 Days Ago   China has its eyes set on making self-driving cars mainstream. In order to boost its position as a leader in this sector, the country is building a 100 km long highway with dedicated lanes for autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles (AVs).

9 Days Ago   Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, guides, and advice on how to easily get the most out of your gadgets, apps, and other stuff. A few weeks ago WhatsApp announced a feature that lets you stop others from adding you to group conversations without your consent.

9 Days Ago   Five years ago, Facebook began encouraging users to use its standalone Messenger app to chat with their contacts, instead of using the built-in feature in the social network’s mobile apps.

10 Days Ago   India’s general assembly elections have started today. For those unfamiliar, the voting process is divided into seven phases spread over a month(April 11- May 19).  Candidates are contesting 543 seats across the country which will form the government that’ll rule for the next five years.

10 Days Ago   Yesterday, Instagram announced that it will start demoting content that doesn’t violate its Community Guidelines, but might be ‘inappropriate.’ The announcement says that posts that are ‘sexually suggestive’, ‘hurtful’, or ‘violent’ can be removed from discovery sections and hashtag pages.

10 Days Ago   It’s a great week for productivity. First, Slack announced that it’ll let you view documents without leaving the app, and then Dropbox enabled editing Google Docs within its own cloud storage app.

11 Days Ago   Whether you like to exercise at the gym, at home, or somewhere in the open, it can be tough to find the perfect pair of workout headphones.

11 Days Ago   After teasing it for a long time, Oppo‘s finally unveiled the first phone under its new flagship series: The Reno. The device’s unique selling point is certainly its camera, which offers a 10x optical zoom – double that of Huawei P30 Pro’s 5x lossless zoom capability.

11 Days Ago   It’s hard to cope with the loss of a loved one, and it’s harder when their profile pops up on Facebook as a suggestion, as if they were still alive.

12 Days Ago   The majority of ‘gaming phones’ from 2018 -including the Razer Phone 2, Asus’ ROG Phone, and Xiaomi’s Black Shark – were all powered by Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 845 chip.

12 Days Ago   Hate noise? So do I. Luckily, drowning it out with specifically tunes sound waves has gotten quite affordable. Take the Audio Technica ATH-MSR7NC SonicPro Active Noise Canceling Headphones that are selling for just $165 – down from $299.

12 Days Ago   We all know that one person who annoyingly reminds you to use “Safely Remove Hardware” before pulling the USB drive out of the slot. They shouldn’t bother you anymore.

13 Days Ago   Google shut down Google+ and Inbox last week, and and we’re still in mourning (for the latter). Recently, we’ve seen sites like Killed By Google and Google Cemetary crop up to show us the Mountain View company’s notorious habit of killing off products.

13 Days Ago   Last week, Snapchat held its first partner summit, where it described the company’s new approach to standing out from competitors like Instagram. Key announcements included new AR features for lenses, new Snap original content, a multiplayer gaming platform, and a new developer kit to integrate Snapchat stories in other apps (like Tinder).

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